Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Prep | How To Prepare Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

welcome back y’all and today we are
gonna talk about how to prepare freeze-dried brine shrimp for your fish
now when it comes to feeding these types of foods obviously feeding live baby
brine shrimp is going to be of course the most nutritious option you can buy a
package of eggs for so cheap online and making your own brine shrimp hatchery is
actually not that difficult now the next runner up as far as
nutrition goes for me would be frozen foods although that can get quite
expensive quite quickly just like feeding live baby brine shrimp and going
through the process of hatching brine shrimp might not be for everyone so of
course that brings us to the freeze-dried variety now it is always
important to really give your fish a varied diet this can really help with
keeping them healthy keeping them happy and giving them a longer lifespan now I
don’t really feed the freeze-dried to my fish very often this is kind of
something that I use as like my last resort but I have the time and the
patience to do things like hatch baby brine shrimp so I always worry about
losing some of the nutritional value when it comes to freeze-dried foods so I
like to keep a bottle of cecum nourish on hand this can help to add vitamins
and minerals back into the brine shrimp making them a little bit more nutritious
so without further ado let’s go ahead and get started on how to prepare these
so first things first I did go ahead and get a cup filled with de chlorinated
water now I just go ahead and use deplore native water a lot of people
will use water from their tank I don’t just because I have multiple
teams and I worry about cross-contamination so I just go
get a bowl of two chlorinated water next we’re gonna go ahead and pull out a cube
of our freeze-dried brine shrimp and this is what our cubes look like coming
out of the little can there are actually really spongy and very easy to cut so if
you’re only feeding maybe one tank of fish maybe you only have one betta that
you want to feed then it’s real easy to cut this into portions so I am actually
going to portion this out I only want just a little bit and then I can put my
excess just back into the container now that we’re done portioning that out I’m
going to go ahead and shake up my bottle of nourish and add one capful to the
water I do quite often add this to my feedings I will actually even use this
to soak my pellets in sometimes I just want to make sure that my fish are
always getting adequate nutrition so now I just went ahead and added the broken
off piece into the bowl so now we’re gonna go ahead and let that soak for
about 15 minutes and we will be right back
so now that we’ve been soaking these for about 15 minutes just like I do with my
freeze-dried bloodworms or any freeze-dried food really for that matter
I’m gonna go through and take a toothpick and try and kind of squeeze
out any potential air pockets and stuff like that
so now that we’ve gotten all the air pockets and stuff out of these as best
as we can we are going to go ahead and feed them to our fish so when it comes
to freeze-dried foods one of the reasons that we want to soak our food first
before feeding our fish is because sometimes freeze-dried foods can cause
problems with vicious systems the over dryness of the product can sometimes
cause blockages and things that can make our fish stressed and potentially ill so
what we’re trying to do when we are soaking the food is try to return some
of that moisture and some of that nutrition
into the food before feeding it to our fish especially when you’re keeping fish
like I do like keeping a bunch of bettas around that are notorious for having
problems with things like constipation feeding them a proper diet is so
important to make sure that they keep from getting any type of health issues
so anyway guys that’s only really half real today as always thank you so so
much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

12 thoughts on “Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Prep | How To Prepare Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

  1. Without the glasses it feels like I’m watching totally different person/channel lol also expected more of the bettas footage. Please do upload more of your bettas videos they’re cool.

  2. This is a very informative video. It is important to me to feed my Bettas healthy food with protein . I will definitely purchase this liquid and put this in their freeze dried food!

  3. All I hear in my head @3:55 is "where is the food? Food bringer! Food bringer!! Attack!!!"
    Awesome video as always Mandy:)

  4. My fish don't like that food for some reason. I'm not sure they will eat everything on this Earth but that. Great video Ms. Mandy ???

  5. i agree!I enjoyed watching, thanks for sharing this moment. Looking forward for another video… Happy Fish Keeping!

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