GETTING MY TEACUP POMERANIAN! + where I got him & picking him up

hey guys welcome to this video it so today I'm gonna be talking about me getting my dog and just showing you guys just kind of a little bit of the process and when I got him and I hope it's like informative in some kind of way or yeah it just helps you guys yeah my gonna be talking about the place where I got my dog so stay tuned for that and on Amazon I ordered pea pods and like this playpen thing it literally came perfect timing it literally just came so I'm gonna quickly open this make coffee and then we're gonna go and also my puppy puppies like odds life like an hour something which I guess is fine cuz we just left to go get some stuff but let's open this so I guess it was just cheap ads that came which there's no hundred fifty of them so I it kind of makes sense that you're not his playpen but that should still be coming today which I think will be fine because he still has his like cage and everything and it should be here like tomorrow but I'm so excited for this dog I really wanted a teacup palm for like five years and this really happened like like four days ago we just randomly or we saw this one we literally loved it my whole family loved it so we got him and now he's supposed to be here in like two hours which is crazy and I'm so excited I got my coffee all ready to go we're at HomeGoods getting Waterville in a dog bed for my puppy and we have to hurry because my dog lands like 40 minutes so I found some Bulls from Noah trying to find a dog toy they're so cute I don't know what to get Mama's in the back yo Lucy what yes you are me possible so we had to go to Target now for my dog's actual food and I feel so bad because he's landing in 15 minutes but we had to get his food so trying to find the baby food section I'm so nervous so it's almost the end of the second day and last night he was so good he slept through the whole night he went to bed around 10:30 I didn't have to force him in this cage or anything and he slept out the whole night he woke up around 5:00 went back to bed at like 6:00 and then woke up again then went back to bed at like 11:00 until I think like 3 o'clock or something but it's now 6 and then he's my doing so well I actually washed him and he's out clean and we dried him and yeah he's just been doing good he's been very playful and energetic so to start off I got my puppy from premiere pups and he's a teacup Pomeranian he's um 1 pound in 8 ounces I believe and I got him in line which is very sketchy because there's like so many scams and stuff like that but I saw tons of reviews for premiere pups and lots of videos just like this I decided to make one because obviously it was not a scam and it's really convenient because they after like you get your dog and things like that they like check up on you a few times and they send your puppy to you with like hey with his like vitamins that he needs and a few cans of food obviously you buy the rest once that runs out fee like I tried preparing myself with watching so many videos and like how to take care of puppies and stuff like that but I think each puppy is so different you just kind of learn like what your puppy likes and like it's kind of you kind of get its own schedule and its own routine going I've had him for only I think like two weeks now I already know what he likes what he doesn't and how did her like take care of him and things like that if that makes sense but he adjusted pretty well good and that's about it he's a really sweet dog he's very tired right now so he's about half like pass out but that was basically about it for this video if you is it thinking about getting a puppy I definitely recommend one if you guys need a good reliable place to get one from I would look at premiere pops online and they have lots of different breeds and um they're very good at like communication before we even ordered my puppy I did FaceTime him which is really nice that you can do that and yeah everything went pretty well um but I hope you guys enjoyed this video also I forgot to mention I did make an Instagram for him it's just the pom Thunder with nothing in-between it on Instagram and you guys should go check him out because he's just a cutie and why wouldn't you look at him Mido baby no you know

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