27 thoughts on “Game of Potats – haus lion-ster vs haus tiger-yan / Shiba Inu puppies (with captions)

  1. ஒரு மனிதன் மனிதனை மதிக்காமட்டான் விலங்குகளை மதிப்பு கொடுக்கிரிங்கா

  2. Ok fren! This is just too much wibbly wobbly potat kyutness for me! My heart doin an explode of happiness & love. Must have me another fluffy potat puppy. Although i love my grown potat more than anything…..I do miss the potat puppyness in my house.

  3. Hecc, Don be bamboozled brave potats…! Dis Hooman mit be relate to Nait Keeng giy. He shur act tuffer den dat wun waz en show!

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