GEORGIA PRODUCTIONS BABYSITS US (HILARIOUS) || Sabre Norris & The Norris Nuts Australian Kid Surfer

i never knew Georgia did that (laughs) so mum and dad have just left and this is the first time we’re ever gonna be babysat wait guys theres a doorbell hey Georgia hi guys ready to have a good time Different than uh, your boobs looks a lot than your YouTube channel. I I think there just fine Think it just fine our first impression of the kids was rude sea-cups I mean I was expecting dees butt Great eyes big butt squishy boobs but i haven’t felt them yet one day Biggy! katchoa So Georgia mum made a list of rules and its quite important that you follow them Is this shh Rule number one. They only drink water is foreign to them yes RULE number 2 you should always try to chop in with Biggy rule number three naz is in charge WHAT! naz why did you put that there Because obviously the most responsiblest one here Naz Really think she’s so responsible. I think I’m the most responsible because Whenever I cut a Donut I’d always give my siblings a bigger half you see responsibility doesn’t come from you know, making your bed in the morning that comes from knowing which politician to vote for. That’s Donald Trump georgia can we jump on your tramoline YAY! Yeah, sure why not That’s been like an hour now and now there actually really sweet kids and its a been pretty smooth sailing Crack the egg is worst game. He just got too intense So if kids don’t play games properly I have to show them how to play the game properly I take it too seriously sometimes but you know It hasn’t that’s be done how to do it, right? So I’m giving them 1 lolly each I feel like just Calm them down a bit, you know, it would probably make them not ask more after that I think this covered So maybe the lollies weren’t the best idea and they kind of scattered everywhere I couldn’t find them and I’m freaking out and then sabre what are you doing. i’m in my happy place So I found her in my pantry. That pantry was massive Who does that who walked into a pantry and eats someone else’s food? want a KitKat naz are you doing? I look just like you Georgia. I don’t even wear lipstick its going to go all over the carpet but its fine Hey, Georgia, what’s your date of birth? Um 11of the 10th Bingo go ooh Ex-boyfriend don’t contact Juicy, I miss you. I love You can we please get back together ? and then I found sockey She’s asked for my birthday and it was really cute. Um Maybe she’s planning a present for me. She’s so sweet so caring Georgia Georgia where is your nerf gun i thought we could have a nerf war Well once a month a fairy comes and makes a mess everywhere Once every 20 days big splat of blood so they use a tampon and stick it up there vegina to Plug it up Sex education at school is my favourite subject. I’m not really into puberty. lalala Tampons a weird. I don’t want to put them up my vegina Vegina one day you freak me out. It’s good to hert doesn’t it? I don’t think it’s natural. no comment their angels

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