31 thoughts on “||Gangsters Pet||Ep 11||Gacha life series||

  1. (i am a new subscriber) 5:43 SHIP SAILED BOI ?????????????????I LOVE THIS SERIES ITS BOOTIFULL and plzzz put the song 16 shots its mah favorite song

  2. How dare Justin slapped that red haired girl- wait… she looks like me and my name O_O *Flips Justin* DON'T MESS MY JESS! D:< (I'm sorry! I was shocking! XDDDDD)

  3. 1 Like= 100°000°000°000°000 slaps in His face and Kicks in His Chicken Nuggets for this Justin dude!!!!!!!

  4. I’m kill that dude I call rape he raped her someone kill him pls tell he’s going to die in pain cause I don’t play like that that’s just your going to die.o tho I loved it

  5. Hey I'm just a question but could you have Jesse's owner rescue her and could you make a person who is in the Jesse's owner's gang named Alex with purple hair? Thank you

  6. I would very much enjoy killing them myself if you would allow me. Most likely not but hey why not ask am I right

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