GERMAN LESSON 53: 10 German Animals Names you MUST KNOW

Learn German with Aniaaaaa Hallo alle Zusammen Today I will give you a little update and then we will talk about german animals So, a friend of mine who is a designer helped me making the design of my website new Here you see the new design There are new colours it just looks nicer You get a special discount for my ebook I’m just recording audio for my ebook so if you read the book you can also listen to me reading so that would be good for your pronounciation if you already bought the ebook then you will get the audio for free! i’m just planning these courses! no worries They will also soon be online! We talk about 10 animals in german and in the end we will play a small game das Tier mean the animal und die Tiere means the animals i have a dog, and you? You have such a cute cat! I love horses The farmer has a pig The fish is swimming in the ocean The bird is flying over the houses The monkey jumps from tree to tree The sheep has very thick fur My bunny is called Schnuppi Now we play the game I show you an animal and you have to guess which animal it is If you want to learn more about animals please have a look at this video

100 thoughts on “GERMAN LESSON 53: 10 German Animals Names you MUST KNOW

  1. Someone please help me to check out this!?
    „Nur ich sehen dich, ich denke ich brauche die Karte mit allen Konstellationen, weil ich denke, verpassten Sie einen Stern. Sicherlich, neben Sie, die Helligkeit von deinem Augen, stellt die der anderen in den Hintergrund“

    Sorry if is terrible. Anyway the translation is:
    "Just looking at you I think I need a map of all constellations, because maybe a star is lost. Surely, by your side, the brightness of your eyes make them opaque"

  2. I started studying the German language by my self and these videos are really helpful. Will come back soon and write my comment in Germany!!!

  3. I just Learnt this:
    Ich bin your name
    Wie geht's?
    Gut danke
    How was it, is it correct?
    Sincerely, someone that wants to learn german.

  4. Damn my life is over now that i finished this playlist xD haha Ania please tell me with which class I should continue.


  5. Ania. Ich heiße Mantvydas. Ich bin aus Litauan Ich liebe deine vedeos und ich verstende nicht ein grammatik über lang deutch Wörts. Long german words. Nouns in german. Beispiel schlaftzimmer, tennishaus und anderes please to teach me Vielen dank 🙂

  6. I'm 14 (almost 15) and just moved to Switzerland,I joined a special school which teaches children (age of 13 to 18) german,and once they are ready,they are sent to a normal school. It's been almost 4 months and learned quite a lot,I am not american nor english,my mother language makes it simple for me to pronounce words,and today,this being the first german related video I ever watched,I found out I've progressed quite a lot,I understood what you said before translating it to english…however I still have problems with "Der" "Die" and "Das"

  7. LOL I had this video playing and was listening to it from afar. The first part of the Vid, I misunderstood what the video was about. The part where you said "you'll tell us about updates, then we'll learn about German animals." what I heard was "then we learn about German enema's."

  8. common similar words found in Afrikaans….Tier-dier… Die katze- Die Kat… Die Hund- Die Hound…Die Pferd- Die Perd….. wow these languages are related

  9. Anja. Ich habe eine Frage. When you say "Der Vogel fliegt über die Häuser", would it be right to say "über den Häusern"? I mean, since we're referring to WO instead of WOHIN, wouldn't it be right to use the Dativ? I'd really appreciate it if you could answer. Liebe Grüße.

  10. I have newly joined to your team … a special greeting to you and thank you so much your A1 course for beginners really helped me ! you are the best Anja jan <3

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