FurReal Shaggy Shawn from Hasbro

this dog needs and you do hi I'm Laurie from ttpm and this is for real shaggy Shawn from Hasbro this furry your keep up comes with a pretend buzzer that you can use to groom the long hair on his head and face the buzzer makes buzzing sounds and vibrations when you press a button so it sounds like you're really getting on the trip but really you're just brushing and combing his hair into a mohawk comb-over or any other crazy style you can think of and if you press down on Shawn's head you'll hear and make puppy sounds while you work you can even post Shawn's legs so that he can cuddle up with you for some snuggles the toy comes with free cell batteries for the in-store tremie features you might want to replace them before you play for best results this is one dog that doesn't mind spending a day at the beauty parlor cuz they just for a knuckle have fun playing dog groomer with you buzzer slash brush and coming up with all sorts of silly styles for Shawn and with the cute puppy sounds and Shawn soft fur kids will also like giving shine to pugs for where to buy in current prices visit ttpm and subscribe to our YouTube channels for more reviews everyday

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