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hey guys James Martinez here and in today's free funnel strategy session what I want to share with you guys is another business another service that I myself was searching for and I said you know I think that I think this is another business that can benefit from having a funnel okay as opposed to using a standard website so you know if you're not sure what a funnel is watch because quite frankly a funnel could work for any business whether you are a local service provider whether you are a local retailer whether you are a global retailer whether you are looking to build an email list whether you are looking to get leads whether you are looking to even fill out an event using a sales funnel funnel I'll take the sales out of it because you don't even have to be selling you could just be using a funnel strategy for just about any sort of purpose that has to do with getting people's information online for you okay so in today's service you know again I want you guys to realize that even though I'm discussing a particular business realized that a funnel would work for any business okay it doesn't have to be just the business I'm showing you today but hopefully what you'll learn is the concept and the strategy behind what I'm showing you so that you realize we can apply this strategy to any business any sort of you know just really anything okay you know whatever you want to do with your business you can most likely 10x your results by having a funnel in place so let me show you guys what exactly I'm talking about so today I was considering getting my dog roomed okay and I thought about I said you know it's kind of annoying to you know put the collar on the dog and put the little harness on the dog and get him in the car and drop him off and either sit there for an hour or drop him off and and disappear for four or five hours but I got to stay close because I got to go back and pick him up a blah blah so I said you know what wouldn't it be great to have a dog groomer come to me because I know there's no services right so that's what I did I did a search for mobile dog grooming okay and what I want to tell you is that I did the research okay and to have these it costs about $2 per click and that's that's an estimation it could be anywhere from 1 up to $5 a click ok but the whole point is you know when you advertise you want to put money in ok and get money out so when you advertise for any sort of services ok you want to you know invest $50 but get back a hundred ok so the business I came across and you could see it's purple here because i-i've is–it it earlier is Bernadette's doggy spa ok so let me show you my experience I did a search for mobile dog grooming I see an ad for Bernadette's doggy spa calm right convenient mobile dog grooming that's exactly what I'm searching for so I click on the end so what happens now what I want to point out ok and I'm gonna start going a little fast for you guys so that it moves along a bit quicker but what I want to point that we see the logo ok the first things we have is a phone number and then these two links here ok now Bernadette just paid $2 to get these people's attention and now she's sending him away to Facebook I do not recommend that ok she just paid $2 and now she's got a click she's got a link for me to go to Yelp ok and she's got a two and a half star rating not great I wouldn't do that either so you wouldn't want this ok that's that's a call to action that these are things that you know now I go on Facebook and I'm looking at pictures of my neighbors and my peoples cats and dogs and kids no no I was interested in dark dog roaming I'd lose these ok now the other thing is you got a phone number here okay which you know should be a button right it should be click to call because guess what more than half a traffic is going to be on a phone so this page is gonna look like this ok and what kills me is the this this is here that needs to go but also this should say click to call us now okay but it's just a phone number some people would know to just click that and it would call but if they don't you know it'd be great if it was a button now anyway so you know now we have a menu with a couple of pages here oh it's only two pages she needs a lot more pages I disagree she needs less pages like one less page ok get rid of the testimonials page and now we have what's called a landing page ok but now you look at this page okay it's got a bunch of information got a picture of the truck but and it's it's it's talking about mobile groom but guess what chances are people already know what mobile dog grooming is because they just searched for right they just searched for it mobile dog grooming I know what it is I just need to know who the companies by me that do it ok so there's a lot of information on here and what's what's you know what's most interesting to me is that here's here's really what Bernadette's hoping for ok she's hoping that people either call ok and hopefully they know to click to call because if not now they got a phone number now they got to go and pick up a regular phone or now they're picking up their cell phone and trying to dial the number the other thing on this page is an email address ok so you know so those are the two real call to actions but quite frankly we got those two call to actions with click on our testimonials is kind of another opportunity somewhere to go and then Facebook and yep ok so if she paid $2 for that click chances are she doesn't want to send me to all these other different things ok so let me show you what I would do if I was Bernadette's doggy spa ok let's say I did a search mobile dog grooming I click on that $2 link ok and now I get to a page like this ok so now I know what mobile dog grooming is cuz I just did a search for it I need a mobile dog groomer right so anyway they go to birhtday go to this page they see Bernadette's doggy spa mobile grooming for dogs and cats ok I don't know if she does cats too but whatever it's a doggy Spy we could remove that do you want a clean pet without all the hassle this guy does because that's what I just said I don't want to have to drop them off in this and any other thing okay so what happens now the very next thing they see is an offer and a sense of urgency the offer is 50% off the sense of urgency is it expires in five minutes ok so now we're telling them listen you're gonna get 50% off ok but you have to you have to get it within the next 5 minutes ok the offer expires in 5 minutes so now they scroll down ok you notice there's not a lot of links there's not a lot of other things to do it's only ok well what do I got to do now they scroll down they see a picture of the awesome looking van and now the only thing they have to do is put in their and email address okay so the call-to-action on this page there is nothing else to do but click this button it says get 50% off now and then in the bottom it says this offer expires in five minutes again driving that sense of urgency okay so let me talk about this for a minute so some of you may be saying okay well great a name and an email address isn't really a lead okay you could also put a phone number there right but that's gonna reduce the amount of leads you get write the name and email is a very non-threatening amount of information for a person okay so with the email address okay we can actually contact them five ten fifteen twenty times right now we have their email address so even if they don't convert right now today we can now have scheduled five ten fifteen twenty two hundred emails scheduled with different offers and different bits of information okay I usually like to do a two in one where basically if they didn't convert today I send two emails just offering valuable information you know maybe uh hey here's you know some information about a great supplement for your dog if they are an older dog and the second email will be hey if you got a puppy you know here's here's a bit of here's a great product as well I you know you you know whatever bits of information and then the third one is another cell or another offer hey today's offer is you know buy buy three get a one free or whatever the case may be scheduled today click here to schedule today your your mobile dog grooming now that name and email turns into two marketing touch points now we can contact that person five ten fifteen twenty ten thousand times until they end sub scribe we can contact them all automated while Bernadette's sleeping she could be emailing them her software can be emailing them all of these different offers and bits of information to create those touch points so that when the person says I need a dog groomer I keep getting emails from that Bernadette's place lemon let me take a peek at that last offer they put out there and that's how you use the email list to build your revenue right so anyway let's go back to the example here okay so now we're on this page okay so name email address okay again one action get 50 percent off now they put in their name and email address what happens now they go to another page okay the second step in the funnel now there are a warm lead and it says yeah you and your pet will be so happy you chose us two days 50% off special is valid for two day only purchase your grooming below now this this is a button here right obviously so click to see 50% off specials now they go down okay if they're on a desktop this is what they'll see okay if they're on their phone okay they're gonna see this and when they click Bowden brings them right to the specials okay so now what are our opportunities for these specials okay now they can get to grooming sessions okay to grooming sessions for $100 now obviously these prices may be way off whatever the case may be but you can see how now we already got their contact info okay we either got name email address and phone or just name an email but we already get contact information so we can contact these people okay but now we're giving the opportunity to take us up on that offer okay so now two sessions at 50% off three sessions at 50% off these prices can change you know whatever it is but now we're putting the full on offer out there okay so let's say the person says oh man you know what okay this is the offer I'm here I wanted mobile grooming okay so now it's time to you know do business or and get off the pot as they say right so they choose okay let me do two sessions at 50% off they click on that and now they're brought to the page where it's time to check out okay so here they are they see the logo for consistency 50% discount applied okay we can even put another countdown timer here you know put this at 3 minutes like okay you need to get this order right now you need to get your water in and at this point we need to close the deal so now we'll put some testimonials maybe okay and a guarantee or whatnot but at this point we put in their address you know they put in their address address and it says will come to your address okay just to reiterate it we're coming to you they put in their address okay and then what happens they click to go to step 2 which is where they enter their credit card information right chi-ching and we have here a one-time offer maybe Bernadette sells also some supplements some pet supplements maybe she sells you know a little doggie jackets or chew bones or you know whatever the case may be she sells some stuff and now is an opportunity for them to take her up on an extra one time offer so now they're gonna put in their credit card info they're gonna buy whatever it is whatever offer they've chosen and now we're gonna upsell them on on a little sweatshirt for their dog or a chewy bone array you know even even double the offer you know this one time one get an additional three groomsmen to five apiece you know whatever the case may be we have an opportunity and they have a place to enter their credit card okay so what are we doing here we're making it convenient we're taking advantage of the fact that we got about seven seconds to get people's attention and keep their attention okay so we didn't send them to a website that has all these different options and go to Facebook go to Yelp you know maybe you'll email us maybe of course no no these were specific actions each page had one call to action that took them down the funnel and this is the bottom of the funnel rat purchasing right up here they're they're a cold lead warmer warmer okay you put in a credit card or not right so you could see how having this system you know can improve the revenue for the business and then also implementing the emails can also improve the revenue because now we could email these people for a year or two straight you know giving them value but then also offering them an offer you know get here's today's discount here's this emails discount and we could send them to different pages in the funnel okay so hopefully that's useful you guys and hopefully you understand that this doesn't have to apply to mobile dog roaming this can apply to any business any service any product so if you guys are interested in having a strategy session for your business please visit free funnel strategy calm the it should be down below somewhere one on one side free final strategy com visit free funnel strategy calm and schedule see you see if you you know your business can fit with with our sort of a funnel approach I think you'll see from this video that a funnel is the way to go for your business and I'd like to have a free funnel strategy session with you it's a free zero cost you know strategy call and we could discuss how this could apply to your business if you're not already realizing just how well it could apply to your business right so again it's free funnel strategy comm I hope this is helpful to you guys and if you like this video if you know someone that this video will help please share it with them please share it in your Facebook groups please share it you know wherever okay let's help other businesses grow okay by using the next wave of digital marketing which is sales phones all right guys hopefully that's useful to you three funnel strategy calm

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