Funny Dogs Throwing Tantrums – Funny Dog Videos (2018)

you can't let me brush you come on mmm no be good boy let me brush you know you brush you fresh don't speak back we are having a puppy temper tantrum because we gave her a bath what are you doing in my bed what are you doing in Mama's bed huh are you spoiled well then throw a temper tantrum throw a temper tantrum you get on my bed throw a temper tantrum sport baby no temper tantrums just take it from her okay just take it [Laughter] what you have to get it your souls I get it for you every time it's your turn you can get it we go off Rocko don't come up on the bed you have to hang out on the floor no no if you want to be in here you can't jump on the bed just lay on the floor no hey no no no jumping on the bed no you have to lay on the floor too bad no no don't you bark at me why are you mad hey why are you so mad hey what's wrong hey hey what are you mad about what are you mad about why oh you're gonna help you Sukanya oh really you pushed it over to catch yourself oh you pushed it off your style a little panty pool play with you we tried sticking his paws under there and not even watch it you have three toys you have three toys here just Ellen take this you have three Tory's already you don't need the golf ball poor abused puppy dog doesn't get to go attack the barrel in the arena so he's been laying here for the last five minutes or so crying yup that's barley you

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