33 thoughts on “Funny Doberman Dog Compilation NEW

  1. To all of you who think they are cute and want one, keep this in mind please:
    1. They are very active dogs with energy for days, so you need to exercise them daily
    2. They are extremely loyal and will follow you room to room and never leave your side. They get upset if they cannot be in your presence.
    3. They are highly intelligent, and need stimulation like a job to do, even if it’s fetching a stick or learning a new trick. They are fast learners.
    4. Maybe this is the most important. They are highly emotional dogs. Scolding them sucks, they get clingy, and will relentlessly harass you for attention and affection.

    So in a nutshell, they are active, intelligent, loyal, and emotional dogs, that require a lot of commitment, so please research these guys before getting one. As in all working dog breeds, they need a job, and it’s not to sit there and look cute

  2. Love Dobes but the tail and ear thing is so freaking bloody sad!!! Nothing wrong with them in their natural state!!!

  3. The person recording their dog destroying their swing set.. they should be walking their dog.. this is what a frustrated dog will do

  4. Eu sempre digo que os animais, em especial cães e gatos vieram ao mundo para nós trazer momentos de tremenda emoção e alegrias. O dobermam é um criancao. Só tem tamanho. Já ri muito. Amo os animais. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Dobermans sure r awesome now I know how friendly they can b if raised properly :3 I understand the reason why they have their ears posted is because they're quite prone to ear infections; probably make it easy for the vet to spot any… And as for the stump for a tail, I don't understand why folk to this day hack them off for some reason… but still, Dobermans, altered or not, r still amazing to have! :3 ❤️

  6. Doberman’s are usually used as guard dogs, so their tails are cut off so robbers cannot grab onto their tails and their ears are made straight to make them look scary which I think is wrong

  7. ack…..X WHEEZE X ……i love dobies too much….my heart can't …..just can't…….


  8. Yo I’m so scared when this dog chasing me ? the dog was guarding the factory and I just pass by, almost bite my ass

  9. The "Scary/Dangerous" Dog breeds can be the absolute best and sweetest dogs ever. It's just the little one's you should worry about sometimes.

  10. 3am and you hear ice hitting the floor ?‍♂️I need to put a damn guard on the ice dispenser

  11. No, not always a doberman growling can be of anger they’re just really talkative…

    I know….

    I own one

  12. My dog is so needy it is a pain , should say the wifes dog. She had it for 4 months before i returned home and to this day it may or may not get pissed as shit if i sit next to her, cant raise my voice to her at all. Gos to show you teeth keeps people in order so keep your guns people.

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