Fun Farm Animals Toys For Kids – Let’s Make a Farm!

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! Today we’re going to make a farm. Here’s a stable A rabbit hutch, a well And a green tractor bringing the enclosure Here comes a blue tractor and we got some horses Here’s an Appaloosa stallion And a Tennessee Walker stallion Here’s a pony And a donkey They’re happy to have a home! Then let’s put rabbits in the hutch Here’s a brown rabbit White rabbit, And cute little bunnies Here’s some carrots for you guys. Enjoy eating! Here’s the red tractor and we’re going to make a chicken coop Here’s some eggs The mama hen is sitting on the eggs to keep them warm And also let’s add some more chickens. Here’s a hen And roosters Let’s feed them! Here is a pond for the ducks Now it’s time to take care of the garden. Let’s plant some seeds! We have lettuce, cauliflower, pumpkin, and beets Then let’s water the seeds Next I’m going to make another enclosure And guess what animals I’m going to put in here? Let’s see what’s in the trailer We have cows! ( Cows mooing ) Here I’m going to make a pen for the sheep and goats Here are the sheep Here come the goats Here comes the green tractor again bringing some hay Now it’s time to harvest the vegetables. We’re going to give these to the sheep and goats And let’s not forget the dogs. They’re going to watch the animals (Dogs barking) Also, let’s add cats to the farm (cats purring, meowing) Here’s a chipmunk looking for food. I hope he can find one And, lastly, here’s a hedgehog Well, that’s it for today And let me know in the comments which animal is your favorite in this video Subscribe to Racetoytime channel And hit that bell icon to get notified every time I upload a video And before you go click on those videos on the screen to watch more fun videos here in this channel As always, thank you for watching! Bye, bye!

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