Georgie Interactive Puppy (Demo & Review) from MGA Entertainment

hey Georgie high five hey guys it's Carlos up from ttpm and it's official we've looked at a new puppy with Georgie interactive puppy by mga entertainment for ages 6 and up Georgie the golden retriever is just like a real dog in so many ways and loves to cuddle and get into trouble this set comes with a 12 inch tall interactive puppy rope toy neck bandana name tag charger and puppy training guide to interact with the Georgie open the velcro underneath and flip on the switch when Georgie stops moving say hey Georgie hey Georgie stand up when Georgie responds with yipping say one of the 12 commands or phrases in the guide and Georgie will respond accordingly Georgie can respond only to one command at a time Georgie is also always up for a game of tug O'War place the Rope tights in the very back of Georgie's mouth pull gently to play and to hear Georgie make playful sounds pet Georgie's had to hear barking yipping and panting if you touch Georgie's head four times he will lay down he is also full of bodily surprises and will burp pass gas and even make peeing sounds when it's time to go after three minutes of inactivity Georgie will fall asleep you can also turn him off by flipping the switch Georgie does not require batteries as it is a rechargeable puppy Georgie responds only to English hey Georgie speak you should be close to Georgie and speak loudly and clearly to give commands he works well on many surfaces but best on low carpet Georgie is a super fun puppy and kids will absolutely adore him he is super soft and cuddly funny dances and so much more there are over 100 interactions the guidebook is thorough and also contains a few surprises a certificate of adoption cutout dog collar and a place for you to write Georgie's new dog parent hey Georgie bath time for more on this product including current pricing and where to buy find us at ttpm or subscribe to our YouTube channels for more great tour reviews every day

16 thoughts on “Georgie Interactive Puppy (Demo & Review) from MGA Entertainment

  1. It would have been so much cuter if they made it poop, like the poopy puppy. It eats a pellet and drops it from its booboo. What a sad miss.

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