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hello everybody it's gonna be coming here welcome back to a new video and look how best of my help it is if they're leaving fit of my head guys we're back on vacuum simulate because I have an event if you guys are not taking advantage of that you should never know that when you every time you rebirths you get two times the diamonds or the gyms whatever they're called so I'm taking advantage of this cuz they're gonna have a huge oh my god the black holes the legs they gonna have a huge huge updates but it's I'm saving on my coins what I'm actually gonna do is because you don't have this pet it's kind of crazy power I don't wanna get a full team of like really really overpower pets so you guys don't do this video make sure you guys smash that like button and subscribe if you guys into Channel and if you do buy real bucks please my stock code gravy so we can actually do another ten rebirth here and now we have two thousand diamonds and I'm gonna use these diamonds to go over here and I can already get my first pick let's buy one hopefully we get like something crazy space duck so these are all mythix – these are super powerful huh oh this one is 500 okay so it's not as good as this one but it's still really really good now gonna give more money how many gems will I have then I have 800 gym so I got to get a hunter rebirth again which is gonna cost probably an insane amount of money 94 billion 94 billion coins bro who had that much that's like a crazy amount of coins oh my god okay well let's do this we're gonna try this fast possum we're gonna get a black hole vacuum this and oh my god I'm ready cool and then let's keep the egg fitted backpack let's go guys oh the leg the lag is wonderful guys remember it's not my video lagging is this black hole the lags so much and I understand why it just lags like is the most likely item in the game Oh guys make sure my every breath I can unlock this area that's really cool and by the way guys aren't even getting integrated complement is back so we should have some videos up soon very very soon there's gonna be a lot of uncover – oh my god I felt it was gonna be very very soon there's gonna be a lot on Culver in any videos I sell 80 billion I fell ok 97 we are so close here from all of these and then oh my god why don't you billion okay this is like so laggy I really hate this vacuum this vacuum wasn't as laggy I would like you're way more let's come here rebirth Henry Vince again we have 500 Reapers my god I'm are Shinichi and the leaderboard probably a lot okay never mind we're not even close to leaderboard how do these people have how they have 10,000 Reapers are they cheating in the game how they have this much money Howard do they have I don't know I I think people are cheating somehow let's go to space right here let me collect all of these and then I have to buy my new pet for sure as we have oh we have a lot a lot guys you like this place it's like an underwater okay this place is kind of small why are these places all tiny I don't understand it the worst thing is I would Oh guys my code maybe cat meow if you haven't done this yet I already redeemed it but if you haven't done yet make sure you guys enter my code where we kept me out and it's the best code ever existed okay so we can buy one of these now again we get a devil also we got an angel okay we got the angel and now we get the devil so that's what this one is not good this is not good can I have a refund it uses a lot of speed but no no this one is the worst I got scammed it I feel so scared it we just got so scammed guys oh my god okay well we just got full scam that was like full scammer mode right there how much do we need to get next rebirth we grab this right here I remember this area – this is the worst area ever this one we need a hundred and fourteen billion now some people are suggesting you to get 50 rebirth before they said it's a lot faster but I technically don't agree with that because well it is a lot faster it's awesome like it doesn't take me a long time to get a hundred rebirth and also hats I kind of want to bind this hat right here just to see how it is because we do have some hats but I kind of went up this hat like see how much better it is is we did you get okay I was kind of really upset about that if we do get 100 more rebirth I can get a better pic so far we have okay it's real so are we gonna get to so we gotta get four more mmm so should i guys what do you think should I go for the pics I go for the pet or the Hat I'm gonna go for the Hat I think I do that I think we need a hat have you been what women needing a new hat for a while and if you get one of these are fedora hats I think that would be really cool I sell eighty billion but we need more than that for sure I think I'm pretty sure we need like 100 into something more than 114 or two before hey I'm actually not laggy guys I thought oh my god yes I'm actually not lagging let's come here rebirth Oh 130 else I kind of a crazy amount hey miss can't have the same helmet of me what's up bro shirt bro I need this guy's shirt like right now I need this guy's shirt right now guys look at my new shirt front of them for showing me this shirt so I don't know if this is gonna be the main shirt that I wear now I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna copy completely copy this shirt we're gonna steal this shirt edit I'm gonna make my own kind with this cat innovative thing cuz this is funny I'm gonna make something like this like a space cat thing I think that would be perfect for me and this will be our new shirt I'm gonna have it out soon dude this is awesome I love this shirt oh my god but no one buys this sure yet cuz I'm gonna make my own shirt alright so we can go here and we do have for mrs. 700 birth oh my god okay well I think it's time to buy the Hat like I said this purchase this and we got a sky blue sparkle time for Dora please tell me is good uh please tell me this is good it's so good oh I quit that oh my god I can only see a little bit it's like my tongue is a knife I had a blue tongue it would just be hanging out right there oh my god yes okay so uh I only have a hundred coins oh my god I have like no coins I need to get way way way more coins um yeah seemed did I get way more money now because have this hat let me go sell oh okay this is kind of older topic I'm the highest Oliver Fowler glowing bat-brella back hat is solar powered dude that was solar-powered I got like I barely grinded I guess so much that was crazy okay let me get this one right here alright let's go right let's go back into space here and I'm pretty sure I don't have to grind that much anymore because I get like so much money so we have okay so sooner I can buy my another pet another pet of this um Oh actually might be looking like sooner than I think and I need how much how much is this oh it's a hundred and twenty okay so i cant buy it yet i'm really really close to buy next peg oh you know what i want to do actually i want to do it again you just want to buy the pit and then I'm gonna buy to pick at once now I want to see how crazy that would be if we just get like two two overpowered pets at the same time you know I'm kind of afraid that if I buy right now I'm gonna get the demon pet and then or the devil pet and then it's gonna be really really really bad and I hope it's not the fedora and didn't let me down I got I feel like buying it oh oh wow nevermind okay well I'm gonna go rebirths right now I think I have enough money right oh I do Wow okay so we got three thousand so we should be able to buy it at least two times that's by this okay so we're gonna buy two of these now get the angel which is super good angels insanely good and the demon angel oh yes oh my god we got two really good pets dude enough weary breaths again working another really good one okay so removing this one and so for an angel and then I guess Adama I guess we gotta get rid of the Dominus and then we recruiting this one I said we got six equipted now we just gotta get two more pets and we are like insanely powerful I'm pretty sure like already crazy powerful like already inside man I'm gonna be groggy this is gonna be like so easy I'm gonna go start right now oh look at the power guys how much money already have let me rebirth here rebirth and then I I want to get enough to get at least two so what I'm gonna do is before I go I'm gonna rebirth again cuz I just and then two more I get the full team collect only the ones here and let's go back and this one over here is that my friend I love that I think my friend my friend you're my friend is reached my friends for AJ AJ you're rich AJ sunset you are so rich dude I mean I don't know if you're a girl or a dude I'm sorry fine I found your girl here dude I mean I'm sorry I can't do it near girl I think it's a I think you might be a boy cuz this AJ but that can be also a girl named they're gonna be Ashley just in there or something go here and let's buy two more please get one angel okay if you get angel again or anything else let me get why did you do this to me I'm deleting this delete delete how dare you how dare you it's let's at least we have this one which is like Kryptonian fat so it's already really really powerful so doesn't matter hey that's my friend AJ what's up AJ look at us we're twins guys what folks wins Oh like alright let's go sell and okay we have a lot of money now you go over your breath again and if we get to develop a I'm gonna cry rebirth and I have a thousand four hundred rebirth this is so crazy okay buy this please please please please space bump I may be care for the dog I love dogs now oh I really love dogs I think it's powerful that thing is overpowered okay we're gonna cook this oh my god my team is literally overpowered now oh my god let me just go and like look at the amount of money I just got this is insane oh my god anyways guys I think I'm gonna end it off here if you guys enjoy make sure you guys smash that like button subscribe here's new and I'll see you all in next one

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  2. U didn’t get scammed it’s just that some are good for coins and some are good for XP btw I love you ❤️❤️

  3. You know you only care about coin but my brother only care about xp just because Xp give you 5 gems (10 gems for x2 gems event) but my brother only used coin pet if his bag was large

  4. Hi Gravy I'm ajfunset and thx for add friendning me and can you add friend my friend his name is EldrexEcat

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