Gene Therapy For Dogs Could Be Soon Used On Humans

as a dog owner it is heartbreaking to watch our aging animals suffer from arthritis pain but now Colorado scientists have developed a new gene therapy that some pet owners say is life-changing as bert moreno discovered the therapy could soon be used on people there is a black lab each step he takes is brutally painful because of arthritis but after a dose of a new gene therapy he can run take a look at Louise she was stuck at the stairs when her owner called now she races down we have seen no adverse events in the dogs and over 20 to 30 dogs that we've treated so far which is very exciting cu-boulder neuroscience professor dr. Linda Watkins shows us the results of what scientists call a medical breakthrough 25 years in the making I know you want to go in your corner six-year-old knob endured multiple surgeries and medications for his osteoarthritis still video shows how badly he suffers he can barely move you could just tell he was in pain now owner Craig says nod is finally able to keep up with his brother another Tibetan Mastiff named toad he goes further he goes faster he wants to go more often Watkins says the interleukin-10 gene is produced in all living species nature's own anti-inflammatory sometimes animals don't produce enough to combat inflammation this gene therapy helps the body create it which eliminates pain for severe cases of osteoarthritis because this gene therapy is so effective in dogs the FDA just approved treatment in people and if that works it could mean the end of hip and knee replacements treatment is now being tested on people in California and Australia and knob is now a happy dog who is finally able to live I'm Britt Moreno covering Colorado first that'll make you smile one injection lasts at least a year and a half veterinarians are looking for more dogs to take part in this study at Colorado animal Pain Center in Westminster it's free if your dog is accepted and for more information on that just visit our website CBS Denver Doug

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