what does it rundowns this running game a year items are here and we are back with yet another ghost simulator roblox video for you randoms now they've just dropped a brand new update on this game update for and it is a huge humongous massive update so yeah update for the rift is now open as you can see behind me there are free new vacuums and packs I have level two ones already ours doing a little bit of other tests over before the update dropped they new type of quest hoverboard race course oh that sounds exciting they have removed the obey an ice cave quest from daily missions there's a new pet great oh my god there's a new pet crate with a load of new pet randoms new world which is the brand new ghostly islands addict flying our hoverboards in the new world so we can actually fly on hoverboards new game past double soles times two souls I did mini bosses so this really what is inside the world a new NPC called shell a and a whole new quest line for her and the rewards on that is gonna be a hoverboard an extra pet slot new limited hoverboard or the bug fixes and also when we defeat the mini bosses in the new world you get a like a bag drop and you're open there and it gives you like there's a chance to get extra hoverboards and stuff so I'm really really super high to show you all this update right now hopefully you're right up the hyped if y'all smash that like button in the face like a boss don't forget to drop a comment in the comments box below let me know what you think about this update Oh y'all excited I'm excited why y'all waiting for without further hoboken okay so yeah right here just gonna go ahead right now into the store as you can see oh okay I can't see the before gym thing okay at the moment need double extra money thing the ghost money okay so I got the Starfighter vacuum and the Starfighter pack which is from the new world we've got some new world stuff going on down here as well engi shard right hoverboards if you look here those flimsy you get in the grim loop bag which is from the mini-boss we've got royal grim loot bag and ace grim loot bag okay so there's those boards as well let's go ahead and step into the portal but right before we do that there's a brand new cold randoms it is our 1 ft rift whoo we're just redeemed a purple Pegasus oh my god let's take a look quick bets Oh is actually a good pet as well wow that's cool ahh sparks sorry sparks you gum bro Oh equip the purple Pegasus all a ceasefire peg eyes peg and purple peg I now have let's go ahead turn my pets on there we go oh that is awesome look at that okay let's step into the portal here is the brand new world for you randoms here is the new quest person so there is a brand new currency by the way they say a ghost currency and if we go to the shop you'll see this brand new vacuum ah there is the first one with a phase and power 1000 and two and a half days of power on the 4800 ghost coin one which is really easy to get actually it's quite easy to get these the pack there's the 900 a hot rod pack there's this one which was mm then there's a 4400 pack right there and there's a brand new pet crate randoms in this pet great we have boo at 2.0 for 1.36 we also have noob just yell dot then we have shells turkey fury firefish nightmare and daydream and the new godly pet is epic so let's go ahead and buy a couple of these come on just y'all know I want a godlike odds go nightmare oh my god come on come on if I type godly into the chat will it give me a god-like baby I just typed it into the chat come on five dish no come on game ah on box maybe two more one more Oh I need to save these because I want to do one mill Jim spend video but I don't want to do it in this video so okay I'm gonna leave it up that for now and then we'll unbox more in the one mill gem drop video okay so yeah as you can see right now here's some of the brand new pets if we go down like you know these are pretty strong pets to be fair we have green dude there which we unbox before from the daily quest which is a previous video alright so yeah we've got some pretty good pets going on here as the new pets right there those are pretty cool dusty owls okay so yeah for now I'm just gonna go ahead and delete some of these because I don't really need them to be honest I do want actually keep one of the new pets might as well delete the batch we don't need those okay so we've got those going on let's go ahead delete boo and delete a couple of butterflies let's go ahead trash those there okay sweet okay so then randoms right let me go ahead and show you some more of these updates so you can now actually fly on a hoverboard so if you hold space you will fly so you can fly around this entire map there's Luna not Lunas alright what's her name Shelly the Shelly which is the brand new quest person and I'm not going to do that in this video we're going to cover the quest line for her in a different video so we've got her there there's obviously the shop to sell place and if you want to get back from here back to the overworld then you go through this portal there alright so let's go ahead check out the new stuff in the journal we have the pet index so we have all the brand new pets by the way I've nearly unbox all of them it's going to get the legendary godly and the uncommon so yeah we've got those and then here is the ghost index we have just a jelly pinwheel blu-ray spooky pixie and the new mini boss grim himself alright so yeah just this is just like a first look at the update for you all I will drop more videos on this update elaborating more on the quest line and all the content available just look how fast this farm in East LA with just the second pack vac backpack the second pack that's the one so from this we should get about a thousand of this currency so I just can imagine it's not actually that hard to get these random it's actually really easy can't believe I'm actually recording at 3 a.m. in the morning but I've waited on this update all day and the devs have worked super hard on this update like they've just been working solid all day all night it is just like well the dedication these developers have is next level so you know what a thank you developers personally you are awesome you genuinely are awesome so my brain don't work too well it free I thank you for you know the game the whole game but especially this update as well thanks for your hard work and your dedication I'm really appreciate it I've also got ahead and bought more agility by the way just so we can get around a little bit faster here one thing I've noticed on this well by the way randoms is they only spawning lots of to rather than free now essentially I'd like them to spawning lots of free because we've got multi streams become backup 3 at the moment we can only backup two because they're not close enough together so hopefully they patch that update it and just add a few extra ghosts per sport I've also got a video coming where we're gonna do I go Steve rap song by the way randoms I am gonna take all the names of the ghosts the pets and I'm gonna put it into one rap song and drop it in a video I don't know when it'll Bay but I'll get it done as soon as possible maybe a couple of weeks yet but that's gonna be a really fun project and they're gonna be a really fun video when it actually drops ok so yeah let's go ahead right now and sell seven million Ector right there boom 1000 Lay's awesome so if we're going to inventory at the moment of character our okay so if you click times two there then it brings up you need so much more robots to buy it sorry hundred and fifty row box if you want double souls me personally I don't need it at the moment but it might be something that you want to consider purchasing if you want to get the souls faster alright so as well as being able to fly around the map there's also a brand new hobby like right here it is more of a speed of salt course than actually jumping from platform to platform these are proper obstacle course okay so yeah we go ahead we press the timeout go go go go go go go go go oh my god oh this is crazy hey I just met you this is crazy and random gamer and it's too early or late in the morning come on come on yeah yeah we can do it wow this is awesome I just love this map this map is genuinely lit oh look at that what you actually have to think where you're going all right let's go this way I'll squish through there yep squeeze through here oh okay I'm over like I've got agility something got a bit higher if you can't get up there then all you got to do is just hold spacebar and you will fly on this thing look at this yeah yeah fly my little chicken flap chicken yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes oh did a midol feeling that he's actually for a quest so although I didn't I didn't do me okay so yeah let's go ahead and self go back to that right now go back to the star let me just find the mini-boss which I have no idea where he's right now he was aha there he is there is the Reaper himself Oh yummy a bar here so here's the mini-boss random so just like every standard boss he has a health bar and you have to grind him down so what one cool thing about this being out of fly we can just go off oh no no we can just go up onto the tray and hide out the way maybe he's gonna black blasts me off the trainer come on yes so there we go gonna hide in the tray and we're gonna dance what up no nevermind nevermind nevermind okay here we go come on no pop we don't bro put me down bro okay grim grim listen there's a ghost there's never a girl's thing yeah bro your bra stop slapping you my way okay so yeah we basically just get to form this guy I don't know how long it's gonna take but when you follow me you'll get a bag drop off him you open that bag unlike the chests that drop off the normal monsters you can get like a reign 500 gems from him unless they change the amount that he drops and then you also get a chance to unlock one of those free hoverboards that I shows you earlier in the video which if we have a look here is the ACE board royal and flimsy so you'll get those by farming this mini boss so there's your incentive to for me as well as a few hundred gems okay so yeah I'm not gonna actually bother standing there for like a whole five minutes farming him but as you can see there's a lot of different ghosts on here and I really really love this update they've done so much with it so I'll come in in another video we're gonna be covering on the quest line of the new NPC Shelley and yeah just having fun just do some random crazy stuff for your as per usual okay so yeah let's go ahead and stand next to Shelley right now let's go ahead and dance big face alright so yeah I'll do have to tie this video up here it is nearly ten past three in the morning for me so yeah I am super time right now hopefully your randoms have enjoyed this video hopefully you'll love the new update I really love it it's just like the so much new stuff we're gonna drop a 1 million gem spending video as well I may do it on the new crate I think I'll probably do I'm the new crate for your randoms ok so yeah if you enjoyed the video smash the like button in the face like a boss don't forget to drop a comment here because box below let me know what you thought about this video I read and reply personally to every comment down there randoms if you're not already a random doll forget to subscribe chew on the random family swipe that notification well get it ringing bloop and share my video and my channel anyway in every way can tell all your friends everyone online offline to go to random game at card or ek when they spell it my way all the proper ways spelling it they will get straight to my channel ok so yeah we have been doing the brand new update for the new Ghost World on goal simulator roblox she runs with absolute fantastic absolutely fantastic thank you very much I've been random gamer stay awesome stay random and I'll see you random on my next video peace out and good bye oh my god this new update is awesome we could actually fly

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  2. dude its me again! did you got the new godly pet??, i have it! its from pet crate 4! and its called, "the reflector"

  3. So in the update log, it says something about a new secret in boss chests and I haven't found anybody who has gotten it yet. Is it a secret hoverboard, pet, and is it something you get from the boss chest or a separate drop? I have been opening a lot of boss chests and nothing has happened.

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  5. Hey Randem im back. Im sorry i havent watched and of your videos im just wondering if you make live streams anymore i have misssed them sooo much. I loved it Bgs sim pet sim all those games and how nice you were doing giveaways i love your vids randem i will never forget you…

  6. and i met a dev in ghost sim on the luna update lol it was makkiemon 😛 and i met her twice lol in two diff servers and i lagit freaked out

  7. hey Randem i bought your Merch and i lovee it it's my new outfit/avitar and im one of your biggest fans i can;t say your biggest fan because everyone loves you but can we make a trade in roblox…??? im looking for reaper and fire bird or atleast one of them because i have a little like… dream i guess i don't know what to call it ok… -_- but atleast one of them would be nice if you can if not it's ok and i will always be one of your biggest fans 😛 lol thx for reading this is you are even you reading this is a dream come true lol 😛

  8. DQ has a new dungeon with 9 new armors and weapons you can get. New stuff in cosmetic shop also. Need to be level 90-95 to enter the dungeon. Good luck beating it or leveling up to get onto the dungeon!

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