45 thoughts on “Funny Cats Compilation ?? Best Funny Cat Videos 2018

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  2. 猫狗大战Cute Dog and Cat 1:
    视频网址: https://youtu.be/Ckmwq4sNCkI
    猫狗大战 Cat and dog fight 2:
    视频网址: https://youtu.be/BkWQuGCnzL0
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_4:
    视频网址: https://youtu.be/OivdnbgLu3A
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_5
    视频网址: https://youtu.be/BcuQlkRCCrs
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_6
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_7
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_8
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_9
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_10
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_11
    猫狗视频 Cat & dog_12
    柴犬:承包了我2019年的头像!| Shiba Inu Dog:Contracted my 2019 avatar !
    这组动物间的跨界友谊照,萌!| Cross-border friendship between the animals,lovely!

  3. some of those scenes might suffocate the poor cat – plastic over his face – scary – otherwise quite funny

  4. Scaring your pet is definitely not at all funny, it's abusive and incredibly stupid like you ppl who do it to your pets!!

  5. is it cats that cant eat chocolate or just dogs because the cats liking the icecream were licking the chocolate on the stick

  6. Cats are cute, cats being scared or tricked into falling off a ledge isn't cute. For cute harmless animal videos I subscribe to the Dodo.

  7. I gatti sono buonissimi,ma dovete mettere un po' di vino bianco durante la cottura…e poi ci vuole la polenta

  8. I've pressed for good in your friend's video of a good cat. Thank you for your friend's fresh and nice cute cat video

  9. Good video, you are a kitten lover, she is Benita was a wonderful kitten who lived in Venezuela during the repression of the Maduro government, she died because of the tear gas bombs she was only 5 years old, when you buy a Benita Fashion T-shirt, part of the profit goes to the abandoned animals of Venezuela so they can eat and have quality of life Thanks https://amzn.to/2vePdIq

  10. Otherwise funny but dressing cats in weird costumes isn't funny and the cats look unhappy and perhaps even suffering.

  11. You are the companion of a good animal.Your video is really good.I'll always watch it.Thank you very much.

  12. Just Smile: This video gets a "dislike" because some of the cats were likely injured when they fell. Other clips were cute and funny. If you remove the cruel clips, I'll be back to change to "like". Sorry about that, but anyone who genuinely loves cats do NOT want to see them falling or being hurt. >^..^< DBB

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