Garden & Lawn Pest Control : How to Control Cutworms

Hi this is Yolanda from Vanveen bulbs dot
com. And in this segment we are going to talk about how to control cutworms. Now cutworms
are, do exactly what they say, they like small new growth so if you’ve got new seedlings
or new vegetable bed, they’ll come in and they’ll eat off the top growth. They love
it. And that’s what they live on. So they are just a little worm that grows in your
garden. And it will eat everything in it’s sight that’s fresh new growth. But there are
some simple ways to control it. So an easy method to control cutworms is to start your
garden a little bit later. If you find that you have a big problem with them one year
then the next year maybe wait a month before you start your vegetable bed. Because if the
ground is much drier and the conditions are much drier then they were the year before
the new growth will be dry and the cutworms won’t survive. Because they need a certain
amount of moisture to survive. So first thing dry everything out and maybe start your beds
a little bit later. And if it’s still a problem and you’ve tried every method that you can
imagine, there’s always a couple of other options. Now right now BT is a bascillus it’s
a bacteria that is safe to humans and to animals is used very widely because it doesn’t hurt
the animals it can be used on vegetables and it works to kill most types of caterpillars
or worms. But the drawback is it kills all the caterpillars so every type of butterfly
is affected as well. So only use it as a last resort. And remember if it’s just a few cutworms
you can probably live with them. And either make more higher raised beds, put a layer
of bark dust over everything to dry it out a little bit and you’ll find that you won’t
have to go to any drastic measures to control cutworms.

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