oh my god I know it feels like somebody's watching me what's up oh he just finds inside me this goes back but no cheat that is that's adorable it's the look Lily's walking it's moving it's so big it's so heavy we like gifts okay the best kiss dude yours it is mine wait is this freshwater saltwater saltwater wait what saltwater okay that's all okay huh don't worry sorry okay I see what's in here oh my god what up Slayers will back at it with an early venture and I'm here with Lily and we're heading to Beverly Beverly's called me and Beverly's pet Center and they told me they have a nice little surprise for both of us actually so let's go ahead and head over there and see what it is so we're here at Beverly's pet center let's go ahead and look around while we wait for that manager that called us alright alrighty alrighty alrighty we just finished looking around no I'm joking guys so we're gonna really look around so we have tin foil barb it's just a regular little baby erawan is in the bike right there we have silver doll hair such a pretty big actually believe it or not I actually person like red Hook's but I what are these things snakeskin gouramis very interesting beep I look very scalish that's interesting it looks cool though right it's a pretty fish you're pretty fish baby oh my God look look look look baby piranhas no way baby Bharani you ruined it they were supposed to be for a mess they look like piranhas though this is what it's kind of hard they're going to distinguish the difference what's going on tank is doing good how are you man look at this guy leave me alone I'm trying to make a video hello did I love clown fish honey pretty you're so pretty look at the colors I love saltwater fish maybe one day I've been saying it for years now what oh that looks like I saw our discus but it's just authority or tang let me I mean we hit proper whoa did you see that it opened up his dorsal and anal fin at the same time open up do it again yes you're listening to me look at that whoa what are you hello a grouper look at this thing it is pretty but it could be a squirrel fish Jun look at this love these groupers my favorite Panther groupers are so cool look at those eyes can't believe they get so big in the wild – these are the ones I like I like big tin foil barbs and red hooks look at how big those red lips are see him massive families are the civil dog hair dollars look at the true front toaster right here do that hey this is big it here for him look at that thing look at us look at that massive thing is shines deal what the heck is this thing Aleya AUP UPI pu p vo p oh my god I know it feels like somebody's watching me do the things crazy oh I wonder why they keep these and these containers I'm not really versed in the salt water life but these poor guys are in containers so guys in the comments below let me know what's going on and why they keep them separated as well as in containers I guess they escaped or something or they're very very vicious I mean they're called blue spot Jawfish oh my god Lily octopus these are so cool yeah they have to keep the rocks so they want to escape and everything that's so far look at that me one day everyone they will get an octopus or something you know it's like a dream they get a saltwater tank but I'm just not ready for it or I really have a desire you know oh my gosh what's it doing it's just moving it's changing colors look at those chambers this is so cool oh he's changing colors again he's changing clothes to the purple that is so amazing I love octopus they taste good 200 cheap it is that's adorable oh my God look at this it's what is this is this like greeters hold on we're going the other side that could be a greater sign oh my god it is Lily it is it's Bob it's Bob on steroids while world Farley has a BA but the greater siren this is the biggest one I've ever seen look how big it is it's literally full grown 100% full grown and it's actually gonna light it looks like an African lungfish you in this Oscar moment oh my god it's so active and so responsive look at that isn't that thing cool man it's so cool Wow look at the colors now we can see them on this side how red fine it's higher Oscar in the comments below what Oscar do you think this one is it's so red it's so gorgeous and look from the boat it's so personable look at that oh my god I wonder if this is for sale and look at Bob the greater sign is massive it's gorgeous you should look from above it look lilies walking it's moving it's so big it's so heavy that is wild all right all right don't you get I'm excited I like I love gifts who doesn't love gifts we like gifts okay the best kiss oh my god you guys are already what is this dude yours it is any mana really where's my Nana oh okay yeah that works so what's in here what is this what's in it what is this is this freshwater saltwater wait wait is this freshwater saltwater no water wait what saltwater okay so that's all right huh it still don't like saltwater okay I see what's in here oh my god what's in here oh I don't know I love rocks but this is wrong what is this but oh my god dude is that a mantis shrimp get up oh my god it's a peacock mantis Ravinder no do you look at it dude this is insane oh my God look at him dude these things are notorious tank crushers they break tanks look at that guy dude hold on thanks guys dude this is so sick I have no words I'm speechless this is a dream come true I've always wanted one of these they're so pretty oh he's gone Kong no joke I like it dojo I like it though Joe Little Joe all right sweet so well we have a saltwater tank out all right okay no we're gonna move this thing out of here and I'll meet you guys at my apartment we have everything all set up good to go I want to say thank you John here Derek Thank You Derek for setting this up and having it all perfect for us guys if you want anything like this come to verily it's absolutely insane and perfect for your everyday needs especially for you here in South Florida we're out of here where to put our boy and his new tank at the new place help me go pee now our stairs we're at the slate pad with our brand-new tank and our brand-new mantas can you go ahead and hold them up to the light a little bit so do you want to see how pretty he is oh my gosh look at the red the orange this is a dream come true guys shout out to Beverly's pet center oh my goodness what an amazing gift look at that these are the strongest animals they definitely pack a punch literally they have little clubs there that spring out and everything I'll show you when he's in the tank so we're we go ahead and add the rocks recreate the exact setup they had over there at Beverly's and we'll be good to go here it is my first saltwater tank with a surprise little monster isn't that cool it's awesome so the little surprise monster is the following we have a beautiful mantis shrimp that is right mr. mantis swim there you go he is so cool swimming around I'm gonna go ahead and give you some fun facts about these guys but first let's go ahead and get them acclimated to his tank alrighty so let's go ahead and add our beautiful mantis shrimp until a couple quick so you guys can analyze him carefully hence both saltwater cuz it's so precious come my friend sliding whoa dude hold on let me put you look at these guys look at the colors I wanna guess and see it's red on the bottom on his fins the greens his face the Blues the yellows the green peacock mantis shrimp this has been a dream of mine since I've been a little kid and someone actually made it happen look below look at that the colors are absolutely insane and with the right lighting the right filtration this guy could get massive probably about 5 to 6 inches in captivity in the wild I've seen them 12 inches so we're gonna keep them here this tank is perfect forms about a 15 gallon little flex tanks you know that I love them all my friends have them kept more fishing while or the party yeah I don't have two friends okay guys all the other youtubers down here also love these tanks and what I'm gonna do is actually add him inside he's perfect he's about how would you say about two and a half maybe three inches yeah something like that but they'll get big demote like crawfish hopefully we can go ahead and document him doing all that on camera but I've been thinking about a name now look at these eyes I don't know if you guys can see he's moving a lot look at those eyes if you guys can zoom in and stuff check that out look at those eyes so they pack a punch a serious punch and those little things right there the little red clubs he smashes so I was thinking about naming him Hulk cuz you know Hulk smash or one of my personal favorite boxers Tyson yes Mike Tyson so in the comments below let me know what name you want you can either comment Tyson for Mike Tyson or Hulk whichever gets more votes that's the name I'll go and choose for a beautiful peacock mantis shrimp he is insane he's so shy these guys are known to be tank raters so I know it's kind of hard as and everything right now let's go ahead and add them to our tank and since it's his water we don't really have to acclimate it so bear with me as I add my dude shake it out go ahead my guy go ahead oh there you go he just woke up look at him swim around he's on this side dude he is so cool he's such an inquisitive creature it's insane cuz he could bust a glass if you piss him off he's nothing but a savage he is literally what I've always wanted a true Slayer and with that being said guys I hope you enjoyed this episode again comment what we should name our peacock mantis ship and again shout out to Beverly's pet center they really really outdid themselves and hooked it up and so on a good note I'll see you on the next adventure Booya you

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  1. Omg I think I saw a BABY MORAY in the Nemo tank. A lil yellow dude. Oh and for the shrimp I wanted Punchy dude.

  2. They usually put fish like blue spot jawfish in containers like that because they are really good at escaping

  3. Bruh those tanks are so crystal clear that it looks like they’re just sitting on the floor out of the water

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