Fungus gnats in your house plants? Here’s one solution for Pest Control

– Well, I just learned
something new and now, I’m sharing it with you. Right here, right now, stay tuned. Hey, what’s happening folks. Xavier Smith, aka Mr. XL Smith, aka Coach X and we’re talking about frequently asked questions
in today’s episode but, today’s question didn’t come from anybody, but I’m assuming because
I’m having this problem with my plants and I’m
sure somebody out there in this world is having the same problem. So, let me tell you the scenario. Let me first set this scene up. I am big into environment
right, because environment is everything. So I like having green in my environment, specifically plants that do a
good job of filtering the air, taking all the negative energy, using it and then giving out positive. This is one of my plants that I have grown to love. We call him wild hair. And here’s another one. This is my money tree. As you can see, they’re doing pretty good. However, I got a slight problem. Sometimes, ya know, when I’m
doing my watering and stuff, I will get in there and
start moving things around and then I’ll see these little black bugs come outta the ground and just appear and then they fly off. Now I’ve noticed an abundance of them like when I’m doing my daily tasks and I can, ya know, one even landed on my nose. I’m ’bout to breathe ’em in, I’m like no, this is not acceptable folks. I can’t do this. So, I run to True Value
Hardware right here in Queen Creek, I tell
them what my dilemma is and they call, they sent me to aisle 10 and they called one of the specialists in. He proceeded to educate me on what that situation was all about. So, here’s the situation. These little black bugs that I speak of, they’re called, what’s the name of it? Fungus gnats. And what they do is they
get, somehow get into your environment. They dig down, that’s
where they bury their eggs and then the larvae, they hatch, then they come up to the
surface and they fly around and propagate more. So, the more plants you
have, if you’ve noticed this and it’s due to the fact
that I was giving my plants a little bit too much water. So, the plants give off a
fungus that these little bugs can detect that once they smell it, they get down in there and
they just start making it their home and at first,
I thought they were beneficial to the plants,
but then I was like, “Mmm, maybe not.” So, he proceeded to educate me today and told me what that problem
was and how I could fix it. So, what I’m getting ready to do, I’ve brought some of this,
some specific special sand that you put a top layer of that sand over the dirt, which saves
the plant but it does not allow those gnats to dig
down into the ground. So, if they can’t dig
down there and they can’t lay their eggs, then no more gnats. How’s that for a solution? So I wanted to share that
with you because I’m thinking if I’m having this problem, somebody else in this world is having that
problem and there you go. So, I hope that helps. Well, hey folks, I’m about out of time, but I really hope that you
found that informational. I hope it’s something
that you can apply to your home life because I’m all
about impacting, inspiring, and improving the lives of others, right? You probably know that. But what you don’t know is
that it doesn’t always have to involve fitness or speaking or coaching. Right now, I’m just talking about my life. And these things, they
were a problem for me. Hopefully they won’t be a problem for you, but if you like what you
see, you like what I’m up to and you want more, then show me some love. Give me some thumbs up,
leave some comments. Leave me your questions that
I might be able to answer here on one of my episodes. Okay, that’s my time. I’m Xavier Smith, thanks for watching. I’ll see ya next time. (intense music)

80 thoughts on “Fungus gnats in your house plants? Here’s one solution for Pest Control

  1. i have the same problem. i even change the soil on all of my plants thinking that it was going to work.. what is the name of the sand you bough ??

  2. Thank you. I have all air purifying plant and the gnats are trying to take over. OMG! Thanks for your help.

  3. Hello, thanks for the tip. What type of sand did you use and did it work? What about the larvae already in the soil? I'm having this issue just recently. Currently I am trying vinegar and dish soap in small cups and I purchased some neem oil and predatory mites, I have yet to try. Thanks, Loretta

  4. Normal washed sand works i am currently using this method atm i notice the adult fungus gnats try to dig down but cant…

  5. You can also put rocks on top. I threw my soil out cleaned my plant and repotted. I let them go dry and i haven't seen thrm since

  6. I grow Plumerias and other flowering plants such as Asiatic Lilies, Andeniums and Cala Lilies. It's important to note, the soil you use has the fungus gnat eggs already in it, the moisture you add is what completes their life cycle. Using sand on the top layer might work for some but you should know they can live in the drain holes of the pot. The trick is to break the reproductive cycle. I've tried alot of different things including sand on the top layer and the thing I found that worked best is Sweet Tea. I fill a few small, shallow containers about 2" in diameter and put around my plants (preferably on the top soil). I have tried the other liquids that's usually suggested like Red Wine and Apple Cider Vinegar..but nothing works like good old sweet tea. If you have an infestation, clean and replace with fresh Sweet Tea daily. You should be rid of them all in a few days.

  7. Thanks a lot for this video. I only started my indoor garden 6 weeks ago and I already have a fungus gnat infestation.

    Do you have any suggestions for miillie bugs? Many thanks in advance for your help

  8. Thanks! U made this simple, did it work on plants u brought in house, from outdoors over the summer to inside through the winter to spring again? To put in dirt to treat any insect over summer, without changing pots or the soil it's been growing in for over a year or two?

  9. Good info. Didn’t like the music in the background. A bit disturbing. Not good when your trying to give information.

  10. I have to repot all my indoor plants, wash off dirt from roots using soap and water, etc… After that I covered the top soil with sand. Never have gnats again. It really works!

  11. My Puppy Hit The Thumbs up button before your Video even loaded… Your Kindness Shows From your Heart Right to your Eyes. Now Let me watch your Video..

  12. thank-you I will get some sand as soon as possible 😉 for my indoor plants as I put some eggs shells and lemon rim in the soil to help the soil create fungus for the roots. Thank-you

  13. Hey bro great video. Question how well did the sand work for you and what specific kind did they recommend for you?

  14. Thank you! We bought an amaryllis lily that came with "friends" this year and now all 12 + of our plans have these little buggers. I have heard the sand suggestion, but I didn't know it took care of the existing problem. I thought it was more so prevention. This video was a great help!

  15. Thank you Xavier! I'm currently having this problem and have purchased, but not yet used mosquito bits (an insecticide). I think I will try the sand first, since I'm nervous about the mosquito bits

  16. How are you going to tell us you have a problem with these bugs and don’t remember the name of the sand

  17. It’s not a solution because you didn’t remember the name of the sand. I think you just talked .You got the name of the bug right and how they come about

  18. I take a clear 8oz disposable cup fill pour about 2inches of apple cider vinegar into the cup. Then I cover the cup drum tight with plastic food wrap, poke a few holes in the wrap with an ice pick. The bugs are attracted to the vinegar and go inside but cannot find their way out so they drown. The bugs are no longer a problem. I check the vinegar to see if there are bugs inside and to refill as needed.

  19. Place a bowl next to the infected plant filled with some apple cider vinegar, some water (1part water 3parts vinegar) and add a couple drops of dishwashing detergent to lower the surface tension.
    The nats will be attracted to this solution and get trapped and die.
    What helps further to trap them is placing a plastic cover over the bowl with holes in it. Or use plastic wrap with holes in it.
    Just over night you will catch and kill dozens of these annoying bugs.
    FYI these nats larvae eat away at the plants roots and can eventually kill it if the nats aren't dealt with and the infestation increases. ✌️

  20. Thank you, Xavier. I am on my way to get some sand right now! Hoping this works cause my window plants are full of these things!

  21. he had me until he started talking about energies,xd no but Ive been struggling myself I heard putting some cinnamon on the top layer helps just tried that, probably shouldve gone with the sand in retrospect. I enjoy your energy !

  22. I have some beautiful houseplants that all of a sudden got gnats. Arg! I’m getting sand tomorrow. Either that or they’re gone! ??

  23. Love, Love, Love? indoor greenery and have lots of plants in my home ..however, now all of a sudden with alot of these flying annoying Gnats creators.
    Years back I NEVER had this sort of problem with (any) of my plants that I now have.
    I see them in the bedroom, I see them in the kitchen, bathroom, I'm my face, l'm always hitting at them…I wanna scream..ahhhhhh!!!!!!!…?
    Thank you for that advice of using 'sand' gotta try it; must try it. Thank you!?

  24. We bombarded the surface of the plant soil with a mixture of vinegar and water…there are still a very, few around so will repeat the process. Mostly gone after driving us crazy. (They may have up the bathroom sink drain…vinegar or bleach may stop that )

  25. Would you let us know the name of the sand please I subscribed because you seem to use common sense and we both care about the world we liver in!

  26. Absolutely send me links or names so I can find your channels.
    I have Epilepsy making videos can trigger seizures so I stick to commenting and try to help grow channels I like and believe it, for me it starts with the person making the videos.
    I believe listening to how a person speaks and handles themselves tells the real story about a person! You have checked off everything I look for in a person its hard to hide whom a person really is if we just pay attention to a persons language and body language. I was raised on a dairy farm, my father and grandfather taught us to pay attention to a person and how they acted then as a young man went into the Army they taught the same skill sets it could be what saved our lives when on the combat field or taking a hostage watching that persons movements could be the only thing that kept us from getting gunned down or blown up. My point is simple seeing you relaxed and sharing your message meant more to me than the message itself!

  27. I prefer gravel rocks I used sand before and it would move when I water my plants some of my plants I water from the bottom gravel works best for me water doesn’t disturb the placing of the gravel/rocks

  28. I've been fighting with fungus gnats for months! I've tried apple cider vinegar, mosquito bits, sticky traps and yesterday mixes neem oil with soap and water. Did a soil drench of that on a few plants to test. As of this morning plants are looking the same so i will mix up more and soil drench all plants. I'm so ready to give up on house plants if this doesnt work. Last resort before I quit will be green lacewings. Ugh! ?

  29. He's talking about Diatomaceous earth. It's messy and doesn't work well. Peroxide, 1 to 4 parts water. gnat eggs are in the top two inches and will die on contact. Repeat two days later until you don't see them. Doesn't harm the plants at all.

  30. I clicked on your video because of these annoying gnats in my plants, watched because you seem to care about the body and the spirit (I have been in the fitness industry for 15 yrs and have become more aware of myself as energy or spirit in the past few years). I have converted my dining room in my apt into a zen meditation/workout garden with greenery galore! I absolutely love it. I think it’s pretty cool I found someone with such a similar background. I subscribed because of the kindness you share with even those who leave rude comments for no other reason than to be negative and try to drag others down. You could have just ignored them, but you went a step further and shared your positive energy with them I’m an attempt to bring them up. Your actions say a lot about who you are and I appreciate that! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  31. Thank you X.
    I learned from another video to remove top soil from your plant and this will stop The fungus gnats.
    I will try this for one of my crotons which Is about a year old I think.
    I do allow this plant to dry out before watering however the baby gnats are still a problem
    Sooo will remove the top couple of inches and observe
    Thank you

  32. incomplete information – Name of sand?? – I already know Neem cake – but if you are so concerned w/educating be thorough

  33. What kind of sand did you use, is there a specific name to look for? I take about an inch or so off the top soil mix diatomaceous earth into dry soil and put that on and that helps too. Then I’m bottom watering the plants that like a bit damper soil so the top isn’t so damp too.

  34. That is why they are difficult to kill ! They flie away when I spray , and then when it dries they come back ! Im happy that i have found its name ..

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