47 thoughts on “||Gangsters Pet||Ep 12||Gacha life series||

  1. I love this PLEASE make a part 13 and also I’m sorry that I’m saying so much stuff but will you PLEASE give me a shoutout

  2. Can't she just got savage again and kill them please, I just want to see them die a slow, painful death, I am dark OK ?


    Me: throws phone rEEEEEeEe
    Brother:tf is going on…
    Me: I neEd mOrE ePiSoDes!
    Brother: why do I have a wierd sister. (ー_ー゛)

  4. ;-; Why cliffhanger,why she kidnapped,Why

    No offense or hate

    Part 13 pls

  5. I just wanted to know why the fuck does every video have something sad that make the ship break apart I love so much but… It's just a question don't worry

  6. If I was in her shoes I would plan an escape and it would have a little revenge in it too. So I would ask the red haired girl how she managed to get the collar off and she would tell me and at night I would sneak and put both of our collars on the dudes and then steal the controller and torture them and make them my new pets to take home to adrian and if they resist and try to hurt me I'll get mad and lose control and beat them and maybe add some butt stuff into it ??

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