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what am i doing hey guys what's up Alisha already here welcome back to crazy craft we've had a bit of a disaster and by disaster I mean that we've been pranked let me show you the damage that has been done by my dear friend cpk he has basically encased my entire castle in glass although I think this is crystal from the crystal dimension so thank you CPK I also noticed that there are quite a lot of creepy weeping angels in my house and I'm not sure whether they're in attack mode or not I haven't seen the move however they are really freaking me out look at my house on the mini-map it's surrounded with this blue aura Joel's house looks awesome look at that anyhoo I'm also gonna find some armor that would be a good idea let's do that so so I'm gonna grab my amethyst armor which is probably the best one that we have right now very purple I'm also gonna take my yang cap backpack with me this is probably my favorite one just look how awesome it is I would like to get a collection of them though they would look cool if they were all around my room I think you know what we should probably get rid of the weeping angels for now just in case they do come to life and murder my girlfriends I would hate for that to happen so I'm gonna put one back here to guard my house that one should be friendly so today I'm just gonna go and explore the landscape a little bit and hopefully bring back some pets to add to my collection so I'm gonna head in an easterly direction and see what happens ah pumpkins no stop fighting things why does she feel the need to fight everything let's just grab some pumpkins oh this would be good why is there fire what wait what what the heck is happening over here there's pumpkins everywhere and cake don't mind if I do I'm very very very very confused frankly this is perfect for Halloween it's very spooky I think this is actually a jack-o'-lantern yeah these are actually jack-o'-lanterns nice someone's getting in the Halloween spirit already is this a whole biome of jack-o'-lanterns and cake what the heck oh my gosh it actually is honestly this is quite scary this is somebody's house this is the coolest biome I've ever found what the heck is going on over there as if a biome of jack-o'-lanterns fire and cake wasn't weird enough there is now a biome over there of hay bales just hay bales do you know what's going on because I don't okay this is highly unusual there's something freaky going on in crazy craft crazier than usual I'm pretty sure this is not right but it's freaking awesome so I'm not gonna complain Oh what the heck there's a little baby dragon what what is good and also it will say somebody's left that hoverboard lying around I'm gonna claim it if anyone knows whose this is please let me know so it's luck to return it what I think it off this thing who's this guy Oh little jagged he doesn't look evil maybe he's friendly can I tell you let me sit on you I think this is somebody's pet dragon it's just been left behind it's got lost it might have been sighs dragon let's go find out what happened to his village ah I see what happened the termites the termites got in oh my gosh what the heck how many dragons have you got man he left all these dragons behind what maybe that's why he left it got taken over by dragons maybe we can tame one if we can get some raw beef I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna try and tame one of these dragons all right cows let's make some babies let's see how much raw beef we can get all right we only got five pieces which I don't think will be enough to tame a dragon I don't know what their appetites alight but I assume it's quite a big appetite so let's see if we can see any on the way and let's head back to slice dragon Emporium oh I just found one of these things and the spawn is gone that means we can take whatever we want from this freaking oh nice I thought everything would have been taken so far but there is a little bit of stuff left for me oh yes we got a full set of this tiger's eye armor and we basically didn't do anything because somebody else already cleared out this place for us so thank you brave adventurer whoever that was you've saved me a lot of trouble oh there's a cow I need all the beef I can get hopefully this is more than enough beef how much beef do I really need hello little dragon can i tick can I tell you will you take miss beef take this beef from me I don't think he's gonna take my beef why does he keep following me around because I have the beef he definitely likes beef I just don't know how to feed it to him I'm sorry looks like I can't tame you but I know where to find baby dragons which we can tame hello little ants if we can break out of their hostile if we can right-click a little ant it should take us to the right dimension to find a baby dragon where are the baby dragons there's something weird going on over here I'm gonna check it out just look a little peculiar maybe this is where the dragons are no but bad idea whoa oh oh no oh oh help to hide ah okay that didn't go well that did not go well I'm pretty sure that my girlfriend's dead now rest in peace oh wait what am i doing is that the Queen I think I've spawned in the Queen I'm just gonna yep two hours later I probably shouldn't have come here should I I'm just gonna hide in here now you can't see me wow that's the queen with six thousand hell's I should not have ventured here okay let's see if we can run away no she's seen me okay and now we escaped oh look we could take all these beacons from the wells mmm I would actually be a pretty good idea I would like to have some beacons in my house how do we get it do we just break it or does it not work like that oh I got a bacon we could get so many beacons let's take all these beacons why are these beacons even here somebody open a little lucky box in this dimension is that why the Queen's head baby dragon Hey okay I have something for you a load of raw beef he go loves me and loves me yay now he's gonna follow me around all day oh okay let's go we've got to go rescue my girlfriend but first let's take all these beacons somebody definitely opened a load of lucky blocks here what the heck cats so many cats no no great oh no I think my dragon fell down too oh I'm having the worst look right now rest in peace baby dragon that we had for all of about ten seconds maybe he's still alive let's go see if he's still alive if we could rescue him Wow the Queen looks majestic don't want to fight her though I can't believe I fell down a freakin hole took lava he's at my jacket I don't know if that's my dragon or not but now he is let's pretend this one was my dragon all along okay when he grows up we'll be able to ride him around but for now it's just cute little companion it's gonna keep us company while we mind this thing which is gonna be something amazing oh it's a dragon spawn egg well now we've got a baby dragon and we've done everything that we came here to do but this place is so crazy I kind of want to check it out more and take some more beacons home let's not fall down this exact same hole again where is it oh there's the huge hawk don't fall down there although we've died like five times since we've been here this place is pretty cool oh look there's a little doggie here somebody left it they didn't feed him somebody left that dog unattended they need to come and save him now see if we can find a red ant to take us back to our home dimension please ah is that my dragon did he grow is that you can I ride you oh this is him he grew up so fast and now I'm riding him around take me home ow I fell off what's that that is nasty saw a spawn egg I definitely want one of those that is exactly what I want let's see what this is it is dried pig spawn egg because they aren't very common at all that was Ocelot spawn egg yes oh we should get the other one too it's mine oh yeah we're gonna have a pet dragon and an ocelot and new mosquitos actually before we leave we should probably get my girlfriend cuz I think we left her behind over there she's definitely over somewhere oh my gosh what's happening there do shoot fireballs oh I can shoot fireballs probably best if I don't use that oh gosh oh gosh Tess lava okay we need to go upwards okay I see you've taken me to some more Dragon spawn eggs that's not a dragon spawn if that's a girlfriend spawn egg spawning the girlfriends oh we should probably use this backpack to carry all this stuff wow I didn't realize my girlfriend was so far away where is she Oh over here somewhere oh no no no no no go away away away away Oh No okay just gonna land over here if my girlfriend's out if my girlfriend's alive she'd be here now oh she is a whole thank goodness oh I'm so happy I've got both of you let's get the heck out of here before that big dragon thing comes back oh there's a readout okay hopefully if I click this we'll all go back now okay yeah we've got a very hostile girlfriend and a dragon and what the heck is that Oh so squid with an arrow on it let's head back to my lovely castle which I've just remembered is surrounded with glass Thank You cpk okay Home Sweet glass enclosed home doesn't it look great let's get you guys safe and sound inside here is there any way to keep you contained in one area or are you just gonna fly around like crazy this whole time let's see if we can use a lead can you be tamed yeah maybe see if we can tie them up around the back here how about we tie you up with the cows well that'd work it looks like it's working are you going to behave yourself I hope so alright now what do you want now we have a bunch of these dried a spawn eggs so we're gonna have to rehydrate them with a bucket of water you can start spawning things in like Marv dragons a girlfriend a nasty soros an emperor scorpion and a bee I'm actually not sure I want to spawn all of these in cuz they don't sound very friendly now let's try and combine these oh it works and we get the bucket back which is good this could take a while two thousand years later okay so I did a little research and I definitely don't want to spawn in the emperor scorpion or the nasty soros yet because they're really quite deadly they have like 200 and 300 health so I'm not gonna be able to kill that even with the help of my girlfriend so wait I've just had an idea if I give this name tag a name the BAE can I use it on my girlfriend no I can't okay she just holds it which is not exactly why I wanted now I have a name tag that says the Bay for no reason let's spawn in some harmless gazelles hopefully these guys can't jump over the fence oh they're so cute look at it oh I need to tame him with a red apple come here my love there yeah he loves me and let's spawn in another and bolt these off there you go you love me too please don't run away like that okay and finally a boss come here oh you're gonna be stubborn uh-huh Wow look this it whoa okay guys you guys heard of boundaries Wow oh they're so adorable okay I'm happy with that oh my goodness not in the house dragon oh I know wait the gazelles how do piss are they gonna follow me around forever is this gonna be a problem okay well I wanted to try and give the nametag of the Bay to me dragon come here yay and before you say yes I know that Bay means poop in Danish but we are not in Denmark so it's fine however these gazelles are not fine they are very tall I don't think I'm gonna do today is use these Ocelot spawn eggs to tame to uh sorts so we'll need some fish hopefully the gazelles don't scare away the Ocelot okay that has already happened anything else let go dang it freakin gazelles all right we lost the Ocelot okay one more go hopefully they don't scare away this time I had two chances and I failed them both eventually oh my gosh thank goodness come to me oh okay that Ocelot was so hard to tame but so worth it I love me some cats kind of wish I'd saved the name tag so I could call him buddy and we lost the other Ocelot by the way he's long gone now so that's it for today's episode I hope you enjoyed it we got a bunch of really random pets including a dragon you guys have given me some cool ideas for some Halloween trick-or-treat pranks so let me know who you want to see me prank in the next episode and I will see you next time

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  1. watches vid while sipping tea (facts its not tea its C2 apple green tea if you wondering whats c2 did you ever go to philipines?)

  2. And also remember episode 2 there was the king which was the Dragon the king in episode 2 is the king dragon

  3. If there's something weird in your neighbourhood who are you gonna call……….who can you call in this situation? 2:33

  4. Those dragon like animals Lizzie found in the red ant dimension remind me of the ones in the movie Avatar

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