Funny Dogs Who Don't Want To Take A Bath – Try Not To Laugh [BEST OF]

do you want a shower come here come on come on oh my god good that's look your cousin you know that much mmm you can possibly ask joy come on come on come on shower time to us nope that's all that's gonna matter let's get back come on come get back you gonna hit me you got it no come on get back

20 thoughts on “Funny Dogs Who Don't Want To Take A Bath – Try Not To Laugh [BEST OF]

  1. Mine hates a bath too. My back isn't the greatest. So I take her in the bathroom on a leash. Needless to say she has very good brakes. LOL

  2. ?? ?? Dear humans we the doggies of America don’t want to take baths ! Further more it irritates our doggie souls for you to film such a stressful event in our lives. You have the audacity to share this on Social platform which is even more disturbing. ?????????
    Beware humans your best shoes will be our new chew toys! You’ve been warned ???! I’m a dog lover and I approve this message ???????

  3. I have two dogs.
    When the announcement is made that it's bath time my Tibetan Terrier will find a hiding place.
    He will walk to the tube peacefully, but will not offer any corporation during his bath.
    It's like washing a bag of potatoes!
    My Yorkie on the other hand just loves getting a bath!
    She will stand waiting next to the bathtub wagging her tail so fast that her tail blurs!
    I think she is looking forward to being dried off with a towel, because I always over do it, and she loves the attention!
    She is a glutton for attention!
    People who do not have a dog are missing an important part of a happy life!

  4. Scientifically they call it Hydrophobia. Even people who get bitten by stray dogs behave in the same way (fear of water) showing symptoms of rabies.

  5. I'm a qualified dog groomer of all breeds… In my experience the bigger dogs make more of a fuss than the little ones.. the trick is to not tell any of them what is going to happen… just prepare the bath, act normally, pick the dog up if possible and put them straight in before they have a chance to make a fuss over it. In my experience, they tend to hate the sound of the warm air dryer more than they hate the bath itself.

  6. 1:17 Dog: Don’t touch me with ya dirty hands, I’m trying stay away from u so I WONT HAVE TO TAKE A BATH and HOWW ABOUT U GO TAKE ONE FOR ME!! ^

  7. They always feel refreshed afterwards though. Some of them rip around at mach speed with a huge smile on their faces?

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