Gaby and Alex testing Cat Toys on our Cats with Mama

what are you doing watching TV I have full box of cat toys here I think we should test them on our kittens they've been so lazy lately just sleeping all day doing nothing what do you think yeah so here's our presents this is Selena say hello and Alex is holding buggy girls you are become this one you choose the first column get this one yes okay wow it's a flower Conte I know looks interesting Sheena is interested already usually they both love to play with water whatever changing it seems like you like this toy better than cats oh it's not your turn to choose one i'll chatter – captain oh yeah how do we choose because dead bolt cutters my god it seems they enjoy this tunnel yeah so I'm gonna choose this one what is this it looks like you are you doing Shinya likes doing it as well okay your turn choose a toy they have to hum this mouse cats okay I'm gonna choose next toy and my choice cheese taste Wow this one you have to catch the feather if you want to blame yeah she lost a son are you kidding so I'm gonna choose this one to mousy okay your turn another cat teaser this little mousy will spin around and casual huh Oh telly it's a mouse they like TV boys speed they'll be sleeping with the babies today when you close your eyes [Applause]

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