Getting Your First Budgie! ?

Christmas hit this house like a ton of
bricks look at the stuff I have stuffed animals and candles and the thingies
from them what’s the movie… you you know what I mean and like Christmas gifts
it is Christmas we’re gonna ignore the fact that I think I was wearing this
shirt in my last video today we’re gonna talk about getting your first budget the
reason I’m thinking about this at this time of year is my birds were actually
given to me as a Christmas gift I know I know I never shut up that you should not
get gifts to people you shouldn’t give animals English gabe you shouldn’t give
people animals as gifts it’s bad you don’t know if they want the animal you
don’t know if they’re gonna care for the animal for a long time and you’re kind
of making a commitment for other people I got my Birds as a Christmas gift I did
really want Birds so it’s kind of okay I wish my mom would have given me time to
research so I knew what I was doing but overall just don’t get people animals as
gifts okay because I got my Birds two years ago on Christmas I thought hey
let’s talk about getting your first budgie because maybe you got some
Christmas money or you get some bird stuff or a Petco gift card or Petsmart
gift card and you want to go get a budgie what kind of bird what bird do
you get what which bird which budgie they’re all cute right anyway I’m gonna
prove to you that I have birds so that I have some credibility here real quick by
showing you some footage of them and then we’ll jump into the video of how to
pick out a budgie and get them situated in your home for the first time let’s go
hello sky can you please tell the people that I have successfully kept you alive
for two years and that you’re you know happy and stuff you get the gist I have
burbs they’re alive okay I have a long scribbled mess of a list here for stuff
to talk about let’s just begin with the first thing I wrote down ten minutes ago
while planning this video have your cage already set up for some reason people
like to go to stores and buy like the bird
and the cage and all the accessories at the same time and the reason this
doesn’t work well there’s lots of reasons it doesn’t work the main obvious
reason it doesn’t work is when you get your bird home it takes a long time to
set up the cage it takes a lot of time to like put the toys in and get the food
out and figure out what this thing is and what this thing is or pictures there
and editing game I got you me four hours ago and it’s just not fair to have your
budgie like sitting in the little box they give you for the two hours or so it
might take you to set up the cage so just please buy the cage before you buy
the bird or birds just have it ready have everything in it have everything
they need set up so that all you have to do when you get home put the box in the
cage open the box close the door and let the bird find their way out of the
little travel box and into their own surroundings because that is how you
keep a bird from stressing out and it is how you welcome a bird into a home
without scaring the absolute s— out of them. now before you actually get the bird you need to decide
something that’s very important and I don’t really know if this applies to
other birds I know cockatiels are perfectly fine
solitary for most bigger birds you want to have them solitary and you want to
bond with them one on one but budgies are small birds so you have the
opportunity of getting a couple difference between getting one or two is
basically that if you have two they’ll keep each other company and if you only
have one they won’t basically what I’m gonna tell you is
some reasons to get one or some reasons to get two. get one but only one budgie a
solitary bird if you want a really close one-on-one companion if you have one
bird and they spend a lot of time with you they’re gonna bond to you they are
going to be your friend they’re gonna sit on your shoulder 24/7 they will not
leave your side you got to budgies they’re gonna be more friends with each
other and then they’ll interact with you kind of when they have to and then
occasionally obviously they’ll let you play with them I have two birds because
I go to school every day that’s a long period of time where I can’t talk to or
play with my birds if you have a full-time job and you don’t work from
home and you don’t have your whole day at home I recommend getting to budgie so
they can keep each other company so they don’t just go bored and get really
uncomfortable and angry it’s just really not fair to leave a single bird alone
because they’re just gonna be really really bored and they probably won’t
like you very much if you don’t spend enough time with them they won’t bond to
you and they might actually die early because they won’t have interaction with
other birds and they won’t play as much they won’t get as much exercise bad
situation get two birds if you can’t spend a lot of time with them now that
you’ve decided whether you’re getting one bird or whether you’re getting two
birds it is time to look at my lists and see what the next thing is it is time to
actually pick out your bird at the store I’ve gotten a few comments asking me how
to do this and this is probably the most simple part actually of getting your
first bird basically just pick a bird that’s healthy and that you like now
when I say healthy what does that mean this in a store you can’t really do any
medical tests or anything like that so what you look for is just well-groomed
feathers do you mind airforce plane thank you for protecting our country god
bless america but you want to make sure that the bird
is active in the cage they’re in if you go to the store and the bird is not
playing around they’re sitting on the bottom of the cage or they’re just
huddled in the back of the cage and I absolutely do not want to interact with
you or come out that could be a sign of quite a few health problems so you want
to interact with the bird you want to interact with whatever birds you’re
thinking about getting you want to see if a bird is moving around and happy and
active because most likely if they’re not there’s something wrong maybe they
had something go wrong and shipping or maybe they’re carrying a virus finally
you want to make sure the bird isn’t scratching a lot or itching or rubbing
their face super hard on the perches because that could mean have mites or
another sort of parasite and you don’t want to deal with mites and actually if
you see a lot of birds scratching or looking like they have mites you
probably don’t want to buy a bird or adopt a bird from wherever you are so
keep that in mind and then like I said before you want to pick a bird that you
like the personality of I dropped my notebook in it fell closed you want to
make sure that you like the bird because these animals live a very long time and
gonna have to spend a lot of time with them so for example when my mom went to
get my birds as a present once again don’t get people animals as present she
really interacted with sky sky came up to the
kid she tweeted all over the place not this tweeted bird tweeted and she just
flicked in mom’s words oh that’s the kind of thing you want to look for if a
bird is just absolutely happy to interact with you they’re like hey
what’s up when you come in at the store that is a bird that you probably want to
pick up because that is a bird that you’re gonna have a lot of fun with
that’s a bird that you’ll have a good time training and it’s a bird that is
healthy usually if they’re up in the front interacting with you and playing
around so take into account personality when you’re picking your bird because if
you’re spending a lot of time with an animal you should like it finally my tip
to you is after you bring the bird home and you introduce it into the cage you
let it free you do not touch it because they are scared at the moment you need
to leave them alone for two weeks and that is the hardest thing anyone can do
the first thing you want to do is like high bird what’s up I want to play but
you cannot do that you have to leave the bird alone moving it to a new home is a
very very stressful time they just spent 15 minutes in a cardboard box which they
have no idea what that means and they’re just introduced into this cage with a
bird that maybe they didn’t see before or they didn’t have one on one time with
before they are in a big new surrounding and there’s this whole environment
outside the cage that they’re completely unused to so you need to give them time
to settle in two weeks is the recommended period for most websites and
I think it’s a good time before you start playing with the bird and actually
trying to tame them definitely talk to your bird and this time talk to them
gently and don’t try to scare them don’t be loud around the cage don’t let
children run around the cage just try to give the bird a pleasant environment
make sure they are comfortable but don’t try to chain them yet because they are
very scared and they’re not used to you at this time so there we have it guys
those are the biggest tips I can give you for getting your first budgie what
you should look for in a budgie what you should do once you get the budgie and
what you should do before you get the budgie anyway I hope you have a great
time getting your bird and if you do get a bird this holiday season or any time
in general you should tweet it to me I love seeing burbs
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the next one bye bye

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