43 thoughts on “German Sheperd realizes owner isnt behind him any more.

  1. It looked like he dog saw the owner, and the dog was looking BEHIND itself when it turned. While when they were walking, the owner was behind the dog. So if the dog was lookin for the owner, that would not make any logical sense…. presto sure the dog was looking out for threats…

  2. Why traumatise the dog like that? I bet his heart sank when he failed to see the owner. I know it is a joke, but this one seems to feel abandonment keenly even for a few seconds.

  3. i wish my dog was like this… i take him off the leash and he will be gone wandering off without a second look behind him until he gets worried and then runs around frantically.. hes far too absorbed with whatever bush hes smelling at the moment.

  4. They need to cut off the video there
    Some graphic content was about to happen after what that guy did to him

  5. And i thought german sheperds were smart dogs. Doesnt realize owner os gone. Doesnt smell the owner. The owner is right there behind a wood. Dumb dog. Really surprising video.

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