24 thoughts on “Funny Dog Wants Dad's Food But Is Too Shy To Ask | The Dodo

  1. look at this fucking bulshit. the dog is not "shy to ask" dogs do not belong in houses. they are wild animals with a food obsesion this is making me mad

  2. It's so amazing, yes this thing is gonna blow your mind,
    It is the sweetest, softest, purest thing you'll ever find,
    You think you've tried it, but remember – it's a special kind,
    It's not yoghurt, it's Djoghurt.

  3. "Both cats and dogs in this derivation are serving as benevolent energy giving assistants to humans, to their caretakers. Both have the capacity to meld their energy fields with the human and are uniquely capable of becoming personality fragments of their human caretakers. That is why certain of these can often begin to display the physical characteristics of their ‘owners’, although this particular aspect occurs more commonly with the canine.

    The canine exudes an extreme loyalty and unconditional love. A dedication that energetically is received by the human, and can assist in many ways. The dogs ( and cats) become both companions , healers and protectors. The feline, the cat, is much more in the ethereal (antimatter) realm in its conscious field. That is why many past societies worshiped the Feline forms of Jaguar, Lion , Tiger and Puma.

    These beings are extremely aware of thought forms of ethereal realms and offer a stealth strength and protection. The house cat is capable of tremendous protection for their caretakers from untoward thought forms and negative energies. Certain breeds of dogs have this ability as well, but it is expressed and enacted differently."

    This is great information which i read from internet

  4. Obnoxious sound and intrusive text. Won't go viral even though it deserves to. I'd much rather hear authenticity and the lady laughing than your choice hits elevator music.

  5. Just give him a full container …

    I would give him a few atleast.

    The cuteness just makes me do crazy things.


  6. woohoo I'm first…what a shy ?… I always let my dogs lick the yogurt lid and the container and Spoon when I'm done too cute thanks for sharing

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