25 thoughts on “German Shepherd Diet Chart- Vet Approved

  1. Sir, my german shepherd loves POTATO and he daily eats 5 potato
    So please tell me is it healthy for him to eat 5 potatoes daily?

  2. Thank you so much for this information. My puppy is 45 days old.
    Will you please let me know what amount of food should be sufficient for each meal in a day?

  3. Sir Hamare Paas German Shepherd 4 months a 5 months Hai Magar usko sunaiye Hai Magar Kuch Bhi Karega

  4. Sir hmare gr m nonveg allow nhi h or hmare pas gsd male h or vo abi 3 months ka hone m

    Or vo ab khana b nhi khata h

    Usko kya khane Ko Dena chahie
    Or iska weight b bht km h 5-6 kg k approx hi 3rd month m

  5. Hello sir, my gsd is 10 months old we give him 8 chapatis half liters and 2 boiled eggs..2 times a day is this enough for him????

  6. oooo thankyou so much!!!
    and my dog Ace german shepherd is 1 and a half year old now!!!!…..he is a black shepherd male…I was really worried what kind of food will I feed to him….but
    you gave me idea plzz? make a vid of how to feed a husky

  7. Mere pass gsd puppy h vo chup chaap sa rhne lg gya h ek din phele to vo acha tha khel rha tha or haa tika b lgaya tha or agle din ek dm se chup chaap rhe lg gya na kuj kha rha plzz btao

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