German VS North American Hamster Care

so there are actually some very large
differences when it comes to Germany hamster care standards and North
American hamster care standards so today we are going to be going through those
and talking about them before I get on with the video I would like to say a big
thank you to dogshamsters on Instagram she is a German hamster owner and she
was kind enough to gather all of this information for me and to find all of
the German hamster care standards so that I was able to make this video so
make sure you go check out her Instagram and give her a follow so in North
America 450 square inches of floor space is recognized as the bare minimum for
hamsters of course others will recommend that you go for something larger but
this is the bare minimum in Germany 741 square inches of floor space is their
absolute bare minimum and this minimum is recognized by their veterinarian
association for animal welfare although this minimum generally isn’t recommended
for Syrians and many people will recommend 893 square inches for Syrians
instead. When it comes to bedding in North America it’s often argued what the
bare minimum amount you should give though many will agree that you should
at least provide five to six inches of bedding depth for all species of hamster
whereas in Germany they recommend that dwarf hamsters have nothing less than
six inches and Syrian hamsters have nothing less than seven inches of
bedding though there are some people that will say that dwarf hamsters should
have at least 7 inches of bedding and Syrians should have at least 11 inches.
The bedding should also not just be in a small corner they suggest that you
have it in a wide space so that the hamster is actually able to properly
burrow another thing they don’t recommend just
having a digging Tower this is generally a tall box where you put a bunch of
bedding this doesn’t provide your hamster the ability to actually properly
burrow. in North America a hamster sand bath is
seen as an optional hamster accessory while I do agree that every single
hamster should be given the opportunity to have a sand bath in Germany a sand
bath is a must-have for every single species and roborovski’s need to have
at least one third of their cage be sand so in North America our wheel minimums
are 6.5 inches for dwarf hamsters and eight inches for syrians and Chinese
hamsters, of course a larger Syrian will most likely need to have an 11 inch
wheel in Germany it is recommended that roborovski’s have an 8 inch wheel
dwarfs have a 9 inch wheel and syrians have at least an 11 inch wheel they also
do not believe that the Flying Saucer type of wheel should ever replace a
regular wheel because for one the flying saucers take up a lot of space in the
cage they also can throw the hamster if they try to stop they can fly off very
easily and another thing is that even with a flying saucer they can actually
cause the hamster to kind of run at an awkward angle so in Germany hamster balls are known as
dangerous whereas in North America it is a very
debated topic I personally do not believe hamster balls should be used
they are considered cruel in my opinion as well as in North America we like to
use a lot of plastic accessories, hideouts, toys for our hamsters whereas
in Germany plastic is seen as very dangerous for the following reasons
if the hamster chews it it can be dangerous, it traps in a lot of heat, a
lot of them don’t have great ventilation, the semi transparent plastic hideouts
actually let in a lot of light so that can actually disturb your hamster when
they’re trying to sleep. instead they like to use a lot of wooden and ceramic
products. So for hideouts in Germany all hamsters there must have a multi chamber
hideout these are hideouts with multiple different chambers for your hamster to
go through and it kind of stimulates how they would be in the wild for the
entrances a dwarf must not have anything smaller than one inch and a Syrian can’t
have anything smaller than a two inch entrance because when a hamster goes
through a hole that is too small and they have very full cheek pouches they
can actually cause damage to them. So here in North America we actually do not
have anybody who sells multi chamber hideouts so they are not available for
us to use unless you decide to make your own which sometimes can be a bit
challenging. in North America most of the hamster seed mixes sold in the pet store
just don’t have the requirements a hamster actually needs so you’re going
to generally have to mix two different types of foods we’re going to want a
high variety seed mix a high protein lab block to get the
right requirements the hamster needs there also is no mixes sold for the
different species of hamster they often make the mixes for multiple animals for
example they’ll make a mix and then they’ll put suitable for hamsters
gerbils and mice so in Germany they see all pet store hamster mixes as unsafe /
unhealthy so a lot of people do order their hamster seed mixes online these
have zero additives and a hundred percent natural ingredients they also
believe that their food shouldn’t have any pellets or anything with additives
in it so that is it for the differences between these two countries standards
for hamster care keep in mind now that not every German hamster owner is going
to follow all of these standards listed this is just for the majority of German
hamster owners this is what they generally follow same with North
American hamster care this is what we generally follow but you can see that
there are very big differences between the two countries standards I do believe
that Germany has a much higher care standard than North America does but
North America we’re learning every single day and we’re slowly trying to
get more people to care for their hamsters properly and kind of lean
towards the German hamster care standards so yeah guys I hope you
enjoyed this video bye

100 thoughts on “German VS North American Hamster Care

  1. Ahh it feels so good to be back uploading! Seriously doing YouTube makes me the happiest person in the world ? Anyways I hope you all have enjoyed the video! The north american measurement got messed up in cm's it's supposed to be 76cm by 38cm.

  2. Hey, Victoria! I have a question. I have a dwarf hamster and I have been in the process of taming her. Today I gave her a walnut out of my hand, like I have been doing often. After she ate the walnut she bit my hand and it brought blood. I need some help please, She’s friendly and follows my hand around.
    ( Sorry for my grammar I am in a rush)

  3. Guess I'm making a multi-chamber hide for my hamster. ? I already have the huge cage and deep bedding.

  4. what is the best brand of food I can buy for my hamster? Right now I use sunburst but I really want to give him something healthier for his diet even if its slightly more expensive.

  5. Is it ok to give mealworms to hamsters for there protein? Also great video great to have you back Victoria.?❤️??

  6. I went to a Canadian art supply store and found a wooden castle jewelry box. It has two levels, 3 chambers on each level and works really awesome as a hamster house. Just make sure you take out the magnet on the door.

  7. i use kaytee clean and cozy but i have a coupon for free carefresh so do you think it would be ok to use the carefresh and then go back to kaytee? or just stuck with carefresh once i use it?

  8. Thank you so so much for this upload i only have lots n lots ov bedding up the one corner so thank you im off in the morning shopping to get some more bedding so i can fill there cages up im a bit upset as i live in england and cannot get sunburst higgins food if i order of line it will cost me loads money so i cannot afford that nor the rat and mouse pellets which are good to have mix up with there food i just have to get normal hamster food which pisses me off but that cant be helped but thank u one thing i can do to make my hammies life betta is to fill there tank with bedding so thank you for that ???

  9. Hey I was wondering if you could recommend a decent,cheap cage because I might be getting a Syrian hamster and I don’t have much space for a large cage and I can’t spend anymore that £30 and I’m not sure what size because I don’t want to get a small cage, if you could get back to me that would be amazing!

  10. Hi hammy lady can u tell me if reptilesand is ok for hammies not the one with calcium in just the normal red desert sand cause was using tiny friends bathing sand but herd a few bad things about it so to scared to carry on using it ?xx

  11. Can someone help me i begged my parents for a bigger cage for my hamster but they said that small cages were ok what do i do i said that hamsters will get stressed and they will die but they said it is not true someone pls help me i am scared that my hamster will live a sad life

  12. I don’t know what to do my hamster keeps scratching and sometimes rubbing up against her cage I read about mights and I am kind of scared what should I do

  13. Wow it’s really amazing how both countries care so much about hamster care. In my country we just get a cage, I have a hamster at home and I keep it in a cage. My parents say that tanks are too big for the house and too expensive. My hamster is always stressed cuz it keeps bitting the cage. I wanna do something but idk. It’s really sad to see him like that. Is there smth else I do ?

  14. Germany seems to have their stuff together when it comes to animal care. One of the biiiig downsides to living in America is how we treat our furry friends 🙁

  15. Victoria please help. Look at an account on tik tok called catbreon. Im not sure if theu are taking care of their mice etcn plz give your opinions

  16. I was browsing on youtube, and I stumbled across a Kardashian video. In the video they had what looked to be a campbells hamster in the Tiny Tails pink castle cage. They had found the hamster dead, after like two weeks and then decided to trick one of the kardashian's daughter into thinking the hamster did not die, and bought a new one instead of telling her! I just wanted to bring this to your attention, it could be a great example video of how easy it is to mistreat a hamster.

  17. Это вы в России не были) У нас тут абсолютный минимум 60*40 см, или по другому 2400 см в кубе. Слой наполнителя у нас минимум 15 – 17 см для карликов и сирийских. Хочу жить в Америке или Германии, чтобы покупать всякие классные штуки своим хомякам.

    Интересно, есть ещё кто-нибудь из России, кто смотрит этот прекрасный канал?)

  18. Привет! Я живу в России и довольно давно смотрю твой канал! Если ты это прочитаешь, я буду в шоке, очень удивлюсь, но сказать я должна, ты просто замечательная! Все очень понятно и красиво!

    Hello! I live in Russia. My English is not very good. Sorry for mistakes. You're just great! Thanks for the info, good explanations. You're just a cutie! I love you and your hansters!

  19. I was quite amazed, I'm from Germany and bought a dwarf hamster two days ago. The last time I was in a Zoo Market was 15 years ago, I bought a dwarf rabbit for 20 Euros. Back in the days the standards weren't very high, you often had very dark aquariums full with crippled/ill mice and they were so cheap! You could buy a mouse for something like 1-3 Euros. The guinea pigs had a tiny space together with the dwarf rabbits and so on and so forth.
    The times have definetly changed, my dwarf hamster was 18 Euros and was kept in a very nice place, alone, as it has to be. I saw none of those silly, way to small cages nor did I see a hamsterball (I didn't really know that was a thing). A beautiful dwarf rabbit (castrated!) was 110 Euros. Everything just looked so nice! I also had to sign a form that I bought the animal and they asked me quite a lot of questions (like the cage size). Back in the days way more stores used to sell animals, now most stores are closed or only sell pet supply.

  20. I live in Germany and I really care about my hamster. But there are still people who don’t know how to care about their hamsters

  21. Actually our rabbit care here in Germany is completely different as well. Sadly when I comment under videos of for example Lennon the bunny I get so much hate and people call me animal abuser. But that's just how our ideal bunny care looks like ??

  22. Thank you soo much for this video! <3
    I am from germany and can totally agree. I wish all countries have the standards like germany

    But.. not all german people are good to their hamsters :/

  23. Yeah, if I lived in Germany, no hamster for me!!!

    My parents would never let me get a cage that big!

    That’s a big wheel for a robo or dwarf!

  24. I'm from Germany and I like Your Video. Its great?. I have 4 hamsters at home and ther life all in big and nice cages.

  25. I live in Canada and I tried a ball once with my hamster but she didn't move in it so we let her just run around outside of the cage but sadly she's not with us anymore ????

  26. Thanks to you I’m giving Cinnamon a German styled cage theme. Even if my Mom thinks I’m crazy for spending so much money on Cinnamon.

  27. As a German and animal lover I have to admit that I'm quite proud that we have these standards. My family has 6 hamsters and we keep them according to these recommendations ???

  28. Man Germans hamster care is amazing! I wish a lot more people would know all of this. I am going to strive to give my hammies a German life 😀

  29. In the Netherlands the hamster care is very bad. We life in the Netherlands, but the German border is around our corner and there is a big aminal store, so we always go there!

  30. What about bedding? I've seen a couple German hamster cages using things like soil, multiple different types of beddings, ect and it has me a lil amazed and confused at the same time. ?

  31. Unfortunately in many German Pet stores you can still find cages and other equipment that is not big enough or good for your pets. If you ask there for help they often tell you that the small cages are enough and you dont have to buy one of the "big" cages. Yes in Germany the recommended things are "better". But there are still to much things that are made out of plastic and to small. Also in nearly all stores the pets are kept in bad condition.

    Today many young people want to keep they're pets right so they try to find youtubers which show them how to do that, but you don't find many. Most of the youtubers just show that what their followers want to see and not that what is good for their pets. Yes of course there are some but they are not so famous.

    I dont want to say Germans are better then other, or something like that. There is still so much we can improve. Also I don't want to say that is the fault of the youtubers. I just want to say that they should think more about what they show and if this is right.

    I hope the there will one day more of you channels, and hopefully also on the German side

  32. Thanks so much for this video! The only bad thing is I'm going to have to try to figure out how to make a multi-chamber hideout for my hamster.

  33. I think the german version is better. In France we have a hamster who is alive and is 4 years old by eating crispy pellets and without superficial toys which are dangerous.

  34. I´m from germany and I can confirm all of this xD ^^
    Also the employes at the store I got my hamster were very informated and cared for the well beeing of the animals ^^
    Their informations were the same I got when doing more research. And when we recently had this heatwave they didn´d sell any animals because the heat added with stress and a ride in a car would have been very dangerous for all rodents.

  35. I'm getting a hamster, and I was going to feed it the sunburst gourmet food, but now I know that I should do a blend to make it more nutritious for my hamster. Thank you!

  36. We need to take note on hamster care from Germany. It is so different, and overall better for the well being of the animals. It is very advanced.We need to learn from their ways!

  37. I have a little dwarf hammy named Nova. She has a normal wheel and a flying saucer. I thought she would go for the normal wheel but she actually loves her saucer. I have never had a hamster that prefers the flying saucer! I guess Nova is a little odd!

  38. I can’t understand why pet stores improve on their animal care. Is it really that hard to not sell bad products??

  39. Germans care more about care and educating for all animals, even fish! If youwatch videos on german fish stores, they are miles ahead of america

  40. I have a dwarf hamster and he really wants to run on his wheel but the wheel doesn’t move, what should I do? Is it because he’s not strong enough?

  41. Hello Victoria, thank you for your lovely and very informative channel. I do consider adopting a hamster and I've learned a lot already from your video's about the hamster care. Please what kind of the bedding do you use and what is amount of food you feed your hammies daily? Would you consider hemp bedding good for hamsters?

  42. For everyone who thinks this type of hamster care is the common ground in Germany is sadly wrong… A lot of breeders and experienced hamster owners do obide these standards (yay) but I have never seen any pet store (chain or individual) using those guide lines. They still sell meshed wheels and cages that are waaay to small (maybe a third of the recommended minimum). And we also have a lot of families who just go out and buy a hamster for their kids and don't do any research (same as in every other country I presume). So Germany is doing good with recommendations but not with enforcing them.

  43. Where did you and dog hamsters find this information? I've been trying to find other sources for this and it's really difficult for some reason. Like, you mentioned robos needing 1/3 of their enclosure consisting of sand but I can't find that info anywhere! I'm not saying you're making this up, I'm sure you're not, but I'm finding it really difficult to find this info.

  44. ima english owner but livin in germany ive seen it they had lot of tanks for hamsters and i have a bin cage u can see it in my video

  45. I am from germany and all these facts are true. But most of the hamster cages sold in pet stores in Germany are still very small. However there are a lot more options on amazon and such places. A hamster sand bath was recommended to me when I got my first hamster which is good. I have to say however I had a really small cage and only upgraded to a 400 sqinch cage after a few months. I know now that it was too small now but I see cages like that one along with smaller ones commonly sold there.

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