30 thoughts on “Funny Kitten Annoys Older Cat

  1. The black cat should get the best acting award. This is the re-make of Tom & Jerry but renamed to Tom & Tom.

  2. Little Gara just can't resist ambushing a retreating Gale's backside! Wiggle, wiggle she goes-winding up the springs in her back legs, then Boingggg!! Leap, bounce, & pounce!! ?? Gale, you need a rear view mirror!! ?? Everytime you walk away you know she's gonna get ya!! Hehehe But I think you'll be lonely without her❤️❤️ Hello, everyone in MBV-land??????????

  3. Two purrfectly ? Friend-Enemies ?, incessantly playing ?, making the Symphony become a thrilling musical "meowdrama"! ?????
    Thanks so much ❤️? for sharing. ????????

  4. That was one of your best Gale and Gara videos. Gale better get your kitty sneakers on, cause here come Gara to get you. You can't hide from Gara cause he will find you. You can really run up the stairs fast Gale. Both of you adorable kitties are so cute playing around. Your garden is starting to bloom. ???⚘⚘?

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