29 thoughts on “FUNNY SQUIRRELS ★ TOO CUTE! [Funny Pets]

  1. I guess there's a lot of them around but acorns are pretty bitter, maybe some of that is good for you but not a lot of it, i know they keep well but wouldn't be my favorite food if I were a squirrel

  2. Half of those videos aren't cute but animal cruelty. The squirrel in the cage, the squirrel on the water skis… bleh

  3. This is just funny and cute, though I did notice at least a few of them being chipmunks, like the one stuffing it’s face with peanuts. Still a hilarious compilation.

  4. The one with a whole bunch of squirrels eating chips was too cute ?
    Also the one with the squirrel jet skiing! ??????

  5. not all the animals in this video are squirrels,1:51 those are prairie dogs And 2:55 is a sugar glider

  6. I think Squirrel people are TRUE PET Lovers ! You have to go up and beyond to raise a wild baby squirrel !! Puts my faith back into us being the custodians of nature ! Great Video !

  7. Beautiful little creatures…I still miss my squirrel who would spend hours with me every day in my house before returning to climb the tree and be with the other squirrels. I could even take photos as she sat on my lap…amazing experience for 2 years.

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