Funny Big Dog Meeting and Playing Little Puppy Compilation 2017

42 thoughts on “Funny Big Dog Meeting and Playing Little Puppy Compilation 2017

  1. Yeah it's cute, but the whole things a bad idea. These little dogs can get a broken bone just from a friendly paw

  2. Really 1400+ dislikes. Must be the Satanists hoping they would see the big dog eat the little one.
    On the bright side I love how dogs love to play and show love.

  3. Es hermoso ver este tipo de vídeos y ver perritos felices las tima q. Aún no hay una ley al 100 x ciento q. Los proteja y revise casa por casa para q. Puedan ver las con diciones en q. Muchas personas los tienen yo e visto animalitos sufrir y vivir unas condiciones q. Dan mucho coraje dan ganas de amarlos y dejarlos así por un año y que sientan lo q. Ellos sienten

  4. Tiny dogs have to act tuff cuz their little just like little grown men in real life have to do to take away from the size they are ?

  5. I really wished my chihuahuas would get along as good as these dogs with my pitbull, my pitbull is nice but since hes bigger than them they're like OH HECK NAH
    And they dont like that all ye does is sniff theyre butts ;-;

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