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  1. now days they are not as big as they once wear but from what we no at one time when they got the name killer clam or man eater it was for the fact if a diver got close to one it could have a leg or arm suckedin and the clam is so big and heavy it would close thus crushing you bones and I guess in they past people have ben found with nothing more then a food sticking out a clam and their is no way I man has the power to push open the shell on one of them. even to todays you can find half shells along that are 1000lb plus.

  2. Love the video. You should've went to Palau though. We got old giant clams all over the reefs. You can literally see them from the docks.

  3. Man I remember watching this when I was 12…you alongside my grandfather inspired me to get my scuba certification. He told the thrilling stories, and you showed me how exciting and beautiful the “Blue” world can be.
    Thank you, a fan

  4. Ha! I heard the same story growing up in the Philippines. Clams that could grab your feet.. hmm, maybe before the time of snorkels and dive tanks people would play in the water upright and maybe it could happen and someone could have drowned? idk.

  5. 5,000 18 year old clams

  6. I didn't know about the giant clam's culture and the importance of this kind of farm to protect the natural population of this species in particular. Thanks as always.

  7. This reminds me of a movie (adventure/drama) I saw as a kid in the 50s about native pearl divers. That's a long time ago, but if I remember correctly the risk was that the clams would close on them while they were removing pearls. They were true "skin divers," holding their breath.

  8. Technically it could kill you if you got a larger body part stuck in it, for example, a foot. Which is often kicked when swimming.

  9. Obviously they are anchored in place so they have killed stupid people who stuck their hands in it and drowned

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