Get Rid Of Pest Snails In Your Aquarium | Snails In Your Fish Tank

Hey y’all welcome back Mandy, with my hectic
life paths where we talk about all things, pet and pet related and today let’s talk about
pest snails in your aquarium. Are they really a pest? I personally actually appreciate them to a
certain extent. I mean when they’ve overpopulated your tank
like crazy, then that can become a problem, but not an unsolvable one. Having these snails in your aquarium could
potentially benefit you if you don’t mind the statics of them because some of them are
not necessarily the most attractive snails. Between all my fish tanks, I probably have
a few of each of these types of pests. Nails, which at one point was completely out
of control where I ended up with hundreds of rams, horns in my tank and it was just
insane. Like just was covered with Ram’s horn snails. So how do these snails end up in your tank
in the first place? So one of the most common ways that these
snails end up in your tank is going to be if you use live plants in your fish tank. I have a lot of live plants and so I have
a lot of snails now. There are about five or six types that are
really common types of pests, nails to see in the hobby. Ram’s horns are really, really, really calm
and I have gotten so many Ram’s horns from live plants that it’s probably ridiculous. Bladder sales are another really, really big
one that I have seen quite frequently and I have a few in some of my Beta tanks now. The Ram’s horn snails kind of have a flat,
like spirally shaped Shell that sticks upright and I personally don’t think they’re like
the most attractive of the snails. The look of the bladder sales doesn’t really
bother me as much as they kind of have an iridescent look to their shell. Kind of a little shiny. I don’t mind them as much as the rams horns. Now another really common one that is seen
in the hobby is the Malaysian trumpet snail. Some people actually love these snails. I’m will seek them out. They are one of the more attractive of the
past snails and they have kind of a trumpeted looking shell. I don’t think I actually have any of these
types of snails in my tanks, um, but I do have bladder snails and I do have Ram’s horn
now there are different options that you can use to get rid of any type of unwanted pests
snails in your tanks. Now for my 20 gallon when it became extremely
overran with rams, horns, I went out and I purchased two assassins snails to just wipe
them out and take care of them. Assassin snails are great because they can
be kept in a small aquarium, so if you have like a Beta tank that is getting overrun with
snails, you can get an assassin snail and you don’t have to worry about it needing a
whole huge tank or anything. Assassins snails are excellent at getting
rid of pests. Nails in your aquarium now for two sales and
I probably had, I don’t know, I probably had like 200 sales in that tank. It was just, it was insane. It was ridiculous. They were producing like crazy. Now I do still have some Ram’s horn snails
in there, but it’s not like a huge overpopulation in sanity. Like it was my two assassins snails took care
of the majority of the snails within about one month’s time, so these guys really can
help you out with keeping a snail population under control and your fish tank and like
I said, I mean they’re just tiny little snails and they will just feed off of all the pests
nails in the tank. Now you do have to be careful with these guys
because if you do have a snail that you want to keep in your tank, then maybe the assassins
snail is not for you. Now, if you do have a larger aquarium setup,
then you can use loaches to help get that population under control. Launches are excellent at feeding on snails
and taking care of that problem. They are fantastic at keeping snail populations
under control because again, these are a species that will feed on snails. Now another option that you can use is setting
a trap for your snails. You can use a cup and some type of vegetable
and you can put that in your aquarium and of course all the snails are going to start
going for those vegetables. And then when you pull it out, you’re gonna
have tons and tons of sales and you can just repeat this every day until you’ve really
got a handle on your snail problem because they will just run towards it. I also have used green beans for this method
in one of my tanks and it worked pretty well for all the sales to kind of gather in one
spot and for me to just kind of scoop it out of the tank and thoughts about no more snails. Another option that you can do is squishing
the snails and using them as fish food. If you are overrun with snails though, then
you might have a little bit too much. Another good way to get rid of a high ell
population is cut back on feeding. So these are some of the ways that you can
kind of help control the population of snails in your aquarium. For me, I don’t mind having a few pest snails
in my aquarium as long as they’re not a snail that’s going to bother my plans. Typically the ones that are commonly found
in the hobby or not, something that’s going to really mess up your plants. Most of these snails will feed on algae and
dead plant material which actually benefits your aquarium and who doesn’t enjoy not having
to scrub their tank and having a nice, clear, beautiful panel of glass to look through. So that’s all for today’s video. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up
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20 thoughts on “Get Rid Of Pest Snails In Your Aquarium | Snails In Your Fish Tank

  1. i have malaysian trumpets… and they populate like crazy… so i get assassin snails and so far they are under control now 🙂

  2. You have a great personality for this. That’s why I challenged you to #lemonsforleukemai ? I just dropped a video with the details ?

  3. FUN FACT: the eggs of these snails could be looming in your tap water. Eew!
    Also, these kinds of snails have perfect breeding conditions when nitrates are high. More nitrates = more snails… which produce more nitrates…. and MORE snails…

  4. i have a question about my pacman frog he is really small about the same size as a quarter he will not eat from tongs or byhimself he only like to be feed when i force feed him

  5. I love snails but some hich hiked into my aquarium from plants and they are eating them i love ramshorns especially bule ones and golden ones and i have pest snails but i dont know what snail it is because it is not on your list but i will get assassin snails and then take them out then put my apple snails in !! Thanks this helps but i also squished them but mine is a new tanks so i am kinda lost so i need more help !!!

  6. They’re in my beta tank, but my beta eats them. I’m putting them in a different tank. What do you think the temperature should be in it????

  7. Any tips for dealing with pest snails and their eggs (I keep finding them on my aquarium wall despite giving my plants salt soaks before introducing them) when it comes to shrimp tanks? I imagine loaches as well as assassin snails will just eat my shrimp.

  8. Here's a dumb question…if you set traps, what do you do with the snails when you get them out of the tank? I want to remove them, but I don't necessarily want to kill them.

  9. Bladder snails are fine, and I don’t mind the way they look, but they outcompete, any other snails, or shrimp species you try to keep with them. They are just hardier.

  10. Can a population of a pest snail, overbreed and “Easter island” the tank, or will they just die off and level out at a population suited for the level of food you put in your tank?

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