21 thoughts on “Funny BLACK cat video compilation – It's HARD to Hold your LAUGH

  1. Black cats are such good luck. They are affectionate, have a great temperament and have a lot of personality. Pure love <3

  2. 4:44 abuse, never frighten your cat while its resting. 5:43, dont do this to your cat. 6:30, dont toilet train your cat for the love of god. 9:31, cat is clearly stressed and the fact that NOBODY helped is awful.

  3. Some of these clips aren't funny theyre mean to cats, distressing them for a laugh.
    Most of them had me laughing though.

  4. Omg so funny??????? NOT!!! get something else that is funny. please. this just makes me tired????I am sad that this didn't make me laugh?????

  5. I have two rescue cats, both are black. And they actually found me. One followed my husband home, the other got to me because a friend. Both are tiny funny panthers and I love them more than anything, except my human pup. I love him a tiny bit more.

  6. I don’t know how true this is, but I read that black cats tend to be better hunters. In the case of my cat I believe this is true, he’s a danger to nature. He always comes with prey sometimes dead other times still alive.

  7. Black cats are great. I have a small sized one called Lil' Bit. It's weird that some people still think that they are bad luck.

  8. To those who think it's funny when an animal has something stuck on it's face, there's a video about a couple who came home and found their poor dog dead because they left a bag of chips on the counter where he could get to them. He smothered because he couldn't get the bag off of his head! And before you throw out any canned goods and yogurt, sour cream or ricotta containers please clean them out first before recycling them so that wildlife is not attracted to any scent of food. Thank you.

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