you wanna pop it along lovely you don't know what to do there's a new best friend of lei pocket though just to meet you be there by us choose friend like you wish and how are you today I feel so lonely mm-hmm mom dad your does it work well it is your birthday happy birthday sweetheart here's a little something for your special day oh thanks that meetings today I'll be right over mom will you play with me please ah honey mommy has to go to work but I'll call you later okay oh it's always the same I'm tired of playing alone yeah hey ha ha be careful puppies i said ëno horace dolphin they do get you this excites you're welcome Claudia but do you have to call me or stuff oh but it is your name isn't it for now but soon I'll have a new special friend and family and a new name hmm huh look the friendship trail here we go here we go ah I wonder who the lucky one will be preacher shaver Winchester but calm down Danny you'll pass out the princess is right pull yourself together you are a royal guard what's so urgent is it the fountain the water your filters have crystallized let there be joy for today we shall bring happiness to another child Danny how many times have I told you the princess needs to be alone to choose the right puppy Oh friendship heart hear my voice guide me as always to make the right choice so she is the chosen one come on little Dalmatian oil princess I have chosen you to be a special friend to a lovely girl who longs for someone to play with ready you mean I finally have a friend you will take care of me you made for each other and you will both be very happy oh my sister it's time for a change round here you can count on me yeah that's a laugh yeah Pina I'm trying to listen ah now it is time to walk across the fountain and begin your new life in the big city through the power of the friendship heart let the friendship ceremony begin Oh never hello and where did you come from well it's kind of hard to explain you really like me of course you're my new friend well I really like you too we could be friends what do you think would you like that huh well done princess what a great choice they're made for you salaries thank you all you are such good friends how do you do it that's my little secret I'm so excited tomorrow is a special anniversary in pocketville Oh my sweet sister I can't wait tomorrow will be a special day for both of us it will be such a wonderful memorable day and there a child is waiting for us to make their dream come true how lovely how nauseating yo yeah who does she think she is the princess I know why she knows that you know you should be the one on the throne in the pocket Kingdom and I will be her tomorrow huh tomorrow huh yes it'll be a very special anniversary we shall finally see the end of my goody two-shoe sister have you got a plan listen tomorrow drawing the friendship ceremony you'll destruct the royal guards while you leave into the air and catch Ava's diamond you mean you mean I have to steal the friendship heart I thought you dogs were brave for are you a scaredy-cat I'm not afraid of anything excellent so keep an eye on the magic fountain as soon as it crystallizes we leap into action finally I shall become the true princess of the pocket Kingdom first class we get to travel in luxury Kate hmm you know I'd love to come with you sweetheart but I have to stay in the city for a few more weeks until mummies work is finished I promise we'll all be together soon come on Kate we better go he'll miss you did see that girl Hey she needs a puppy hey hey it's our chance to steal the jewel for Eva let's go tell her the good news well here we are home what do you think it's pretty cool isn't it it's okay I suppose just wait until you see your room it's twice as big as your old one hmm top-of-the-line TV – um this is you're better at this gadget stuff than I am I know it's a big change but it'll be fine you'll see I miss mom I know me too I don't roll anyone here if only I had a friend maybe I would feel so lonely he is the chosen one oh it's been so long I was beginning to think it may never happen we get it but shush the princess is talking come on Horace Dolph oh it is a great honor to be the chosen puppy on this most special anniversary I know I'm so excited make the most of it Ava it's going to be your last get ready it is time to start your new adventure by the power of the friendship heart let the friendship ceremony begin now Oh No zolly is trying to steal a friendship heart I have to stop him Horace Dolph oh look out ah princess Ava go come on let's go hurry rogash after them come on wait what are you doing you're letting them get away we'll catch them later we're needed here right now what are you talking about nila is right princess ava is gone the magic fountain is dry and we seem to have a human guest we're all I want all I want is a little puppy – careful I won't he's a target on it my beautiful you you


  1. Just found about this show today. I like the idea of pairing up pets with an owner that matches up with the right pet. I believe that there’s specific pets for specific people who long for companionship in a non-human. The lip sync is a bit off and a bit annoying and distracting. Maybe this was back when the animation was still a bit choppy.

    And you see it at my profile too xD XD

  3. I like watching Puppy in My Pocket because I thought they were going to make a season 3 of the show and I thought that they were going to add more animals and More Humans TV show

  4. i used to watch this everyday when i was about 6 i am 10 now and its the first time i have listened to it in ages and i nearly cried after remembering me and my mum snuggling under the covers and watching it together <3

  5. When I was in second grade I would wake up 30 minutes early before school to watch this show, watched the series 3 times?

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