47 thoughts on “Funny And Cute Husky Puppies Compilation #1 – Cutest Husky Puppies

  1. 0:23, Husky puppy = me, other dog = pretty much everyone else. 1:52, Puppies = My friends and I at lunch, Person = Teachers,

  2. افتكري انا اديكت انت وعيلتك كل اللي معاكي دا عشان انت اللي تطلعيني باللي انا املكه و بميزاتي و معنديش استعداد اني اطلع عن طريق حد غيرك لاني مبأبلشي شفقه من حد وانا بكل مميزاتي دي . فهماني يا امي ؟؟؟

  3. I am just curious…but isn't it extremely dangerous and unhygienic to let a husky/any dog to lick the inside of a child's mouth? Infants already have compromised immunity, and we really don't know what stuff dogs lick throughout the day even if the house is pristinely cleaned.

  4. Animals especially dogs and cats are less likely to be adopted if they're fully grown.

    – Sad, but true.

  5. 1:04 തലയിൽ കയറിയിരുന്നു ചേവ് കടിക്കുന്നു

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