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[Applause] hello everyone Tina here I hope you having a great day well today I get to share with you a couple of projects for ger to sign our designs we're gonna start off by I want to show you the stamp sets here this is the Carroll Creek kittens stamp set so if your kitty lover you have some cute little caroling kittens with some great expressions and if you're a dog lover they have the Carroll puppies now this has some cute little dougie images on there so furry friend friendly okay I took the Carroll kitten just one of the Carroll kittens and then three of the Carroll puppies and we're gonna make two projects so I'm gonna stamp them all at once and we're gonna color them all at once as well I'm inking up my images with Copic friendly ink it's memento tuxedo black and I'm stamping them on some Neenah 80-pound cardstock with my mini Misti here once we have those stamped I did leave the coloring in I left the caps out for you guys and then I also sometimes my caps are hard are hard to read and so I left them up in the left hand corner for you guys but I'll play a little bit of music and when I'm done coloring I will get you back okay coloring is all that and I'm just using my uniball white gel pen and going around the areas where I went south outside the lines just to clean it up a little bit and now I'm gonna take the coordinating dice and cut out each one of my images now they are so cute but I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to their hats so using my Nouveau deluxe adhesive I'm gonna go over the white portions of each one of mine furry friends hats here I'm gonna be using some chunky glitter and this doesn't have any iridescent to it it's just I'm almost clear so it's gonna give my little Santa hats the illusion of it being that fluffy material it's gonna give it a little bit of sparkle too so I'll do that to each one of my little Santa hats so cute once they're all done we're gonna set them aside to dry and now we're gonna work on our first card sentiment so I have a 1 inch strip of white cardstock I'm gonna stamp with red ink today I'm going to use my distress oxide inks so I'll place my cardstock inside my mini Misti now I'm gonna use the sentiment says joy to the world it's two different parts starting with the joy I'm gonna place that all the way to the left and I'll place the rest of the sentiment all the way to the right so there's a little open area that's where we're gonna place our Carroll kitten I thought that'd be fun so I'm gonna use my candied apple first and then I do have festive berries I want to create a gradient with my red inks here starting off again with candied apple will stamp that we'll go over our stamp and then I went over the bottom portion of our stamp with the festive berries but the colors were just a little too close to color there I couldn't see a gradient whatsoever so I decided to go with all candied apples and I did I wanted a gradient so as determined to try and get a gradient so my solution was to use some seedless preserves it's a purple ink but when you add it to the red it will create a deep plum color and I was happy with the way this turned out because it coordinated really well with my little Santa hats so that's our sentiment we'll set our messy misty aside and kind of figure out our placement and I think she looked great there now for my background I have an embossing folder that has music notes on it and I thought it'd be perfect and I could have a panel that's four inches four five and a quarter we'll just place that inside our boss embossing folder now the music notes on here are landscape which is perfect because I want to make a lance and landscape style card so I embossed that now I want to I want to stamp some little music notes and I'm gonna use the little music note die here and I'm going to cut out my music notes first now I'm doing this because the stand of the music notes in the stamp set they don't line up with the die they um so it you die cut out your music note first music notes first and then you can stamp I'm gonna use some versafine onyx black ink and just go over each one of my little music notes and they stamp beautifully it's easy to line up too once everything is stamped I'm gonna go ahead and made here my sentiment to a piece of black and white striped pattern paper I thought the black and white striped kind of resembled the bars on a music sheet so we added that I'm gonna use some foam tape and place that behind our sentiment and now we're gonna go ahead and place our embossed background on our card base our card base today is well almost everyday is an 18 size card base which is four and a quarter by five and a half inches could be a side-folding so we'll just down our embossed background right in the center luckily we'll remove the release paper off of our sentiment and we're gonna place that towards the bottom of our card base here and I need to give it straight we'll play some foam tape behind our Caroll kitten place that right in between our sentiment super cute now I did take some foam tape and popped up my music notes I didn't use all of them but I used a few and I place them in my background and then for a little sparkle I went in with some red sequins that I had in my stash I just added three and that completes my first project I like the clean look of this and I love that little music folder background and if I can find it guys I'll leave a link down below but if I can't find it I'll try and leave a substitute for you guys in case you're interested now for project number two I use that same embossing folder but this time I'm gonna do a portrait style card so I only embossed the top portion of my panel here and it's the same size panel as before it's four inches by five and a quarter I left the bottom open because one it wouldn't fit portrait style and I thought that's the perfect area to stamp my sentiment sentiment for this card is super cute it says have a holly jolly Christmas now I took my scissors and separated them only because the sentiment was offset and I wanted them centered in the center of my panel here so I just did a little cutting super easy to put back together – I'll stamp that with some versafine onyx black ink on the bottom lovely now I'll grab our little critters and I did put foam tape behind them kind of figuring out my placement and originally I was just gonna leave my critters but I thought um I didn't want to add snowbanks I've added so many snowbanks to my cards this year and I thought well we'll add something a little bit different but I did want something out behind them so I decided to take a piece of white cardstock and using distress oxide inks again I'm going to use some peeled paint and I'm I'm going over this cardstock very blotchy blotchy and I've also got twisted citron some green inks and I didn't mind that they are blotchy because we're gonna use some pine needle dyes I've had these for a while I don't know if they're available but again if I if I can't find them I will leave a substitute for you guys but these are cute little pine needles I just I cut out a few of those and then I did add some foam tape behind my girders now I'm not pressing down all the way yet cuz I'm gonna Tek some of those pine needles around my little images and I'll just use glue to do my little tucking just not a little greenery would be super nice so once we have all our pine needles behind there I was happy with the outcome I'm just gonna add a couple red sequins to this card as well and I did place that panel on an a2 size card base I just used my tape runner but that finishes off my second project super cute stamp sets whether you're a dog lover or a kitty lover I think these are perfect thanks for joining me guys I wish you a fantastic day and we will see you again real soon bye bye [Applause]

27 thoughts on “Gerda Steiner Designs / Carol Kitten & Carol Puppies

  1. I ❤️ the little brown pup that looks a little like a bear cub! He is so sweet. I love these cards Tina, and with 5 dogs and 3 cats in our house, these get my vote! TFS

  2. Love your videos but…..I am still waiting for a new "fussy Cut " Christmas card video !! It's been a LONGGGGGGGG time for my favorite fussy cut videos from you !! 🙂

  3. These cards are sooo adorable! I love what you did with both, but my favorite is the one with the three dogs. I think the pine needle die cuts make the dogs ‘pop’.

  4. Cute cats and dogs aswell love both and have both lol. As usual your coloring is just gorgeous and cards of whatever style, color, and design are always beautiful and show how marvelous you create!

  5. Love the cards—-and ditto on the coloring. I am still learning—so seeing you color is so helpful!

  6. Singing puppies!! Ok, and kitties!! These cards are adorable. I love how you always seem to have the exact extra thing in your stash to complete your cards! #craftergoals

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