Fun Facts About The Betta Fish

What’s up y’all? Welcome back with my hectic life Pets. We talk about all things pet and pet related,
and today I thought I would share some fun facts about one of my personal favorite types
of fish the betta fish. So for starters, there are actually over 70
different types of species of bettas most commonly the one that we’re talking about
when we say butter is bad as London. Number two is the better is actually a labyrinth
fish. This allows them to be able to go up to the
surface and breathe actual oxygen from the air. Number three is that does come in an insane
amount of different colors and color variations now while the wild, but it might not come
in quite as bright, crazy color patterns as the betta splendens. They do still have some brilliant colorations. Now a splendid. They come in almost every color you could
possibly think of through selective breeding. They come in every color you could possibly
think of from red, purple, blue, orange, and every color in between. These are definitely a bright, colorful, brilliant
looking fish and on the topic of varieties, but as have so many different types of tails
and fins that you can find out there from Dumbo to half moon to twin tail and crown
tail, there are so many different types of tails and shapes that you can find with bettas. Another fun, interesting fact about that does
is that the male betta, actually cares for the young male, but as when they are ready
to breed, we’ll build a bubble nest at the top of their tanks in which they will take
the eggs and put in the protective bubble nest. This is where the eggs will start to develop. And finally hatch. And while bettas typically only have a two
to three year lifespan, there had been bettas that have been known to live over 10 years
with the right conditions and right diet. And my favorite fun fact about that us has
got to be that they are actually very intelligent little fish. Did you know that you can actually train your
butter to do tricks? I’ve even seen video footage of people training
their bettas to jump, to take a treat out of their hand and for them to swim through
hoops in their tank, which I just think is a really cool thing to teach your fish. I mean, if you have the time, why not right? Let’s have some fun and it gives the bettas
some exercise and stimulates them to help kind of keep them from getting bored. So I don’t know about y’all, but I know I
personally really love and appreciate, but as so much they’re an absolutely stunning
fish that come in such a wide variety. I don’t know how anybody could not enjoy them. So anyway guys, that’s all I really have for
you all today. As always, thank you so much for watching. I love you guys and I will see you in my next

7 thoughts on “Fun Facts About The Betta Fish

  1. Very informative upload, thanks. My first fish was a blue veil tail betta (he is still doing great). I purchased him because bettas are easy to care for and are more forgiving to some mistakes, thus , making them the best option for beginners. However, after so much time in this hobby and with so much experience in fish keeping bettas are my most favorite fish. They are unique in their own special way.

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