Game Theory: We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

dear diary yesterday was so amazing I met such a wonderful guy and I know just how to get him he'll be mine by the end of the day I just know it I'll tell him that I've solved the lure of his games and constructed a timeline and once he's there I'll have him and once I have him he'll be mine forever there's only one thing that could go wrong token man will be walking around and snap to before all the animatronics are possessed how can spring-trap be experimenting with the remnant when he's sealed in a wall that's exactly what I worry might go wrong hello Internet welcome to game theory getting burned by hippos since 2018 not every story has to have significance you know sometimes you know sometimes a story is just a story you try to read into every little thing and find meaning and everything anyone says you'll just drive yourself crazy kinda kind of harsh there Scott speaking of stories last naff theory I was at the lowest of lows the survival log book through a lot of weird curveballs into the lore that I and I don't think anyone was really expecting reveals like Michael Afton being the bite victim were interesting but also really difficult to explain away and that's where things sat until now with both the release of the final fanatic the fourth closet and what seems to be the final fenab superfan after others ultimate there oh and now with both these releases we're finally in a position to see all the puzzle pieces we're working with which means one last examination of the franchise from top to bottom starting with custom night this week and the next week stepping back and looking across the entire timeline to see if we can wrap things up in a neat blood-soaked bow now that we can see all the events and key players so step through the curtain fun time foxy because the show is about to start it's time for me to pull a candy cadet and tell you a story a story of anger the never dies a story of never-ending suffering I'm not just talking about me trying to write these theories today I tell you the story of how ultimate custom night ends the franchise in the same place where it all began as far as you start playing custom night you can tell that Scott's up to his usual tricks yeah that but beyond being gaming's biggest troll I mean Scott has clearly taken a game that most of us assumed was just a fun little add-on to capstone the series and has used it to deliver a full-on hundred-percent Canon addition to the franchise complete with huge lore reveals mostly hidden in character dialogue once you die which is pretty nice considering you die a lot in this game a lot oh yeah I totally let nightmare Aeon kill me at 3:00 a.m. on purpose I just really wanted to see what she would say in this case what you guys don't believe me seriously I'm good for the Lord I did it for the law through these death lines we can immediately start piecing together what exactly is going on here the first set of lines reveals that were powerless to escape for voice lines indicate that not only are we trapped here for all eternity we also can't die or maybe more accurately we can die just over and over you won't get tired of dying will you by the way for those of you who don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of every element of this franchise that toy chica line is actually a fun little callback to one of my favorite moments in the franchise Foxy fighters update 1.24 finale so anyway our character here is kind of screwed trapped for eternity in a never-ending cycle of torment and death it should be pretty obvious what's going on here but I think Jack Oh chica really sums up the situation best that's right we're trapped in a chi double hockey sticks or toothpicks like my family always said since we valued proper capitalization and from there it's just a hop skip and a karmic jump away from who we're playing as none other than spring-trap himself William Afton not only does a one-way ticket to hell follow up on the advice Henry gave us from nap six although for one of you the darkest of Hell has opened to swallow whole keep the devil waiting friend but more voice lines in custom night confirm a relationship to each of these characters this is a callback to finet Boers were still your friends do you still believe that but twisted on its head if our character were someone like say Michael Afton aka The Crying child aka another character who can die well then Fred bear wouldn't single us out as not his friend he's not an enemy to Michael because Michael never did anything to hurt him William Afton killed Henry's daughter who goes on to become the puppet nightmare Ian here is the dark reflection of the puppet thereby confirming that we're playing as William Afton even Bo Laura offers some clues that were playing as William admitted you wanted to let me in the Laura song and sister location was all about William hiding behind walls in the aftermath of his child's death which left an empty room and an empty tomb in his life he shot everyone else out but now that we're in Williams personal hell she's able to call him out for all his hidden healing William wanted to let the woman that Bo Laura represents in but he just couldn't do it thanks to his grief hence her calling him out for his real desires you wanted to let me in so we're a murderer trapped in a personal hell of our own creation forced to deal with the sins of our past for all eternity sound familiar it should it was my first ever fear II no joke way back in episode 1 of the series I predicted it was a game about someone trapped in purgatory tormented by their crimes for all eternity granted the series had only just begun in the theory tied everything back to a real-life string of murders but it's actually really awesome to think that we've come full-circle that from a theory standpoint at least these videos have circled back around to where it all began it's poetic a beautiful horrific child murder ebook end of a story so thanks Scott I have no doubt that you structured your franchise's final send-off that way just so I can have an i-told-you-so moment at the very end after years of getting forwarded by you're twisting story it's very nice you two throw me a bone as well call me mangle more on that next week but of course it wouldn't be fun a fifth ings were just that simple no it's not good enough for William to be held in a perpetual state of agony there's something keeping us here what after all the voice lines there's one other entity that's mentioned over and over again the one you should not have killed excuse me what's the one I shouldn't have killed you mean Voldemort's oh sorry got him confused with you must not be named but seriously the one I shouldn't have killed in a franchise piled high with underage bodies okay yeah sure all those other kids now they deserved it but that one that one right there yep shouldn't have touched him now you're damned for all eternity sucks to be you anyway this is the big mystery of the game who are they talking about well by picking apart clues from all sorts of different locations we can start piecing together who this one who must stay vague for lore purposes actually is first from the rest of the voice lines we can identify that this character is a male notice how both of them use the pronouns he and him we also know that this guy specifically has a vendetta against us to understand that we have to turn our attention to the true stars of ultimate custom Knights the mediocre melodies without question this crew abduct crawling rejects steal the spotlight and ultimate custom Knight going from WTF are these guys doing here infant have sex to break out meme stars in custom night Orville elephant and the gang not only provide important life lessons he proceeded to pour me a glass of just ice-cold lemonade oh you ever mix it with iced tea you do like well half a lemonade hat would so you should try it somewhere you can't because you're dead they also deliver on huge lore reveals for the most part their lines are pretty disposable but very rarely you'll get a line from him that feels just a bit out of character we've only just begun I don't never let you leave I will never let you rest and if you listen closely you'll hear a female voice at going back what they're saying almost as if they're puppets under someone else's control this is how it feels and you get to experience it over and over and over again forever I will never let you leave no this voice could be baby not only does she sound similar I guess you forgot about me but a clue may also come from the merch the Funko action figurines of the characters from fanatics all contain one piece of scrap baby collect all the figurines collect all the pieces to form the character which might seem like just a random detail until you consider that they did the same thing with every character and sister location who would then go on to form a nerd each one contained a piece that helped to create what would eventually form the larger hole just like entered himself a bunch of the other animatronics all rolled into one entity this is especially important when you consider that a key reveal from the final staff novel the fourth closet is that William Afton created the living sister location funtime animatronic sigh extracting remnant from a melted conglomeration of all the og animatronics and injecting the new robots with it thus all the new robots were alive and sharing a piece of the same set of souls just like if the pieces of baby slash entered had been repurposed to form a pea frog and her friends that's why baby's voice would be heard across all of them does that make sense good now throw it away because there's another explanation here that this is the voice of the one you should not have killed as you can tell at this point ultimate custom Knight had a huge amount of voice acting and the nice thing about voice acting is that you need to hire you know actors which means job postings so of course for this games God needed to make a ton of casting calls on the site all identifying the roles that the actors would be playing some of the roles were obvious nightmare balloon boy pig patch withered chica etc etc all characters that were familiar with other casting calls though were a bit more vague monster character and whisper little girl annoying girl vengeful spirits now if you track all of the job postings you can actually identify every single role by who plays a monster is Jack Oh chica character in whisper is trash in the gang little girl is the puppet annoying girl is Dee Dee's got kept a vague so as not to ruin any surprises you can actually identify each and every role except for one vengeful spirit played by Tabitha skates it's the only one that doesn't matter listen Turner in the game but we know for a fact it exists since God himself left Tabitha an excellent review five stars well done Tabitha so what is the vengeful spirit well according to the casting call quote this is for the voice of a young child who speaks in a whisper from the shadows that sounds a lot like the voice that's whispering in the background of our merry band of rejects this child is in control and is toying with the player who's helpless to change their situation or prevent their inevitable end yeah well being trapped in a Chi double hockey sticks will do that to ya the gender should not be immediately clear it should work as either a young boy or a young girl and you're welcome to do readings leading one way or another ding ding ding ladies and gentlemen we have our winner a puppeteer that's manipulating things from the shadows a spirit who's out for revenge a spirit who just so happens to occasionally show its face during game over screams yes that creepy image of a face that's been haunting thumbnails of ultimate custom Knight that is the face of our vengeful spirits a spirit who based on its last line has an axe to grind and intends to enact revenge by keeping us tormented for all eternity he tried to release you he tried to release us but I'm not gonna let that happen I will hold you here I will keep you here no matter how many times they burn us he tried to release you but I'm not gonna let that happen I will hold you here yikes somebody's got to get themselves a new hobby but this is an important line since by now many of you have probably seen the old man consequences Easter Egg if you set the character old man consequences to level one difficulty and then complete as minigame you get taken through a glitch too old man consequences pond a character from nap world who encourages the spirit to quote leave the demon to his demons rest your own soul there's nothing else he's encouraging the angry spirit to finally rest to give it up to move on instead of just chasing down the demon William Afton and spending eternity enacting revenge but that all leads to the question who is this vengeful spirit the one William should not have killed well it's golden Freddy for proof look no further than the final cutscene of game if you manage to get the nearly in possible score of 9800 49 animatronics at full difficulty you see golden freddy in his staff one form twitching he's twitching just like spring-trap did in the trailers to fan after three someone else who refused to give up to pass on someone who always comes back and just to dispel any confusion here golden Freddy isn't the crying child this confirms it golden Freddy is actually a victim that we've never actually seen outside of the faff three minigames nor will ever see outside of that face and event but more on that next video that final timeline episode I got cooking up if you want to make sure that you see it get subscribed now that way you don't miss it because seriously that is the one that wraps everything up if there was ever a time to subscribe now is that time but anyway golden Freddy is the soul that's still trapped one that refuses to let go of his hate his rage we even hear it in his line he tried to release us but I'm not gonna let that happen no matter how many times they burn us in finesse 3 the puppet tried to release everyone through the happiest day minigame fazbear's fright was burned down in an attempt to cleanse Freddy's pizzeria simulator was burned to the ground none of it has worked the spirit of revenge is and always will be there until he chooses to let go that's why he's still twitching as he fades into the darkness that's why his eyes are still white as he disappears he is choosing to remain here to continue tormenting William to ignore old man consequences encouraging him to move on to the next life you know this might be what Scott truly meant when he said that 5020 mode in this game was impossible not just that it would be unbelievably difficult to overcome which let's face it it is but that there's no victory here that no matter how good of a player you are there is no winning this game because there is no escape that even if you play it perfectly William is trapped and there is no happy ending for golden Freddy in fact you playing the game is continuing golden Freddy's cycle of revenge old man consequences message might be for gold and Freddy absolutely rest your soul there is nothing else but it's also probably directed at us I mean we play and play and play this game for hours upon hours upon hours achieving higher and higher and higher stats in a game that's incredibly difficult and what we get from it a cutscene that's kind of underwhelming actually perhaps old man consequences message was for gold and Freddy sure but also for us rest your own soul there is nothing else there is no deeper ending here there is no satisfaction this is it and by choosing to play we keep Williams cycle of torment alive we are literally gold and Freddy forcing William through this over and over and over again refusing to move on refusing to accept that there is nothing else it's perhaps the most satisfying unsatisfying conclusion in all of gaming and as far as your gameplay affecting character decisions well it doesn't get any more seamless than that in the end the truth is as plain as day you aren't golden Freddy next week the grand conclusion as I break down literally everything else in this game and all the other games and the books as we try to piece together one mega final timeline I told Stephanie the other day that I was reworking the fan AFT I'm when she's like what is this like the 80th time and I'm like yeah pretty much so place your bets now as to where you think the events are gonna fall make sure you subscribe so you're notified of the new video and most importantly all remember that's just a theory a game theory thanks for proving me right for a change Scott

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  1. DUDE I love that theory.. i do agree that the message was also for us and we're golden freddy all this time? Damn

  2. You see, I saw this in my inbox and thought of it as a perfect opportunity to unveil my master theory.
    Even candy cadet agrees. The five keys melted together sealing the fates of five children, the five poor kittens sewn together to fit in a shoe box, the five children sewn together to fit in one coffin… what if there is a metaphorical “puzzle pieces” in each fnaf game. And all one must do to solve the puzzle is scour the game files for these puzzle pieces in order to solve Scott Cawthon’s “Puzzle”.

  3. This kinda reminds me of batman and joker or should I say BatPat and scott the joker because they are just going around and around and around again matpat trys to slove it but is matpat gets it right scott just dose it again it is like a joke for Scott to just to make matpat try until they both go down in history

  4. You forgot about Five Nights at Freddy's VR your I are kind of your theory kind of good but this one is the serious stupid Theory

  5. Golden Freddy is Michael brooks who was not supposed to be killed as the 4 kids who bullied the kid were deserved to be killed

  6. Matpat:Yes um done all of the lores and stupid amantronics
    Scott: (realeses fnaf vr game)
    Matpat:No god no god no god pls no no no nooooooooooo scott you sound of b**#!

  7. Is it just me or freadbears voice remind me of The killer from saw

    I can’t remember his name

    I think it’s like John or something

  8. Wait a minute, i know this is old but, i just thought of something. If we play as William Afton in Ultimate custom night. Then why does Afton attack you?

  9. When mat started talking about how the animatronic said that we die over and over again reminded me of a scene from Netflix show Lucifer that in hell you relive every thing you did wrong

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