German Shepherd Dogs Playing And Protecting Babies Compilation

easy jagger easy Tilly is that the baby is that the baby get those cameras off right now there you re gonna dig him up if he has to don't squeeze it okay give it to your doggie tell your dog you love him okay stand up where's that doggie yeah is that max is that max where you go good girl good girl you're a good girl I'm going to give them kisses easy easy yeah you love Joshua hey be easy normal

44 thoughts on “German Shepherd Dogs Playing And Protecting Babies Compilation

  1. #Funny #Elsa #Spiderman Cartoon For Kids – This is video of my friends you can watch and subscribe for her channel

  2. I remember my grand parents had a German Shepard. Unfourtunatly at the time I had a irrational fear of dogs. Turns out when I was a little baby that German shepard knocked me over and stood over me, he didn’t hurt me but a big beast just standing over me was enough to traumatize me for like 10 years later .

  3. I love how the dogs are so fierce with attackers but so gentle to the babies. They think of the babies as their puppies.

  4. German shepherds are the perfect dogs .Heres why
    1 They are patient and loyal
    2 They love children
    3 They are great guard dogs
    4 They are VERY protective
    I hope this helped

  5. many people don't know this but it is good to expose kids to different elements, like animals, dirt, mud… it helps build up their immune system. so next time your kid plays in the mud , let him or her have fun

  6. I left my 2 year old German Shepherd with my 4 month old son while I went for a 3-mile jog, came back and he chewed off one of his legs.. Not a family pet.

  7. Я тоже детство провела с овчаркой. И действительно при хорошем воспитание они могут быть охраной и другом для ребёнка.
    Я его могла за хвост схватить и он даже не скалился

  8. Это самая умная и преданная порода. Да ещё и такая красивая!

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