1. My brothers french bulldog is the calmest and sweetest dog I’ve met. She loves to nap and cuddle you she is always sitting quietly next to me falling asleep.

  2. I have 2 frenchies and they are my baby’s? although I disagree with the low energy part,both of my frenchies are extremely hyper!! :3

  3. You guys who love these disgusting inbred creatures, are sick and cruel. These things are an abomination to nature and shouldn't exist. Those things!!!! Are not dogs!!!! Have you ever heard them breath??? They literally sound like pigs!!!! And most of them can't even bark properly. The poor things. How cruel.

  4. I love these dogs. but man, the fact that the breeding that makes them look so cool also causes so many health problems is concerning.

    Is there a way to mitigate the risk of health issues? Or is it inherent in the breed?

  5. I thought you you left out some information. Frenchies have big, open ears that need to be kept clean to avoid infection. You can get medicine from the vet, but I've actually found baby wipes to be very effective. They also need their tears cleaned off their faces because they have dirt and enzymes in them that will stain fur. Baby wipes are also good for this. And don't let them swim.

  6. They’re cute and incredibly fun to have around but really expensive to buy and possibly keep if they have health issues.

  7. They're simply fabulous. More a family member than a dog
    My Frenchie is Milo and I adore him even though he can be hard work sometimes. I'd be lost without him.
    Brilliant little chaps they're????????????????

  8. I love my Frenchie, got him from a reputable dog breeder 11 years ago, but he did have surgery 2 years ago because of degenerative disc disease. If I get him a brother or sister, I would opt for a healthier breed like the Olde English that retains the positive characters of a bulldog with a statistically healthier gene pool.

  9. I work at a doggy daycare and both French and English bulldogs are the best breeds ever! English bulldogs are lazy and want snacks and head rubs and Frenchies just want to play all day lol.

  10. I have 4 frenchies at home, and they are amazing animals and best friends to have. They do cost a lot, I would have to say. I definitely recemend this breed to people.

  11. You must be joking you idiot my dog has to much energy maybe you impotent and cant do anything !!!!you talking a lot of crap!!!!!

  12. I don’t like French bulldogs because problem breathing and flat faced dogs.
    My friends and neighborur have French bulldog and bulldog. Make me uncomfortable

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