26 thoughts on “Gambino the cat says “well, hi.” Do you hear it?

  1. My exroommate use to have a cat it sound like he was saying Nicole and I have a daughter name Nicole I use to say to my daughter Nicole that the cat is calling her, she would have the biggest smile on her face, it was so cute!

  2. This is exactly why I hate videos like this. People commentating and you really just wish they would play the video. Nothing personal about the people, or business, in nature. I just want to see the video.

  3. Unsolved mystery solved! It's official! There's no more need for Area 51! UFO landed in Texas and there's an alien ? inside of that cat! ??????????

  4. Cats can mimick humans somewhat. I had a cat that said hi, what, and water. He said what because he would walk sound meowing alot and I always asked what. The water thing he would only drink water from the bathtub faucet. He'd meow until I came in and I would say water alot. He picked up those words it was incredible. I've had alot of cats but he was the only one who mimicked me. It happens just not often.

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