Genius Dog Knows The Answer To Every Situation | Kritter Klub

It acts differently from the other dogs Welcome~ Bark! Then it barks Quite a genius Were you talking about me? Genius dog, Happiness Go home! House! If I say house, it goes home. (even knows english) hey you! Go inside House! It understands, it just didn’t wanna listen Bring me a hoe to weed the field. (Grandma is having a moment) left without notice Happiness, bring me the hoe~ (Who could that be?) Daddy’s here~ Hey buddy (They’re having a blast) It listens well Bring me the hoe Knows exactly where it is, and what it is At your service Good job. Thank you very much It lives up to its name Let’s show them something special at home We have a guest Gotta collect money Knows where the money’s at. Important. Good job Go to grandma How bout some coffee? yes! Bring it over (applause👏) Happiness brought it for you.. Thank you Not only this There’s another shocking thing Hammer time Oh! Bingo Did it know what to get by the situation? Yes.. It understands most things. What about a fly swatter? There’s a lot of flies here Good job An umbrella Umbrella? I’m ready It’s raining 1, 2, 3 leggo Dang.. Whoa Wow (i can’t even) Happiness~ Bring dad’s phone Call me maybe We’re filming I was just sitting in the bathroom It brought tissue without my asking I thought to myself, it’s quite clever Dad’s going to wash his face (Don’t forget this.) Thank you Even a towel? This dog is so extra.. I love it So many errands.. The guessing game Can you do well? Of course.. it’s me we’re talkin’ bout Dad’s going to the bathroom Tissue please Ah yeah.. Bring me a coat hanger for laundry Brings one from its usual spot Oh my gosh This is crazy Clothespin I was super nervous We’ve never done it like this before I was impressed Camera Battery You can do well, right? I’m not as confident this time If brought like this.. You might think otherwise Look at dad! Focus! Long day.. It listens well Grandpa’s shoe stinks Throw it Bring it back Leave it, it reeks It listens so well Grandpa lost a shoe Found it. (If only I had this level of concentration during my SATs..) Shampoo please Bingo Battery Bingo22 Camera Even for a human, this is tiring Let’s cut filming short Observes Even puts the tissue back.. Who didn’t eat yet? Dad’s hungry Oh ramen Ramen. What a good idea Wow Scallions Let’s eat genius We don’t even have to say it On his own They’re here! Put your blankets inside ‘Put it inside’ is different from just saying, ‘bring it’ Right Surprise (At a loss for words) It could fold the blanket sooner or later (High IQ) Come out Good job Perfect score Eat In only a second Can you put it inside? Eat LOL I’m embarrassed that I made such an easy test While I’m writing I used a pen Dad, can you do the same Give me something to write with Omg It could write at this point Father, please take a cup And ask, what this cup needs? What are you trying to do? We wonder if it understands what each item is for What belongs with the paper cup? Why am I not even surprised at this point.. Unbelievable Hard work pays off It’s not training But a natural lifestyle Living happily With education from time to time So its communication skills are advanced So even when he goes to the bathroom The dog thinks, ‘Why no tissue?’ Award-based training We need to change this mindset It’s become that kind of opportunity I hope it lives a long, healthy life Awwww

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