German Shepherd Vs Doberman / In Hindi / Dog vs Dog / German shepherd Vs Doberman pinscher

hello Namaskar the stops of course are they at mix me a sec ago about kibbutz LD hungry ask especially moussaka swaggity just Oh Adam but can you are a German Shepherd versus Doberman Pinscher cavalry me for joining in cave Arabic which interesting in name but they this video to July can see the eg got in back to him also like to those totally sure that a German suffer and Oberman during a coffee popular dog breed a or at Kissimmee Mike I said overnight at a pickled a German Shepherd college in Germany say when mainly sheep ardently you scared of a BA or op Kasich pay as a working dog breed in dogs a schism America sorry olivella commonly used here that is a bomb detection drug detection search-and-rescue missions and as a k-9 unit in army so they stopped or about John later had a woman in shock apartment Doberman Pinscher college in Germany say Rico 1880 mobility Agatha Carlos government joke a tax-collector de Muniz dog RIT co-op initial exactly a breed data or his dog Rico banana kilocalories Doberman a dossier Dada Caillou Sierra this talk about colors in dogs seconds efforts of poker Neverland giveaway heavy exercise frame training and regular walking ahead over monkey efforts or vodka Reggie SDK efforts ki Suk hoon ki regular grooming regular walking and heavy exercise Dana movie just about Corinne dog stick or type T to the government of all type of the short or Germans of workouts I danced bad caricature grants or other pet his artists on a series of day to those two children to subdue made of brick cafi HSA resume making up punko becomes a socialize con una pareja other pet case of dementia for Java Cesare sceptile Doberman chemically to those topically think opinions cavalry metal year type whatever manga folded or German Shepherd katha erect I shape or type T battery the government of the almond or German Shepherd katha medium and almond bath current of key tail type key the Doberman cutie straight all German suffered heavy a cyber those in dono key a key see ranking T bad correct two Germans are perky ranking a second number pay or government key a 16-2 number pay exercise exercise came lemon don't need of brick or exercise is about 30 hey licking German suffered code policy development says gotta exercise key territory in Donora dog food cop walking kab the rule is a kinky fitness coffee there will be a bad career training kita don't know a dog so trendy cafes ever party hey miss acuity batmanning vodka and puppies co-ed upcoming vodka by opening our velocity Thomas I had read one y one and a half month kabadi up in help Nagar logistic including mother make meals okay – totally Janet a dog big concept groups they belong Guardian adopted working groups they belong Cartier or the unreduced oug food up with the crazy chocolate work on WA Chile wha-a-a-t were ya up a friend of coke Hanuman re gently hum fluted those Tabasco end of September mosquitoes only dog breed coffee intelligent loyal fearless energetic footage a toaster John little dog do stucco consequence of coastal means I get to Apple Doberman military white black black and rose blooming rust and red colors mix or GST upcoming Jacob black black and tan red and black gray black black and silver white in sub color Smith Shirley Ibaka thank you hydrate and life thank you bury me in Donald off ski hide key bath corrected over man my mail my height OTA 6672 centimeter or female no J sixty one sixty eight centimeter height cubed courageous taquito male nausea 1665 centimeter of MMOG 55 60 centimeter our baths Korean dog Steve eight key the government Kuwait a male knows f40 say 45 kg or female mammoth I 32 say 35 kg bath courage is dickyvicky to melt not here 30 to 40 kg or female no idea 20 to 32 kg all of vodka life Spanky the Doberman tota 10 to 13 years or months of activity 9 say 14 years blinky mammal imager much of a cuckoo monkey Chavez developer key in cables Albert a rooftop console dog person they have a common cupcake the room but I or a sequel Cody video G versus atomic America the Louboutin mikoshi stronger Kajal sizzle Devo video Bonanza poo City on my dog was a dog video I shall talk see lucky actually get to like any aruki Java or s interesting deeply subscribed an anomaly to meet our players interesting video is a thank you for watching

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  1. German shepherd is best dog in the world and Doberman is also a best dog in the world

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