Garden Insect Control – How To Control Garden Pests Without Insecticide / Pesticide – Gardening Tips

in today’s episode we look at some common
pests that can damage your vegetable garden Aphids are soft-bodied
insects that are found on many plants you can see here they are found in cabbage
in a gray color and this is a kohlrabi plant that has the same gray aphid
infestation and this can be very damaging to your plants to control aphids
just spray with soapy water and they should be gone Rinse the plant after you’re done the cabbage looper is a soft bodied
chewing insect that can cause a lot of damage to
your leaves its found not only in cabbages but also almost all other
vegetables to get rid of them just hand-picked them and eliminate the corn earworm is a very damaging insect that starts eating your corn and other
vegetables right from its larval stage once it grows into these worms that you
can see here they will totally devastate your crop to eliminate corn earworm
just hand-picke them or use neem oil as a preventive measure to control cutworms cause major damage with young seedlings you can see here this is
the cutworm they just cut along the base of the plant especially young
seedlings and the seedlings are gone . cutworms can cause extensive damage because
they do not give an opportunity for your plan to grow like you can see here this
carrot seedling has been totally killed by this cutworm and as soon as you see
any kind of damage from the cutworm just look around the base of the
seedlings and you can find and eliminate them Earwigs are small insects
crawling insects that you can see here they’re very hard to spot so you need to set a
trap for them just take some vegetable oil i used
canola oil here to set this trap at the surface of the soil within about a week
all the earwigs will be attracted towards your trap and you’ve got all
your earwigs and you can eliminate them you you can generally find grubs when you’re
digging your raised beds or your soil they cause a lot of damage by eating
your plant roots and when these form into their adult flies which is the
Japanese beetle the Japanese beetles will cause even more damage so just
hand-pick them and throw them the tomato hornworm or just the horn worm is
one of the most commonly found garden insects you can just hand pick these
insects and throw them the tomato hornworm will cause a lot of damage on
eggplant tomatoes and a lot of other plants and they might not even be easy
to spot as you can see here this plant looks pretty normal but there’s a tomato
hornworm hiding right there between the branches so just remove the branch or
just cut the branch away you can you can see a lot of damage that is done by the
tomato hornworm and you need to eliminate this pest as soon as you can
it’s a very damaging insect the keeled tree hopper is one of the
stem damaging plants it will feed on your eggplant stems and stems of some other
vegetables and they’re very small but you can easily see them because they
attack in colonies as you can see here and the easiest way to get rid of these
keeled tree hoppers is just wear gloves and just remove them with your hand and
once all of them are gone just rinse your plant with water and
you’re good the three lined potato beetle is a very
damaging insect not only on potatoes but all plants in the nightshade family
like tomatoes eggplants peppers their larvae are soft and grub like and they
do a lot of damage as you can see here on the tomatillo plants they’ve eaten all
the leaves and stems around the area of feeding and to eliminate them you can
just hand pick them and just cut off the damaged leaves and stems whiteflies are soft-bodied insects
that do a lot of damage to leaves and stems and they can
occur in all plants edibles or not the easiest way to get rid of them is to
just spray with soapy water or just take a garden hose and just wash your plants
once they get eliminated they will not come back never use chemical pesticides in your
garden i always recommend that you go with organic solutions there are a lot
of solutions available you can handpick your pests you can use soap sprays you
can just use water hose to wash your plants and get rid of the insects you
can use neem oil which is an organic pesticide which is also good for your
health so with all these options i highly
recommend that you do not try any of this chemical options that are available
in your garden stores just stick to natural ways and your garden will be
healthy and full of life we’ll see you again soon, happy gardening

100 thoughts on “Garden Insect Control – How To Control Garden Pests Without Insecticide / Pesticide – Gardening Tips

  1. i`v got a black sort of a fly they invade all my roses and other flowers they fly and i spry them with insectiside but they keep coming back when i spray the flowers it dies any solutions plse thanks they visit my garden every season!!

  2. I use neem oil a lot.  It seems to work well.  But one of my favorite methods is to use lady bugs against aphids.  It's exciting to see lady bugs go to work munching on aphids and seeing the result later.  A plant free of aphids.

  3. We get Mexican Bean Beetles that ironically ignore beans. They will destroy cucumber and squash leaves.

  4. Does the soap have any effect on the flowers/plants at all ? What neem oil do you use ? Any ideas for squash bugs ? thanks

  5. Bacillus Thuringiemsis (BT) is a naturally occurring bacteria that can be added to a garden sprayer water solution and sprayed on to kill most larvae and worms that eat foliage such as looper or horn worm. It works by treating the plant with the bacterium which the insects ingest and then it kills the insect once in their belly, so they get a last meal before they die. It's organic and safe. I use it in brassicas.

    Spinosad is a moldy smelling bacteria that kills most hard bodied insects like fleas, ants, ticks, and beetles. It's very effective. It's used as a heart wormer for dogs internally. It's also organic and safe.

    These in conjunction with the neem oil and soap sprays should keep most pests at bay. Just be sure to spray in the evening or late afternoon after the good pollinators such as honey bees are out of harms way.

  6. Hand hoover all of them up
    And feed them to the chickens or fish , otherwise kill them fuckers .
    love and support from the IRISH

  7. please change the title to types of pests n insects in garden…
    simply wastage of time as I didn't find any information as to how to get rid of the yakki insects – hand pick n through away ? wow what an idea ufff bhagwan bachale

  8. I just had great success with a spray I made from garlic, onions & hot chile peppers……put in blender with water, strain & spray

  9. Rats are spoiling my plants very much. I lost many plants and seedlings bcoz of it. It even ruins my compost crate. They almost dig up everything. Please Suggest me any way to get rid of it. You are doing a great job.

  10. You are awesome don't give up…Go go go. The more you go the more visual you are..a person living life…opening the door for others who are too scared to go out..
    We are now a society with tunnel vision and thought process, most governed by the hand held gadget..
    My daughter is blind….yet the GOVERNMENT division for the VISUAL IMPAIRED and BLIND. Still in 2017 sends her printed material in the mail..

  11. My moringa tree is under attack by some pests! I’m not sure what it is but the leaves are developing holes and parts of the leaves are becoming transparent (no holes just transparent). There are also lots of black dots near the affected area (not sure if these are the pests, I tried picking up some but they are moving). What should I do? Is that catterpillar’s poop? I have seen some caterpillars on me after visiting the moringa. How do you get rid of this pests?? Will garlic solution work? Help..

  12. If you see a hornworm with little bitty white ovoids on its back, leave it alone. That worm has been paracitized by a harmless (to people) species of wasp, and those are the wasp's eggs. The eggs will hatch downward and your garden pest will die a slow, agonizing death as the wasp larvae eat it from the inside out.

  13. I have tried the organic stuff but basically, find it useless. I used to and have reverted back to chemicals. They do the job.

  14. I 've been seeing something that looks like whiteflies at the bottom of the leaves in my smallhydroponic garden in my sitting room. When i shake the plant they fly away. I spray them with water every morning but they come back again.

  15. You can't possibly pick the crubs and throw them away because they hide deep inside the soil and to find them you have to remove the hole plant from the pot,search all the soil and replant. But the plant will have already been destroyed by the crubs.
    So, do you have anything else to suggest?

  16. Thank you. I was just getting ready to amend my raised bed and found lots of grub bugs. I was told to leave them because they are harmless, but I will follow your recommendation and pluck them out.

  17. Great video and information. Grubs can be hard to get they sometimes are under your lawn feeding on the grass roots. Any suggestions to combat this pest?

  18. Wonderful video! I watched with great interest and subscribed to your channel. Best wishes for you and a wonderful weekend!

  19. "Just handpick them and eliminate" this is common remedy suggested in this video for every insects. It seems impractical, as these insects attack in thousands in numbers. How much hand picking is possible!!! We generally try to look for some nature friendly remedy to get rid of these insects.

  20. In my experience for controlling whitefly best one is Neem tree leaf boil with water around 5 minute spray this solution to plant.

  21. hi good day to all, is earwigs damaging your garden? i've seen a video that using earwigs to eliminate pests in there eggplant farm and they even culturing earwigs.

  22. When I hand pick pests I drop them onto the webs of my spiders, The ones that live under the corners of my sheds have kind of a Web 'doormat' and you can see the tube where they live a bit further back, just drop your pests onto the 'doormat' and about a millisecond later it's grabbed and instantly disappears! ?

  23. Great information. I used the soapy water to rid the plants of aphids. Is there a ratio of soap to water?

  24. White flies keep coming back despite spraying water 3-4 times a day. It's even on my marigold plants which I thought was a good companion plant. ???

  25. Can anyone tell me how using detergent soap is actually organic? Isn't soap a chemical? Most solutions against aphids involve addition of that ingredient… I am looking for natural means to save my plants. Maybe i'll try neem oil. I have tried using garlic solution but unfortunately aphids return after some time. 🙁

  26. white flies don't leave with plain water, they are an absolute nuisance. I made the mistake of bringing home pretty plants from Home Depot that were infested with them. Last year ! they survived winter and I am again battling them. I use insecticidal oil, but its so tedious. They hide on underside of leaves. So time consuming ! They are attacking nearly every plant in my garden, including geraniums, etc. Help !!!!!

  27. Thank you for your very informative information I found your information. easy to follow, and now I can recognise the pests I need to get rid of. I do t want to use chemicals on my garden so thank you once agai. For your natural cures

  28. Organic pesticides do work but slow if you trully want to get rid of them you need an organophosphate based chemical.

  29. I had 6 broccoli seedlings about 6 inches tall. One day I came out and every leaf had been stripped off. My lettuce, arugula and bush beans were unaffected, any idea on what it was?

  30. Blend together 10 green chillies with stalk, 2" ginger piece unpeeled, 1 whole garlic bulb and teaspoon turmeric powder. Dilute with 1.5 litres of water. Stir well using wooden stick and let the solution settle for 10 minutes. Sieve the solution and spray liquid to all infested plants in the evening. Please use a face masque while spraying. This organic spray will not spare any type of insects/worms. Ensure your plants are not given a shower (except Rain ) for atleast 2 days. Repeat the process 10 days later. At the end of third spray or even earlier, your garden will be infestation free. Happy spraying.

  31. I found grub worm larvae underneath my apple tree. Thank you for posting this video. Are there any particular tasks I should complete to ensure the tree isnt devoured by insects?

  32. You can also get predator insects for your garden, like praying mantises,lady bugs and others, they can do the remove-with-hand work for you and eat the pests,also they are nice decoration for the garden.

  33. Hand pick really that's not good enough what if u have a big garden plus these worms go inside the crops how do u get them out just hand pick them yes right


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