Fukushima news; U.S. Pets dying in alarming numbers from leukemia, post 3/11/11

they'll be calling you a radical love to talk about when you can stay all over this is now and maybe if people will start to wake up when their pets die of leukemia read this article this is incredible y el seven year old and I want to talk about death and leukemia because no one cares what people died they don't give a fuck what guys because they're that arrogant American cultures Medicare medical I smoochy United States culture where I guess it is America from North America culture it's gonna buck gets fucking gone crazy I want to talk about this how no one seems to give a fuck but one your pet day number one when I got looking we had a major outbreak on the wall set review tonight everybody's in denial and major outbreak on the Rocky Mountain region as the plum went over six days including me I have so many friends at pass and died as everybody's in denial they're fucking in epic your fucking and how about everything I've come to the conclusion you know our famous sea lion got leukemia just like this famous pet this dog got freakin leukemia don't get just like that that's how this disease works that's how this phase you're not going to cannabis camp drill this you're going to go fight fuck with your gun Johnny got your gun where they got fucking drones from outer space they will zap you like powder you know and who is they you are they you American culture I want it first off and I really dive into you know pilgrim the nuclear waste the fucking commercialization of what's going on with toning wars are diving to saying all free my actors and go forward then I test side I'm going to get a lot of things right here you know so stay with me on this thing I understand Cassandra Sun the light that is shades aside media duty by my brain look everything I do is one hundred percent in / of everything I've been able to tap into that since I was young I've already know Cassandra some can I see what the lock people called in to t mind they call the psychic they call whatever tabla they'll do is I just go I don't script any of this I don't think any of this I just go out and just let it flow out you know it's not man imitating art imitating man you know it's like okay let's slow down and go just like this class because I have to go all the way back see dick turning to Jane see Jenna he'd turn into did see spot die see everyone died see the Nile see the degenerate nation go forward and just destroy themselves there's at least one home burn they fit all this is as dull as it's fucking masses there is no romance there is no or so there's just a fake styrofoam fucking blew it on faith fucking on George they're gonna let me tend those fucking rabbit's fucking that's all it is so let's slow down class and go right back see Dick and Jane look no killer waste causes leukemia and cause it's fucking unarguable what is cancer it's simply you know post difference friday free radicals it's that simple free radicals what is a free radical a free radical is a rogue cell that goes right it's time to dykes like my dog died of leukemia just recently but that incredible being was almost 16 years old it's the natural death process when your hundred it's the natural what they do is they set loose is start eating the other cells and they can be well so something triggers that early we know for a fact what it is nuclear radiation nuclear fallout oh we can't see it these people are in denial that all these guys are crazy oh it's your noble it's fine those people say right onto playbook that's why they evacuated the food basket of the world I want to talk about California San Onofre and Peavy and cherien the collusion in the corruption that's going on down there why had they not indicted them as they went in and rated their house they got the freaking napkin with all the freakin goods on it from Warsaw they got way more than that a lot of people to very much understand this I am I have altered no I'm an activist in the street I'm associate economists on a PhD I'm a fucking the fucking I'm an artist Cassandra son I'm BALCO look do I use this genre the proper way absolutely totally abrupt because look it's this simple it's as simple great art has to be way out in front and lead has to see I see for miles and like there's I've ever been half will be able to do you think about it I'm able to do a video on the day that gold goes to the top two in nineteen hundred and say get out shorter to the day on silver to the day I mean all these things up I look in the early days I took so many chances with this camera I mean incredible chances I'm like Kevin you know because I just go and I'm like you know if you're wrong on this whole Fukushima thing because nobody was calling it a full meltdown I was I ran on the annuity mine and nobody was calling any of it anybody everything you go all the way back you go back those first videos every day it's staggering I took such incredible chance and they thought I was crazy how to ward off the fucking wall so I'm like you're gonna be fucking viewed in history as one of the fucking big as morons who ever fucking wat and but I've always known since I was a kid because my brain was a Tommy goes lit up my father I know I know I mean I can freaking see for miles I've always been able to do it always and I've trusted my instincts and I trucks just like when i was fighting cancer I trusted my guts I had fucking dreams before I even got cancer or fuck you know and I stayed with it you know Danish philosophy medicine I want to say this about those fucking Swedes you know keep dumping your fucking nuclear waste you pure din fucks just like the Japanese and now they're in Iran the Japanese ghost each other out how to make new kit or fuck LOL come on come on we know who that is the Department of Energy look they're going to take this fucking saginaw free they're going to take fucking that old piece of shit pilgrim they're going to park that fucking broke down car on the fucking side of their own say by SIA and then they're gonna move on to fucking exchange of the waist where the during the antelope used to play the sax and drop fucking dead build exchange you talk bypass the fucking lot but everybody's into not because it's fairy tale why they not add item PB a charity I'll tell you what have not indicted PB and cherry because they know they're sitting on the greatest fucking bubble in human history the greatest bubble in fucking human history is called the real estate bubble in the United States of America medic about spooky the fuck it all fuck pacific capital is going to burn down but your engine ah you're in the hairspray because it's not who you are it's what your neighbors think you are fuck forget my sex forgive my passion for get my order forgive my own fucking Judy mine forget every fucking joy fucking the food the fucking air that we breathe forget all that fuck I just want my fucking image what they think half hops and more pills fucking Fantasy Island fairy tale fucking pathetic America is pathetic therefore thing they're popular says the problem we lead culture fucking the art has to leave culture fuck left this is ever been this dogma and I'll tell you something about your dogma and your fucking you know it's like okay your answer your answer guns go so who the fuck is selling you the guns it's a very fucking global sir going at your fucking I mean here over go get the shiny ball foxconn but the news fuck a political theater fucking let's get all nature who Nobel Prize for what being of courage but being a courage for me yo join shun sex is a 70 years old wow look let's go back those Eastern Europe says Eastern Europeans at 76 they're cheating in the Olympics they're cheating the Olympics those aren't women those are man we need to test them where we take test them we need to test them who won the 76 of Kathleen wow I mean shiny ball rover go get the fucking stick you won't talk about your life there's a cancer epidemic from hell going on killing your pets killing the your children later and you're not will happen to me look and I understand the relationship between the pets I really do understand that because being in relations to certain look at the fucking friendship baiting I've gone through in the last four years look what I've had to deal with I've been chewed up by the fuck about any whoa I think about I don't know how the fuck on the life how the fuck I've been able to do what I've been able to do I'd staggering I love people there said I do with hundreds of people my phone rings off the fucking hook I deal with fucking you know there's hundred four reactors I have fucking people everywhere I credible activist I got my army all over dilek PG&E dealing with the NRC Dylan with fuck is so many different fucking the utah state governors office the Idaho's fucking given ourselves hid fucking whore i mean i'm on the phone constantly I mean digging out doing this fucking dirty work I mean wow my incredible fucking storage shed in here is not a storage shed it's a workplace oh I run off the intuitive mind oh I see for miles and miles that's what artists do I'm front fucking it's a lonely fucking heart oh fuck wow you know so you know i guess i'll drive to san diego do my protest on the beach the nuclear waste has got to go you know Harry go down I mean y'all come out about it of course it's a bad idea let me tell you Peter Pan fucking Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny not gonna do with this catastrophe this is going on for so long there's so much of this filth and shit please you know my tuna mine I mean I'm very I got to tell you I'm extremely nervous about an earthquake California not because of the core at fucking Diablo not because of the core at santan operate because the step fuel is stored there and swim puss on the roofs it's everywhere they've been over capacity for decades they've got a store never look fucking granny y'all doing with fucking fucking ignorant media all over California ignorant medium New York you know any points going next by the way remember when I made this year I made this shirt not gay three ball before I got cancer fuck you mean that's pretty scary look at the top of the pyramid death he sees him I damn the donee blue you know there's only two of them in existence that maybe wolf has one I won't stop there so this is a fucking heartbreaking fucking I've come to the conclusion America's not only ignorant they mix it in with arrogance which is a fucking lethal eat the Lethe on telling you leave a combination you know when I was in the hospital I saw so many guys cumming oh I'm on this you know this pyramid schemes everybody's turned into in Utah that's what you tell you is buy here pay here it's pyramid scheme it's real estate fucking Ponzi scheme your own personal Ponzi scheme and your own personal Fema camp with your fake lipstick you know flood the fuck United States with fucking so-called undocumented illegal labor white why do you do that I mean we don't need laws or fits it forced the laws enforced laws somebody said that Trump actually made a statement about anti-nuclear I hope that's true I'm gonna look in first person comes out says I'm going against nuclear I'm fucking I mean I don't care who they are on every other issues of course he does say tariffs you know but well quit alienate everybody I mean my god it's unbelievable these globalists rats because you feed them what's a tariff what's a user Eli what's antitrust so you can't even have a conversation because you freakin ate so many dogma burgers it ain't so much clean you've divided up this is a game hello dick James spot simple American culture but United States by spooky America United States culture mirrors baseball it's unarguable it's odd dot it's on argue it's been well well I'm saucy Congress it's been well document member Ryan's invented the freakin fry the headfirst slide you know I did that cuz if I was cocaine in his back the Ames I mean it mirrors it perfectly mirrors it capers documentaries fucking pours it up you know that's what how many 1215 hours huh it's fucking brilliant by the way before he drank the kool-aid you know one look Cubs win cubs when has nothing to do it per se the game that's culture slippy you want to major event that was yesterday they never won at Wrigley ever in the history we never win his activist the same day pilgrim shuts down as I said the two team I just poured out what's that laughs and eat a Cubs win Cubs went cupola you pull back tonight me I don't give a fuck as I could see for miles and miles oh I'm gonna fucking take this fucking beast apart Oh am I gonna fucking Oh curses fight that I was ever born said you never said oh you're fucking arrogance whatever you don't look at know the difference we fucking arrogance you put a hat hairspray chocolates mmm that's beyond Eric it sets arrogance with ignorance arrogance and ignorance is what you call death so they go in the hospital they're like they argue with the greatest oncologists in the world and it's free radicals are launched into your fucking by you have to turn them off I want people to know when you're fighting fucking cancer you got to turn that fucking light on and you got to be intensive training your spouse can't fight it for you you know their so-called character you do you wanna caregiver you don't want you want to fucking fucking be down and out so fucking hardcore that burned up and nobody fucking support around you whatsoever I mean you have to have a fucking little teeny I mean prayer I mean meditation thank you to everybody afraid for me the meditation you don't need a lot of money but we need so money I need some small money to fight this greatest fucked in fighting human history then I was chose to fucking fight oakerson spite fucking hello fuck the Swedes in their nuclear fucking bullshit they dump all over the world fuck japan they dump it all over the world it's not japanese people it's not the japanese people are being had there's the princess and princess or in Fukushima just like I proches from the moma all prince william's that fucking Fukushima playing with the children I mean these are a conic historic fucking videos documenting the history source of plutonium wars there's going to park about the fucking Road and fuck there is no boneyard there's no fucking that say here you the next generation is not what we do have you seen the debt the housing bubble is the greatest bubble in human fucking history right now fucking blows the flower exchange away blows the sugar fucking bubble away blows the textile fucking blow away balls of slave trader well the slave trade never stops slave trades going fucking alive and well in here you know they're just brown now they're not black saying fucking dynamic fucking it's it's outrageous you know you're willing to exploit an issue and your fucking hair spraying your masquerade party your real estate fucking yeah it's not who I am it to my neighbors think I am fuck come on a fucking enough quit consuming quit fucking buying all this shit I don't ever buy anything new ever ever ever stop it you don't fucking get grounded to your soul and your fucking being the greatest fight here you know as I will fucking lead fucking ic4a mom I Cassandra son there's no fucking down you know pull back for me all you fucking won this fucking fight oh my Oh person spike I will fight you know I will lead I'm smart enough to understand and I've been around long enough understand that culture art even take that mani terror but there's a fucking tiny few they're always well for you go back you know of course they bottled the frost oh I said that ok show me fucking show me you know this is the fight has nothing on Oh Phil a competition you have is with cancer and I Got News for it's called cancer karma you're all gonna get it free radicals gonna attack you they're gonna attack you you better be one strong intense fucking light fucking fight those fucking beast off and the same people that are selling you the gun or the fucking ones repressed take your fucking covered where I can go out to speed week and see how fucking many races you win the same people selling you the fucking gold selling the guns selling you the fucking silver the same fuckers at fucking putting you on your own personal Fema camp you're paying a fucking mortgage on and your fake rely this fucking bubbles going to burst but fucking that's why they haven't indicted anybody in California they know the greatest fuck a bubbling fucker in their out of fucking water Fukushima's created fook tolling in this fucking heat source over the West the trees are fucking dying it's fucking epic but isn't that the way that's the way he wants it that's the way they get you know was like met bitter 70 who lives my friend here with cancer victim 137 you know where I got cancer victim 137 you ever seen that fight you ever seen that fight when he's going on that fight you ever seen that fight but he's fought in George Kennedy he's beating the fuck out of him knocking down huh huh that's all blue eyes yeah what we got here is failure to communicate some man you can't just can't reach almost all man that's the way he wants it that's the all the earth can't go on me on a generational baby boom are arrogant fucking I'm gonna take the world with it Josie Jesus know so I could die young it's the fucking team I'm in the fucking team i'm a fucking millionaire cinderella you're gonna marry a prince fuckin Johnny you're gonna put that ball on the NBA yeah you're gonna be able who the fuck would want to be one of these fuckers fuck they're like a horrible fucking bitch soul defer to pay the Dragon Slayer military delays fucking mass murder accomplice claw realize the world fucking plutonium wars hello hello fuckers save people selling you the fucking goals and the fucking guns a shiny coins fucking rocks at me De Beers Rhodesia fucking who's fucking bill fucking Nelson Rockefeller fucking hot cookin Clinton you know really Westinghouse fucking Clinton I mean the fucking games rigged fuck its culture chew your knee Jenner you're taking it with you in your ignorance its deadly it's going to kill you you're not gonna fight with a god you gotta fight here boy you wait too pretty to have an opinion she'll get fucking work I knew what that was about that was my fucking special more smart murdered it sounded I'll free you know see on the beach at Santa number the 24th at noon on San Onofre that beautiful incredible beach where I was conceived right there on the fucking beach not on the Beast we don't want it on the beach senator fucking young come out bad idea fuck out about I did quit making it oh these fucking Swedes the arrogant fuckers just dumping on me Kevin for California dumping on me Kevin in Utah we don't have nuclear reactors here I flock blue castle we don't want your fucking shit we don't want your shit you know frontsies me the letter box just dump it on the fuck the world fuck you we're good fuckers dumping your way Stella oh look at ass look at s we're all clean and pretty and fucking clear oh yeah you phony fuckers while you Puckett they're called weasel nation sweetens of weasel nation cannons a weasel engine not my words inside the UN I can why because oh we're not aunt bomb yet we fucking supply all the shit for the bombs fuck the weasel Nations I'm going to stop in the divide test side on the way up brother driving you guys in Vegas or whatever you know I t I mean what a battle I've got on my hand I deal with so many people on so many like you know you'd call me i'll give you details on any the subject matter you know you need to talk about whatever you know writers vloggers fucking print press come on what do you fuck your stand up and help a fucking guy out hey you acted on the road always doing what you're fucking told can you help me stay a tuna

11 thoughts on “Fukushima news; U.S. Pets dying in alarming numbers from leukemia, post 3/11/11

  1. Kev, had 2 cats die n the past year! Just put my daughters cat down this past week. Been a believer vrom day 1! ppl wake up! the truth is n the the pudding! or I mean that ozzing corium vomiting on us everyday! I live right on the oregon coast, very sad to say but wont be surprised when im diagnosed with some form of fuku bug. fuck da NRC! cuz their fucking u


  3. SF Bay Area is waiting for a great earth quake. San Ramon,ca had 22 small ones in 24 hours so she's ready to take action and it won't be pretty!

  4. K. B. the sad art of waking up the humans to there selfish distraction and destruction, the world's kill rate is not because of humans it is what we bring into non controllability and ignorance. THANK YOU K B you are not alone. your work will be historic! my best wishes are for you today…

  5. My dog died of Addison disease :(I can't help but think it was fukushima… she was only 8 and a small dog.. she should've lived 7 or 8 more years eadily.. she fell sick in 2012.

  6. I made a sign once saying. "kill all animals." not that that is what I want, but it caused people to take the right stance of not killing animals.
    kill all the seals and whales might motivate more then the more obvious truth of global pollution. we are killing every living thing by our ignorance due to someone's greed.

    The Great Degenerate Nation, teams with the great Wessel Nations United States, Canada, Sweden France, to KILL YOUR BEST FRIENDS, THE QUEEN WOULD LAKE TO THANK YOU ALL, FOR she is the Champion of the nuclear toxic WORLD. kevin D. blanch Cassandras son;;
    AS you went crazy on YOU;;; PLAY THAT FUCKING MUSIC UNTIL YOU DIE, going for the GOLD;; 1976 to 2015 KEVIN D. BLANCH

  8. Fukushima news; U.S. Pets dying in alarming numbers from leukemia, post 3/11/11
    The GREATEST BUBBLE IN HUMAN HISTORY, It is much safer to live in Tokyo, than San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angles. The Great Degenerate Nation, teams with the great Wessel Nations United States, Canada, Sweden France, to KILL YOUR BEST FRIENDS, THE QUEEN WOULD LAKE TO THANK YOU ALL, FOR she is the Champion of the nuclear toxic WORLD. kevin D. blanch Cassandras son;;
    AS you went crazy on YOU;;; PLAY THAT FUCKING MUSIC UNTIL YOU DIE, going for the GOLD;; 1976 to 2015 KEVIN D. BLANCH CASSANDRAS SON;;;;

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