Game Master Caught on Camera Breaking In My House Spying On Us!!!

welcome back to our channel before we get started we are checking a footage of the game master that's right guys it's the other day like two days ago the game master took control of our channel so we're gonna go ahead and check all of our security footage in the house see what happened there's just no way that someone can gain access to our channel without our permission so we're gonna see what's been going on in our house and see what's going on all right you girls ready yeah oh and you guys we will be at CVX live in Provo Utah on September 21st and 22nd we got wristbands to hand out to you guys we got stickers I don't know what else but we do not have a booth so we're gonna be just wandering we're gonna be the people with like a big crowd around them because they wouldn't give us a bit so we'll see you guys there All Right girls you ready to check this footage yes okay so here is this is when we were okay so right here is when we were getting ready to go to school see yes okay so we're going outside there's mom okay so she locks the door she turns the security system on so okay door shut everything's fine okay just go look outside perfect little ladybug look at that dress oh man both of us annoys us very interesting saw a bug fly across the camera no it was done by one yeah bees love my truck I don't know if he's just like yellow because they think my truck is a giant flower or what but like they're always all over my it's because bees like yellow daisies probably okay we're going Oh lean in the house golly all right so yeah doing dad for my school I all right okay so we left and then we what was that okay let me go back here watch watch the shadows watch watch this did you see that moved yeah okay wait why are we back already like we just barely left and now we're getting back go I'm going back again okay so okay so we just left did you guys see that wait watch it again Trin hold on Madsen watch right down here see the shadow in the shadow on the trees watch you see MA yeah someone's messed with our video look and then we're back okay so it takes us probably a good half an hour to get these girls both to school there's no way that we could already be back from dropping these kids off like it takes us at least half an hour to drop the kids off well we have to finish this okay well let's see what happens next so getting out of the truck there's another fly no no I don't know what I was getting out of the back wait what okay so you guys we didn't just lose half an hour this is the whole day of school like we're already getting back with the kids so they go to school like what for for a half hours something like that okay so I don't know what happened in the meantime let's go here let's follow it inside okay so there's mom Madison let's make you dress on so sparkly alright okay let's go inside okay back to the security camera everything's fine okay and everything was fine there was nothing wrong with the security cam around there all right so I don't know what the deal is so that's crazy guys something happened we took the girls to school and then immediately we're getting home with the girls so we lost four or four and a half hours of video there 20 minutes late now alright guys I've been looking through this thing I went and checked our backups let me show you guys what I found so so right after we left yes let me load this up okay what watch this this is while we're gone this is in that four hours that we missed that ain't us that is the game master Messi he's in our house okay you just punched in the code how did he know her code might have just been watching our videos remember if you watch our videos live you can order got two days ago he had a live feed into our house okay here you drop the treasure chest into our pool oh he's going out bedroom okay I don't know what he's doing what is he doing he's looking for something here this what are you doing right now I don't know this follows Boing outside right no oh go ahead yeah okay um the kitchen camera is not working oh he's coming back out though yeah okay what is he doing wait it's my must be looking for something it was me looking for some go upstairs okay this view all right let me try the computer room it's not in here so maybe he's in one of those other rooms daddy's working on my computer when it uploads all of our videos Oh what is he doing on the screen something what did he just do he's got like a virus on there or something no what's he doing he dry is he drawing on your girl's thing did was there any picture up there they have like a coloring thing right up there I don't I don't have another view in their shame I'm shooting back downstairs oh oh there he is there he is in his black camouflage okay now where's he going switch back up here box or motor box well what's he gonna do over there what does he need a letter for one two attic attic we're following what is he up to with that line there I'm not sure the me like what you're doing the door okay that's all fine I mean like a bag good where's the app we don't have a camera down there that cuz that's my room like here and that's the end of it and then it's your checking in the attic you think he's up in that room looking through our trash it was that you that put the so you guys when we got alright so the other day when we got there there was a ladder there but baby didn't you put that there now it wasn't me I thought that you had leaned the ladder up against the wall I thought you were doing something well somebody asked them then putting that there okay hey uh it's not me if you ask me nah it's not me but there's you know there wasn't any and I know you girls can't carry the ladder okay so it was not me of course not so soon as we got here and I saw the ladder I went ahead and put it away in the garage so but when we checked the door nobody ever left the house so if the gamemaster went down the hallway with the ladder it was all up on the wall and nobody left and I took the ladder out where do you girls think the gamemaster is up in the secret room you think he's up in that hidden room yeah Madison what do you think the gamemaster is I think you are for their and camouflage all the way back out the door but we checked the door hitting don't he went that way you guys I think Trinity's right I think he went up there for something and then we took the ladder and now he's probably stuck up there will you have the game after trapped in our house no yeah well we trapped the gamemaster we didn't even know we've trapped the game mouths you're up there I know we better let him out sure what do you think we should do with the game master we should ask the other people what we should do with him if we catch him you guys if we have the game master up there what do we do with the game master tell us down below in the comments what do we do with him yes all right apparently it's getting pretty late so we don't have time to go catch the game master or go up there and even look for him right now so tomorrow come back to our channel we're gonna go ahead and see if we can't climb that thing get in there capture the game Esther take his mask off we'll find out who this hacker really is that'll be on tomorrow's video guys make sure you come back check that out but we got to get these two I think these two have a slumber party that'll be in a couple days you guys can see there's some party it's pretty sweet it'll be in a couple days

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