Garden & Lawn Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Slugs

Hi, this is Yolanda from
And in this segment we’re going to learn all about how to get rid of slugs. Our favorite
pests in the garden. So all of us have memories of running through the yard when we were little
kids and stepping on slugs. And the slime, and they’re just disgusting. But slugs do
a lot of damage to your garden as well. So they eat all of the lush new growth and make
holes in all of your plants. But how do we get rid of them without using chemicals? So
there’s a lot of easy ways that I have used to get rid of slugs. And perhaps the easiest
one is by collecting them manually. Slugs come out at night, they’re very nocturnal,
so as soon as it gets light out, they’re running around. So these guys I found underneath a
crate, and now they’re starting to wiggle around. So there’s easy ways to get rid of
them, I could put salt right on them, that was the way my mom and I at night when we
were growing up, we used to go out and just hunt for slugs and salt them. Or I could actually
drown them, you just take a bucket of water and just throw them in the bucket of water
and it actually will drown them. So that’s an easy way to get rid of them. So, the reason
that you have so many slugs in your yard is because it’s really moist. And if you live
in the Northwest especially we have very moist conditions and slugs are around year round.
So I have found an easy way to control them a bit is to either start your crops a little
bit later, because in the summertime when the grow dries and our hot summers, the slugs
aren’t near the problem that they are in the spring. And by cutting the vegetation that’s
near to the ground, that’s another trick to getting rid of them, and stopping them from
getting into your garden. I have found an easy trick is to water in the morning only
and not watering at night so it dries out over the night, and then by putting a little
layer of bark dust on your bed, I have found just the bark dust itself dries out that night,
and then they don’t want to crawl over it. So there’s other tricks you can use too, people
have used seashells ground up or coral ground up ’cause it’s sharp. A lot of people put
beer, a little bottle with beer in it and they’ll crawl into the beer but I haven’t
been that successful using that method. And I found – I just learned to deal with the
slugs, they don’t get all of my plants, so I just keep trimming the leaves out that get
damaged by them. And by the end of the summer I found that they’re not the problem they
were in the early summer. And just drying out your garden here and there makes all the
difference. So there’s a lot of easy tricks that you can use to kill your slugs and try
never to use any chemicals because they’re going to kill a lot of the other beneficial
insects as well.

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