38 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Jon Snow pets Drogon (Season 7 Episode 5)

  1. The foreshadowing in this show is unreal. You notice the dragon senses something about Jon.. Hence R+L=J. Therefore, we can see Drogon smells dragon blood in Jon aka Aegon Targaryen and takes to him. Meanwhile Daenerys hasn’t a clue and looks really confused with their interaction lol

  2. Those bloody dragons are a bit of a ' cop out' arent they? And how the hell did they get to John and his ' dirty dozen' crew so quickly when tbe undead had them trapped on the ice?!? Those Ravens are a bit too fast as well!

  3. Both Jon and Tyrion were the only people aside from Daenerys who were able to connect with a dragon.
    On Jon's side it is obvious why because he's half Targaryen, but why Tyrion?

  4. 1:41 Someone's cellphone rings. Like if you hear it, too. The sound team NEVER caught it. Was watching just now on HBO GO and was like, "if I go to YouTube and hear it also, I'm not crazy."

  5. So this is obviously a reference to the fact he’s rhaegars son? I assume he couldnt touch the dragon if he didn’t have his blood?

  6. Jon just Steve Irwin'd the shit out of this

    "here a dragon the most dangerous animal on the planet, one breath and im dead….. Ima touch it"

  7. Hi, I’m Steve Irwin, and as you can see. There’s a very large dragon behind. It can breathe fire and can roast me in under a second… I’m gonna touch it.

  8. Dany: has to get raped to get dragon eggs, trains them, tames them, forces herself to chain them to teach them not to hurt innocents, earns their respect through hard work.

    Enter Jon after Dany’s done all the hard work

    Dragons: He smells nice so we like him

    Me: Whack??

  9. Drogon sees the important stuff that no one else can. He's like "this bitch a Targaryen" but he's a dragon so he can't say it.

  10. Daenerys:“ There beautiful aren’t they”
    John: not the words I was thinking of
    Daenerys : excuse me hoe

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