Ghost Shrimp Beginner Care Guide | Ghost Shrimp Basic Care

what’s up y’all welcome back and today
we are gonna get to know the ghost shrimp now the ghost shrimp also known
as the glass shrimp is a very popular crustacean amongst fish keepers these
guys are extremely easy to breed which is what tends to keep them at that lower
price range in the pet store and with that low price tag this makes them a
very popular option amongst fish keepers and this also makes them a very popular
option to use as feeders now ghost shrimp are considered a very peaceful
species when it comes to keeping them in your aquarium but as with all species of
fish there are always exceptions to the rule so when you are adding new species
that you’ve never kept before always kind of keep an eye on them
to make sure that they are getting along with others there have been cases where
ghost shrimp have attacked things like betta fish in their tanks so always
always always add new species to your tanks with a little bit of caution now
shrimp in general tend to like to be kept in tanks with a lot of hiding
spaces they need a lot of space to be able to feel like they are secure
especially in cases where you are trying to breed them heavily planted tanks with
additional hideouts for your shrimp is recommended like I said especially if
you are trying to breed shrimp now unfortunately ghost shrimp don’t
actually live very long lives they do have a very short lifespan of only about
one year so that can be a little bit of a downside if you get these guys then
you may not have them very long if they are not breeding in your tank so if
you’re getting one or two as a pet just kind of keep in mind unfortunately they
don’t really have a very long life span if you are trying to breed them then the
recommended tanks I for them is a minimum of 5 gallons
although as of course with all species I recommend bigger is always better if you
can get a bigger tank size that is always a plus
now the pH for these guys is going to be between 7 & 8 and the temperature range
is going to be between 72 and 82 degrees so they can fit in quite a wide
temperature range and my cat is trying to eat my betta now as the name ghost
shrimp would suggest these guys are typically clear translucent shrimp you
can pretty much see when they are eating what they’re eating in their stomach
it’s kind of interesting man my cat really really wants my fish right now
badly so badly they are a very small crustacean as they only get to be about
one to one and a half inches in size so they are not very large
now one fun thing about shrimp though when you are adding them to tanks they
can be a little jumpy they are really good at popping their bodies and winding
up in strange places sometimes now when I worked at the pet store I remember
trying to catch ghost shrimp was always fun because you can’t really net them
per se and keep them in the net so a lot of times if I am acclimating things like
shrimp to my tanks I will not just float the bag like I do with a lot of my fish
I will actually get a bucket and start acclimating them that way adding slowly
a little bit of water from the tank into the bucket before I add the shrimp into
the tank being careful not to lose any guys jumping overboard in the process
because again these guys are really good at like flipping their body and it’s
almost like they just pop up I don’t know if you’ve ever played with those
little pop pop things but yeah it’s kind of like that they just pop their body
and they can they can jump pretty pretty
long distances surprisingly so anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all
today as always thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see
you in my next video bye

26 thoughts on “Ghost Shrimp Beginner Care Guide | Ghost Shrimp Basic Care

  1. Do you have any videos on the tanks behind you? I just got one this weekend! And do you have kids for them? I can’t tell. I need to get a lid for my tank that’s why I’m asking

  2. Everytime I would get any they must of been old they wouldn't last long but for the lil time that I had them they were amazing ? Great Video ??

  3. Hi! I love your channel! Your videos make my day better! What size are all your fish tanks or betta tanks? Can you maybe do a all my betta fish tank tours video next time? Keep up the great work! ~Claire

  4. Great informative video! Love ghost shrimp and shrimp in general. Yes very jumpy. Lost a couple before just trying to net into tank.

  5. I enjoyed watching… thank you for sharing this video. Keep it up! Happy Fish Keeping!

  6. A little late on this question because this videos about a month old, but would 2 ghost shrimp and a Marimo moss ball be too much to put in a 5 gallon tank with a Betta? I’ve been reading articles online about tank mates but I just wanna get a trustable sources opinion before I add them in.

  7. That betta fish is your cat’s tv. FYI I know what you mean I used to work at PetSmart, boy they are jumpy. I lost a couple when i was bagging them for the first time. ?

  8. I was kayaking and fishing in really shallow water filled with plants and I was moving with my hands and accidentally grabbed a pregnant female and it's mine now ?

  9. This might be too late for you to see but, can I keep ghost shrimp with my betta in a 5.5 gallon tank?

  10. I want some shrimp but not willing to spend 6 dollars on a single red cherry shrimp at my LFS I’m going to get a few for my 5 gallon.

  11. My guppy got eaten from my little ghost shrimp, be careful if you have both in a 7 gallon tank. My tank use to have 2 guppy and 3 ghost shrimps. Now only ghost shrimps remains. One male and two pregnant females.

  12. I have a 5 gallon tank with 3 ghost shrimp and one mystery snail with my betta fish. I have a question my snail will not move during the day, I take him out of the tank and smell but Inside I feel him moving.

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